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Updated April 27, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
 'Unpredictable' Trump's Mixed Foreign Policy
Iraqi Parliament Chaos as Thousands Protest
  US Tries, Fails to Mimic Israeli 'Roof-Knock' Bomb Warning in Iraq
US to Send Advanced Rocket Launchers to Turkey
  Bernie Sanders Says US 'Kill List' Legal, Backs Troops in Syria
  25 Civilians, Including Rescue Workers, Killed in Aleppo
  UN Security Council: Golan Heights Doesn't Belong to Israel
  Pentagon Claims Sudden, Massive Drop in Foreigners Joining ISIS
US Drone Strike Kills Six in South Yemen
  Saudi-Led Intervention Gives Rise to New Armed Religious Faction
US Sends Advanced Warplanes to Russian Frontier
White House to Offer Record Large Aid Package to Israel
Warrantless Surveillance in Terror Case Raises Constitutional Challenge
The Classified '28 Pages': Diversion From Real US-Saudi Issues  by Gareth Porter
US Sanctions Spite Europe, Not Just Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
The Cost of the War Against ISIS: $7 Billion and Counting  by Martin Matishak
Orwell’s Ghost Is Laughing  by Justin Raimondo
The US Decision To Kill More Civilians in Iraq and Syria  by Nicolas J.S. Davies
The Permanent Security State  by Michael J. Glennon

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Pentagon Funding Cuts May Silence Stars and Stripes
Church of England Calls on God to Keep Britain in EU
The War at Home
After Missteps, US Tightens Rules for Espionage Cases
Defense Bill Amendment Targets Obama Micromanagement, Gives Pentagon Leverage
Bomb-Makers, Hackers Wanted: US Seeks Public Help to Prevent Attacks
Muslim Stereotyping in Pop Culture Is Worse Than Ever
US Military Can Withstand the Sage Grouse, Lawmakers Say
US Naval Academy Teacher Is Removed Amid Widening Sexual Misconduct Scandal
Commander of bin Laden Raid Blasts Senate for Disrespecting Military Leaders
Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years
Tamir Rice's Family Should Spend Money Warning of Toy Guns, Say Cops Who Shot Him With Real One
Afghan Taliban Delegation in Pakistan Amid Efforts to Restart Peace Process
US Denies Visa to Afghan Vice President Dostum
Uzbekistan Wants Restart of Afghan Peace Talks, Sees Russian Role
Afghan Women, Eager to Play, Are Relegated to the Sidelines
North Korea
Reports: North Korea Readies Missile, Nuke Tests
US Warns of 'Other' Options if North Korea Continues Nuclear, Missile Tests
FBI Chief Sees Better Cyber Cooperation From China
China Says EU Criticism of Its Rule of Hong Kong Unfounded
China, Indonesia to Boost Security Ties Despite South China Sea Spat
Indonesia Moves to Investigate Anti-Communist Atrocities
India-Pakistan Meeting Raises Hopes for Improved Relations
Myanmar Saffron Revolution Leader Jailed on Immigration Charges: Lawyer
Papua-New Guinea Court Rules Australia's Detention Camp Unconstitutional
Beheading Highlights Lucrative Kidnap Business of Philippine Rebels
Two Nagorno-Karabakh Soldiers 'Killed by Azeri Gunfire'
Azeri Defense Ministry Plane Landed Twice in Israel During Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh
Ukraine Strips Top Political Talk Show Host of Work Permit
Court in Russia-Occupied Crimea Bans Tatar Assembly
UK Support for EU Membership Eases Despite Obama's Backing: Poll
Protesters Break Into Finnish-Russian Nuclear Site
Sweden on Alert for Possible ISIS Attack in Capital: Local Media
Venezuela Opposition Gets Paperwork to Start Maduro Recall Drive
Cuban Players Paid Smugglers $15 Million, Prosecutors Say
Independent Investigators Leave Mexico Without Solving the Case of 43 Disappeared Students
94 Killed Across Iraq; Tuz Khormato Still a Battle Zone
Syria's Peace Talks Fade as Violence Escalates
Car Bomb Kills Seven Near Syria Shi'ite Shrine
Syrian Food Crisis Deepens as War Chokes Farming
Humanitarian Situation 'Extremely Dire' in Syrian Town of Daraya: UN
Religious Push Sparks Secularism Row in Turkey
Turkey's Parliament Speaker Kahraman Demands Islamic Constitution
Turkey's Ruling Party Denies Plans to Scrap Secularism
US Embassy Warns Citizens in Turkey About 'Credible' Terrorist Threats
Swiss Rebuff Turkish Request to Remove Art Critical of Erdogan
Growing Concerns Over a Reporter 'Black List' in Turkey
Russia Supplies S-300 Air Defense System to Iran Ahead of Schedule
Iranian Court Sentences 4 Journalists to Long Prison Terms
Iran and Russia Move Closer but Their Alliance Has Limits
Likud MP: 'A Soldier Cannot Be Tried for Killing a Terrorist'
Clashes Break Out Between Jews, Palestinians on Temple Mount
Israeli Soldiers Mistakenly Wander Into Palestinian Village, Escape Unharmed
Saudi Arabia
Obama Demands Democratic Reforms for Saudi Arabia
Libya Asks UN Council to Blacklist Ship Carrying Eastern Oil
Eastern Libya Ships First Oil Cargo in Defiance of Tripoli
US Says Worried About Libyan Oil Purchases Outside Legal Channels
Serbian Engineer Abducted in Libya: Foreign Ministry
Journalists Protest Against Arrest of Colleagues in Cairo
With Facebook No Longer a Secret Weapon, Egypt's Protesters Turn to Signal
11 Dead Including 8 Soldiers in Cape Verde Shooting: Govt
South Sudan Rebel Leader Returns to the Capital
Al Shabaab Kills Five at Somali Military Base: Army Captain
Sudan Says Referendum Result Shows Darfur 'Crisis' Over
Nigeria: 'Boko Haram Fighters Acquire New Uniforms'
Chad Extends State of Emergency in Boko Haram Fight
Refugee Crises
Kansas Governor Withdraws From Syrian Refugee Program
Migrant Crisis: Lesbos Camp Clashes as Greek Minister Visits
More Migrants Ferried From Greece to Turkey Under EU Deal
Turkey Tells EU It Will Protect All Returned Asylum-Seekers
Disabled Syrian War Refugee to Carry Rio Flame in Greece on Behalf of Displaced
Danish Volunteer Soldiers Replacing Police at German Border Amid Immigrant Crisis
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Kosovo: An Evil Little War (Almost) All US Candidates Liked

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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