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Updated April 24, 2016 - 11:09 PM EDT
Brits to Obama on EU Vote: Mind Your Own Biz
  Obama Threatens to Punish Britain on Trade if They Leave EU
US Claims Only 20 Civilians Killed in Iraq, Syria
  White House Split on Using Syria as Proxy War Against Russia
  PLO: ISIS Has Nearly Ousted al-Qaeda From Damascus Refugee Camp
  Russia Denies Israeli Media Report of Firing on Warplanes
  More Bombs for Baghdad; 310 Killed in Iraq
US: Foreign Banks Free to Do Business With Iran
  US Buys Iran's Excess Heavy Water Under Nuclear Deal
NATO Seeks Bigger Black Sea Fleet to Target Russia
The Sanders/Clinton Split on Israel  by Marjorie Cohn
Court Charged With Protecting Our Privacy Keep Doing the Opposite  by Trevor Timm
Hillary the Hawk  by Paul R. Pillar
Senators Challenge US Military Aid to Saudi Arabia  by Robert Naiman

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Cuba Gives Green Light to US Cruises
Judge Grants Torture Victims Their First Chance to Pursue Justice
New Patrick Cockburn Book
Mission Creep: Baghdad After the Fall of Saddam Hussein
How ISIS Shocked the World by Capturing Mosul and Advancing on Baghdad
The Afghan Prelude: The Overthrow of the Taliban in the Aftermath of September 11
The Arab Spring Reported and Misreported: Foreign Intervention in Libya and Last Days of Gadhafi
More Bombs for Baghdad; 310 Killed in Iraq
Sadr's Challenge to Iraq's Sectarian Politics
ISIS Mines Kill Dozens of Civilians Returning to Ramadi
Australian Soldiers Undergo Intensive Training Before Iraq Deployment
Air Strikes on Syria's Aleppo Kill 25
Syrian Warplane Crashes Near Damascus, ISIS Says Pilot Captured
Syrian Peace Talks Limp on to Next Week With Opposition Absent
UN Envoy Calls for Major Syria Meeting to Save Truce and Peace Talks
Aid Convoy Sets Off for Rare Delivery in Syria's Homs Province
Two Dead as Rockets Hit Turkish Town Near Syrian Border
Explosion Kills Three Soldiers in Eastern Turkey: Security Sources
How a German Comedian Saved the Turkish President
German Leader Regrets Voicing Opinion on Erdogan Poem
Hear Someone Insult Erdogan? Report It to US, Says Turkish Consulate in the Netherlands.
Four Turkish Academics Released Pending Trial on Terror Propaganda
Pro-Turkish Skywriters Scribble Slogans Above New York
Top Democratic Senator Criticizes Netanyahu's 'Untimely' Claim to Golan
Israel Plans to Improve Conditions at 'Shameful' West Bank Crossings
IDF Imposes General Closure on West Bank Ahead of Passover
Israeli Soldier Indicted for Shooting Wounded Palestinian Assailant Released for Passover
Army Chief Hits Back at Far-Right Critics – 'IDF Is Not a Democracy'
Middle East
UN Torture Watchdog Urges Saudis to Halt Flogging, Amputations
UN Says Yemen Peace Talks Atmosphere Shows Progress
General Mattis Wants Iran to Be a Top Focus for the Next President
France to Convene Foreign Ministers for Mideast Peace Summit in Paris on May 30
Obama Says No Plans to Deploy Ground Troops in Libya
Libyan Lawmakers Say Majority Back Unity Plan, but No Vote Yet
Amnesty Says Nigerian Military Killed Hundreds of Minority Shi'ite Muslims
South Sudan's Peace Deal Hangs by a Thread
Red Cross Says Workers Who Went Missing in Mali Are Safe
Ethiopia Charges Prominent Opposition Member Bekele Gerba, Others With Terrorism
Officials: Mayor Killed in Mexico; Gang Links Suspected
Investigators Say Mexico Has Thwarted Efforts to Solve Student's Disappearance
Belize Says Guatemala 'Amassing' Troops in Border Areas
Honduran Ex-Police Chief Says Government Faked Documents in Assassination Case
Brazil Suspends Amazon Dam Project Over Fears for Indigenous People
The War at Home
Trump Announces Foreign Policy Speech
Former Intel Committee Head: No Reason to Keep 9/11 Report Classified
Why Isn't the NSA a Hot Topic in the US Elections?
Stonewalled by NSA, Members of Congress Ask Really Basic Question Again
US Navy Boots 'Drunk, Reckless' Gulf Boat Commander
New York University Grad Student Union Overwhelmingly Votes to Boycott Israel
Intel Blockchain Experiments Could Make Bitcoin Technology Mainstream
Los Angeles Times Story on UN '4/20' Drug Policy Based on Fake Reports
Refugee Crisis
Human Traffickers Stopped Rescue After Sinking Disaster: Survivors
Two Survivors From Ethiopia and Somalia Tell of Mystery Migrant Shipwreck
Migrant Flow From Turkey to Greece Picking Up Again: IOM
Roads to Refuge Are Few as Aleppo Fighting Escalates
Rocky Resettlement in Mass. for Iraqi Refugees
UK to Take Thousands of Child Refugees
Merkel's Turkey Visit Aims to Soothe Tensions on EU Migrant Deal
Japan's Suga: Not True That Japan and US Arranging Obama Visit to Hiroshima
Japan Succeeds in Test Flight of First Stealth Fighter Jet
Prominent Sikh Figure Killed in Pakistan
Pakistan Arrests Qaeda Operative Named in UN Sanctions List
China Denies Reports of Massing Troops at North Korea Border
The Pentagon Sent Four A-10 Attack Jets to Fly Around China's Claims in the South China Sea
An Indian Spiritual Guru Tried to Start Peace Talks With ISIS. This Is How It Responded.
Don't Let Afghanistan Become Forgotten Crisis: Red Cross Official
Blockade of Southern Philippines Hurts Locals
UN Rights Chief Urges Thailand to Roll Back Military's Powers
Obama Says Loves Churchill in British Row Over 'Part-Kenyan' Remark
Britons Jailed for Life for ISIS-Inspired Plot to Shoot Police, Soldiers
ISIS Ex-Hostages Identify Brussels Suicide Bomber as Captor
Greece Says Turkish Demands Obstructing NATO Mission in Aegean
Portugal Clears the Way for Extradition of Ex-CIA Agent to Italy
Netherlands to Abandon Law Against Insulting Foreign Heads of State
Despite Campaign Vow, Obama Declines to Call Massacre of Armenians 'Genocide'
Russia Grants Ukraine's Request to Delay Eurobond Case Defense
German Prosecutors Go After Right-Wing Terrorism Group
Far-Right Leadership Revamp Ahead in Hungary
Weekend Reviews
A Legacy of US Military Failure in the Middle East Over the Past Three Decades
America's War for the Greater Middle East by Andrew Bacevich
Driven Mad by the Horror of War
What Happens When Your Child Joins ISIS?
Americans Still Dying
Glen Burnie (MD) Airman Dies in Building Failure in Southwest Asia
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