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Updated May 2, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
Iraq Protesters Leave Green Zone, Issue Demands
  After Green Zone Protests, Iraq's Govt Weaker Than Ever
4,609 Killed in Iraq During April
  ISIS Car Bombs Kill 32 in Southeast Iraq
Fighting Rages in Syria's Aleppo
  US Sees Bombing Physical Money as Key to Beating ISIS
Antiwar Hero Daniel Berrigan Dies at 94
ISIS Ambushes British, Italian Troops in Libya
NATO to Send Four Battalions to Russia Border
UN Open to Mediating US-Iran Asset Dispute
Drafting Women Means Equality in Slavery  by Ron Paul
The Life and Death of Daniel Berrigan  by Rev. John Dear
US Justice and 'Accountability' When They Bomb a Hospital  by Glenn Greenwald
The EU – A CIA Covert Operation  by Justin Raimondo
Hillary Clinton’s Damning Emails  by Ray McGovern
On 28 Pages, CIA's Brennan Has Flawed Premise  by Brian P. McGlinchey

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Israel, Hamas, and Egypt Form Unlikely Alliance Against ISIS Affiliate
Ft. Bragg Soldier Charged With Rape of Fellow Soldier
US-Led Coalition Drone Kills Two at ISIS Depot in Northern Syria: Turkish Sources
US Says Working on 'Specific Initiatives' to De-Escalate Syrian Violence
US Once Again Forced to Turn to Russia for Help on Syria
Russia: Talks Underway for Aleppo Ceasefire
Suicide Bomb Kills Six Kurdish Security Personnel in Northeast Syria
ISIS Beheads Four Young 'Spies' in Raqqa, Watchdog Says
Turkey Detains Pro-Kurdish News Editor Over Tweets
Tear Gas Used to Break Up Turkish Protests
Suspected ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Two Police in Southeast Turkey
Three Turkish Soldiers Killed, 14 Others Wounded in PKK Attack in the Southeast: Army
Deadly Blast Hits Police Station in Turkish City of Gaziantep
One Killed in Grenade Attack in Istanbul
About 20 Syrians Readmitted to Turkey
Israel: Private Contractors, Not Police, Killed Palestinian Siblings at Jerusalem Checkpoint
German Official Denies Report on Foreign Policy Shift on Israel
Israel Denies Report Germany Frustrated With Netanyahu, Two-State Process
Dead Sea Well Could Hold Oil Reserves Worth $322 Million, Israeli Company Says
Middle East
Saudi Forces Kill 2 Militants After Failed Car-Bombing
Inter-Clan Clash Wounds 2 in East Lebanon
3 Dead in Eastern Ukraine Amid Easter Armistice Violations
Why a British Fight Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Matters to the Rest of Us
Russia Defends Intercept of US Reconnaissance Plane Over Baltic
Muslim Prayer Hall Set on Fire on French Island of Corsica
Thousands Claim Vote Rigging by Serbia's Ruling Populists
Germany to Ask European Commission to Allow Extension of Border Controls
Danger Zones Keep Colombians From Burying Their Dead
Colombia Captures Alleged Peruvian Drug Trafficker 'Caracol'
Rousseff Says Opponents Plotting to Water Down Brazil Labor Laws
The War at Home
Bergdahl Wins Court Ruling, Will Be Allowed Access to Classified Docs for Defense
Snowden: Without Encryption, Everything Stops
4,609 Killed in Iraq During April
Iraq PM Orders Arrest of Parliament Protesters
Protests in Baghdad Throw US Iraq Plan Into Doubt
Yemen Officials Say Peace Talks Suspended After Houthis Seize Base
Al Qaeda in Yemen Confirms Retreat From Port City of Mukalla
Saudi Hands Over Houthi Prisoners as Yemen Peace Efforts Inch Ahead: Spokesman
Bomb Targeting Security Chief in Yemen's Aden Kills Four Soldiers
Big Win for Rouhani Allies in Iran Election Second Round
South Korean President Visits Iran to Boost Ties
Pentagon Denies War Crimes Allegations in Kunduz Hospital Killings
Afghan Forces Battle to Push Taliban From Southern Highway
Port Call Refusal Could Signal More Trouble in the South China Sea
Wary of China's Indian Ocean Activities, US, India Discuss Anti-Submarine Warfare
China, Japan More Upbeat on Ties but Challenges Remain
Gruesome Murders: Bangladesh Reels From Islamist Attacks
Hindu Tailor in Bangladesh Hacked to Death in Attack Claimed by ISIS
Philippine Island Rebels Free 10 Indonesian Hostages
Kazakh Leader Evokes Ukraine as Land Protests Spread
Cambodia Restarts Passenger Trains After 14 Years
Egyptian Police Raid Press Syndicate, Arrest Two Journalists
Egyptian Salafist Under Fire for Meeting With Israelis
Egypt Labor Activist Says Police Blocking Workers Assembly
Tanker Carrying Illegal Libya Oil Forced Back to Port
Italy Merchant Ship Rescues 26 Migrants Off Libya, Others Feared Missing
Rebels: Six Dead as Sudan Army, Insurgents Clash in Kordofan
Sudan Military Plane Crash Kills All Five Crew: Army
Islamist Group Al Shabaab Kills 15 Soldiers: Somali Military
DR Congo Opposition Agrees Joint Presidential Candidate
South Sudan: 32 Kidnapped Ethiopian Children Recovered
France to Increase Troop Numbers in Ivory Coast After Beach Attack
Nigerian Troops Discover Boko Haram Bomb Factory: Official
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