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Updated May 4, 2016 - 11:07 PM EDT
US Mulls Sending More Troops to Iraq, Syria
  Q&A: When Is a Boot on the Ground Not a Boot on the Ground?
ISIS Kills US Navy SEAL in Northern Iraq
  Britain Considers Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq
  242 Killed in Iraq, Including US Soldier
As Rebels Pound Aleppo, Kerry Threatens Assad
  Syrian Rebels Pound Aleppo Hospital
  Watchdog: Worrying Signs ISIS Producing Chemical Weapons
Turkey: 42 PKK Fighters Killed in Past 48 Hours
  Turkish Panel Votes to End Opposition MPs' Legal Immunity
US Aid to Israel Stalled Over Questions of Israel-Made Arms
  Trump: Israel Should Keep Building West Bank Settlements
What Is the US Military Doing in the Baltics?  by Justin Raimondo
Solitary Confinement Is Torture  by Chelsea Manning
Why Activists Should Still Care About the 40-Year-Old Church Committee Report  by Branko Marcetic
In Defense of America First  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
It Can't Happen Here, Can It?  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Brexit and the Lessons of American Federalism  by Doug Bandow

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Nurse Who Refused to Force Feed at Guantanamo Back to Duty
Gender-Neutral Draft Registration Would Create Millions of Female Felons
Clinton: FBI Hasn't Contacted Me for Interview
MSF Slams Major UN Powers Over Hospital Attacks
NATO Alliance Getting New Supreme Commander
242 Killed in Iraq, Including US Soldier
Pilgrims Brave Bomb Threat to Flock to Baghdad Shrine
Navy SEAL Charlie Keating, Grandson of S&L Financier, Dies in Iraq
Kerry Warns Syria's Assad of 'Repercussions' if Truce, Transition Fail
US Working Hard to Get Syria, Rebels to Abide by Ceasefire: White House
A Strange, Sad, Surprising Reality of Syria at War
Nusra Front Rips Out Heart of Rival Faction Fighter Executed on the Battlefield
Moscow Says Aleppo Ceasefire on Way as Syrian City Battered
UN Security Council to Meet on Aleppo Crisis
ISIS Shows 'Army of Orphans' in Latest Propaganda Video
Syria Frees Golan Druze Man Imprisoned for 13 Years
Israel Holding 10 Palestinian Journalists, Six of Them Without Charges
Israeli Retired General Suggests Giving the Palestinians a Dock at Ashdod Port
Tensions in Gaza Are Rising as Israel Gains Edge Over Hamas Tunnels
Troops Come Under Fire on Gaza Border, After PM Visits Area
Three IDF Soldiers Run Over in West Bank Attack
UN Needs $80 Million for Schools for Palestinian Refugees
Israeli Gets Life for Killing Palestinian Teen
The New Iraq
Poll: 'It's as if the Arab Spring Never Happened'
Two US Navy Civilians Die Off-Duty in Bahrain
UN to Start Inspecting Commercial Shipments to Yemen
Egypt Regime 'At War' With the Press: Media Union
Lake Chad Countries Warned Over Boko Haram 'Victory' Claims
Nigeria Officials 'Stole $15bn' From Anti-Boko Haram Fight
Kenya Police Foil Anthrax Attack by 'ISIS-Linked Group'
3 Red Cross Employees Abducted in Eastern Congo
Senegalese Jazz Festival Cancelled Over Security Fears
Libya Eastern Oil Company Blocks Tanker Loading Crude for Tripoli Rival: Officials
Liberian Presidential Candidate Weah's Lawyers to Go to US Over Warrant
Cowed by Cartels? Mexico Journalists Find New Ways to Get the Word Out
Mexico: 3 Kidnapped Americans Freed in Northern Border State
Brazil Attorney General Seeks Probes of Ex-President Silva
Court Files Show Bid to Tar Slain Honduran Activist Caceres
Venezuela Govt Says Police Killed Most Wanted Gang Leader
El Salvador Arresting Negotiators of Now Defunct Gang Treaty
Turkish Nobel Laureate Says Erdogan's Insult Charges Aimed at Silencing Dissent
Two Turkish Soldiers, Five Kurdish Militants Killed in Attack
Turkish Military Returns Fire Into Syria After Rockets Hit Border Town Again: Security Sources
Refugee Crisis
EU May Levy Heavy Fines Against Member States That Defy Directives on Migrants
Turkey to Abolish Visas for EU States Including Cyprus Under Migrant Deal
Refugees Revive Fading Italian Villages
More Than 100 Migrants Die in Libya to Italy Weekend Shipwrecks
Merkel Says Won't Change Tack to Counter Anti-Immigration Party
Dreams Shattered and Pockets Empty, Iraqi Migrants Return Home From Europe
Charity Flies 101 Syrian, Iraqi Refugees to New Lives in Italy
Military Vehicle Bombed Near US Airbase in Afghanistan
Young Afghan Messi Fan Flees Over Kidnap Fears
Illusion of Free Media Hides Threats to Journalists in Pakistan
Pakistan's MQM Party Accuses Paramilitary of Killing Prominent Member
Filipino Militants Threaten 3 Hostages After Beheading 1
'Bongbong', the Son, Leads Marcos Revival in the Philippines
North Korea Capital Gears Up for Congress; South Fears Nuclear Test
Russia Delays UN Council Condemnation of North Korea Missile Tests
Singapore Arrests Eight Bangladeshis Accused of Terror Plot
Bangladesh Blogger Seeks US Help as Threats Escalate
Tajik Islamists' Lawyer Goes on Trial on Fraud, Extremism Charges
Fire Destroys 50 Shelters in Myanmar Camp for Displaced
China's Xi Says Not Stifling Debate but Wants Everyone on Same Song Sheet
German Comedian Says Merkel 'Served Me Up for Tea' to Turkey
German Denies Committing War Crimes in Syria at Groundbreaking Trial
UK Said Using 'Covert Propaganda' to Stop Muslims Joining ISIS
Azeri Serviceman Killed in Exchange of Fire Over Nagorno-Karabakh
Albanian Court Jails Nine for Recruiting Fighters for Syria
Spain Set for 26 June Election After King Dissolves Parliament
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