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Updated April 28, 2016 - 11:04 PM EDT
27 Civilians Killed in Airstrike on Aleppo Hospital
  Syria Peace Talks Failed, But Few Realistic Alternatives
  Russia Urges UN Security Council to Blacklist Syrian Islamist Groups
Iraq Shuts Down Al Jazeera Baghdad Bureau
  Kurds, Shi'ite Militias Agree to Withdraw From Northern Iraq Town
  Iraq Army Advances Towards Mosul; 311 Killed Across Country
'Unpredictable' Trump's Mixed Foreign Policy
  Jacob Heilbrunn: Why I Hosted Trump's Foreign-Policy Speech
  Bernie Sanders Says US 'Kill List' Legal, Backs Troops in Syria
Email Privacy Bill Passes House Unanimously
  Study: Surveillance Has Chilling Effort on Internet Browsing
Belgians Issued Iodine to Protect Against Radiation
Female Suicide Bomber Wounds 13 in NW Turkey
Kerry Has Deep Reservations About Volunteer US Military
Iran President: US Supreme Court Ruling 'Flagrant Theft'
Why I Hosted Trump's Foreign-Policy Speech  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Is This What’s in Those 28 Pages? And Does it Matter?  by Peter Van Buren
The Battle for Truth Over Saudi Arabia's Ties to 9/11  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Did the Arabs Betray Palestine?  by Ramzy Baroud
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The 9/11 Commission Didn't Clear Saudis  by Kristen Breitweiser

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Civilian Toll From Explosives Jumps More Than Half in Five Years: Charity
Look Who Funds Ukraine's 'Anti-Putin' Internet TV
Iraq Army Advances Towards Mosul; 311 Killed Across Country
DoD Walks Back Sec. Carter's Claim on Surrounding Mosul Before Ramadan
Iraqi Army Makes Modest Advance South of Mosul
Syrian Kurdish Leader Sees Turkish Hand in Border Closure
Russia's Forces in Syria Enough to Safeguard Ceasefire, Fight Rebels: IFAX
Russia Wants More Details About US Special Forces Deployment in Syria
In Damascus, Young Syrians Try to Revive Their Lives
Parties in Struggling Syria Talks Unclear on Date of Next Round
Kurds Retrieve Body of Russian Officer From ISIS
Turkey PM Pledges Secularism in Draft Constitution
ISIS Terror Warning Over Tourist Hotspots in Turkey Issued by US Embassy
Iran's Supreme Leader Says US Lifted Sanctions Only on Paper
Iranian F-7 Fighter Crashes, Mechanical Failure Likely
Saudi Arabia
Saudis to Open Israel Embassy if Peace Plan Accepted: General
Britain Urges Saudi Arabia to Speed Up Inquiry Into Yemen Intervention
Palestinian Authority, Hamas Preempt Jordanian Security Cameras on Temple Mount
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Woman and Brother, Armed With Knives: Police
Palestinian 'Seed Library' Salvages Agricultural Heritage From Israeli Occupation
US F-22s Land in Lithuania in Show of Force Amid Russia Tensions
German Government Gives No Answers for Spy Chief's Exit
Bulgarian Town Bans Full-Face Veils Worn by Some Roma Muslims
Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam Extradited to France
Britain's Labour Party Leader Suspends Lawmaker Over Anti-Israel Posts
Ukraine Says Russia Detained Sister of Jailed Pilot Savchenko
Refugee Crisis
Egyptian Migrants Killed in Clash With Libyan Smugglers: Official
Refugee Crisis Focus Shifts to North Africa
Flooded With Migrants, Germany Struggles to Integrate Them
Austria 'To Build Fence' at Italy Border Crossing
Italian PM Renzi Says Austrian Border Plans Are Shameless
Venezuela Opposition Eyes Nov. Vote to Dump President
Brazil Cybercrime Bills Threaten Open Internet for 200 Million People
A Former Girl Soldier in Colombia Finds 'Life Is Hard' as a Civilian
The War at Home
Traffic to Wikipedia Terrorism Entries Plunged After Snowden Revelations, Study Finds
Google's Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House, in Two Charts
Snowden Debates CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Encryption
House Panel Seeks to Increase Army Ranks by 45,000 Soldiers
House Candidate Says Harry Reid Told Him Not to Run Because He's Muslim
Turkish Businessman Pleads Not Guilty to US Charges Over Iran Sanctions
Minn. TSA Manager Says He Was Told to Target Somali-Americans
TSA Employees Tell House Panel: Poor Leadership, Retaliation Undermining Security
Afghan Taliban Confirms Delegation Visiting Pakistan
Russia Ready to Join Afghan Talks: Russian Official
Pakistan Says Has Taken Steps to Root Out Militants in Waziristan
Pakistan Court Orders Ruling on Muslim NGO's Illegal Sharia Courts
India Urges Pakistan to Quickly Prosecute Militants for Air Base Attack
Abu Sayyaf Is 'More of a Brand Now'
Philippines' Aquino Denounces Abu Sayyaf's 'Language of Force' After Execution
Obama: US Could 'Destroy North Korea'
Exiled Tibetans Re-Elect Leader Who Vows to Revive Autonomy Push
China and Turkey Vow Greater Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Kazakhstan Land Protests Widen in Challenge to Strongman Leader
East Libya to Ship More Oil While UN Slams Sales as Illegal
UN Blacklists India-Flagged Ship Carrying Eastern Libya Oil
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebel Chief Machar Sworn in as Vice-President
US Says Can Use Sanctions, Arms Embargo if S. Sudan Backtracks
Rights Group Says Egypt Arrested Nearly 400 Over Protests
Burundi Death Toll Jumps to 31 in April: UN Rights Chief
Sierra Leone Police Fire Guns, Teargas at Opposition Supporters
Hundreds Protest in Sudan Capital After Student Shot Dead
Fear of Boko Haram Deters Displaced in Chad From Going Home: Aid Agencies
Force Battling Boko Haram Needs More Resources: Commander
Nigeria Says Preventing Attacks by Armed Herdsmen a Priority
UN Council Weighs US Measure to Restore Western Sahara Mission
Mexican Judges Orders 5 Cops, Soldiers to Trial for Torture
Parents Lead Protest of Probe Into Missing 43 Mexico Students
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