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Updated May 6, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
Israel Kills Woman in Worst Clashes Since 2014
NATO Targets Russia With Missile Defense Plan
  US Shipping Tanks to Georgia for Military 'Drills'
Dozens Killed in Airstrike On Syria Refugee Camp
  ISIS Seizes Key East Syria Gas Field
  Foes of Iraqi Leader Struggle to Agree on Alternative
US Military Support for Yemen War on al-Qaeda
  Al-Qaeda Said to Be Leaving Key South Yemen Towns
Report: BP to Open Office in Iran Capital
Most UK Troops Going to Libya for 'Protection'
Turkey Won't Hold Election as President Consolidates Power
Top Hillary Clinton Aides Interviewed by FBI in Email Probe
A Need To Clear Up Clinton Questions  by Ray McGovern
Terrorism: From the Irish Dynamite War to ISIS  by Conn Hallinan
Study Shows Mass Surveillance Breeds Fear and Self-Censorship  by Glenn Greenwald
'Free Trade' vs. Actual Free Trade  by Justin Raimondo
Remember How We Got Out of Vietnam  by Jacob G. Hornberger
How the Curse of Sykes-Picot Still Haunts the Middle East  by Robin Wright

More Viewpoints

The War

by Rep. John J. Duncan Jr.
EU's Tusk: Idea of One European Nation Is 'Illusion'
Singapore to Fund $1.7 Billion Australia Military Base Expansion: Source
Foreign Intelligence Services Targeted 2008 Campaign, Officials Were Warned
Cameron Delayed Iraq Probe to Avoid Embarrassing Pro-EU Tony Blair: Tory MP
The War at Home
FBI Told Cops to Recreate Evidence From Secret Cell-Phone Trackers
How Bill Clinton Sacrificed Prisoners' Rights for Political Gain
Tens of Thousands of British Travellers Face Ban From US Flights
Pentagon Perpetuates Stigma of Mental Health Counseling: Study
Donald Trump Backs Brexit: Britain Would Be Better Off Outside EU
Libya Official: ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Militiamen in West
Militants Stage Attacks Between Libyan Stronghold of Sirte and Coastal Misrata
Libya Oil Output Could Fall if Hariga Port Dispute Continues
DR Congo
Congo Opposition Leader Denies Hiring Foreign Mercenaries
Police Surround Home of Congolese Presidential Challenger
DR Congo Opposition Politician Seeks UN Protection
Uganda Bans Live TV Coverage of Opposition Protests
Protesters Arrested in Uganda Ahead of Museveni's Swearing-In
Militants Attack Chevron Platform in Nigeria's Oil-Rich Niger Delta
Nigeria's Buhari Urges Other Nations to Speed Up Recovery of Stolen Money
Egypt's Newspapers in Open Revolt Over Police Attack on Press Freedom
Tunisia Breaks Up Two Qaeda-Linked Cells: Ministry
Burundi Police Say 450 Killed in Political Violence in Past Year
China and Russia to Hold Anti-Missile Drill After US, South Korea Talk Defense
China Protests at US Accusations of Abuse of Religious Groups
China's Military Deploys Its First Corruption Inspectors
Pakistan Girl, 16, 'Burnt Alive' for Helping Couple to Elope
Pakistan, Turkey to Strengthen Defense Industry Collaboration
US Embassy in Kabul Warns of Kidnap Threat
Nepal Crisis Averted as Maoists Remain in Coalition

Bangladesh Islamist Party Leader to Hang for War Crimes

Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia to Coordinate Against Militant Pirates
Maduro Allies Press Treason Charges in Venezuela
Ex-Venezuela Parliament Head Sues News Corp Over Drug Article
Ex-Hostage Betancourt Tells Colombia to 'Embrace' Peace
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Apologizes to Donald Trump
ISIS Executes Girls in Mosul; 143 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi PM Vows to Prevent Another Green Zone Breach, Sacks Security Chief
Iraq PM Orders Probe After Amnesty Report on Detention Centers
Why Are Canadian Troops in Iraq Wearing Kurdish Flag?
Syria's Assad Says Goal Is 'Final Victory' in Aleppo
Turkey's Political Turmoil Casts a Pall on Reforms and Investor Confidence
One Dead After Rockets Hits Turkish Border Town: Security Sources
Turkish Ruling AK Party Plans Special Congress, PM Davutoglu to Step Down as Chief
Turkey Won't Hold Election After Ruling Party Changes Leader: Presidential Adviser
German Politicians Say Turkish PM's Departure Worrying
Turkey's Main Opposition Says PM Davutoglu's Ouster Is Coup by Erdogan's Palace
EU Unsure What Davutoglu Exit Means for Turkey Migrant Deal
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Raid Targeting ISIS Group Kills Four
Saudi Arabia Hikes Oil Prices for Asia
Israeli Troops Still Operating in Rafah Amid Gaza Strip Flareup: Sources
Watchdog Believes Netanyahu, Ya'alon Kept Israeli Cabinet in the Dark in 2014 Gaza War, Sources Say
Israelis Find Second Tunnel From Gaza and May Know of Others
Palestinians to Demand Protection From War Crimes at UN Security Council
Israel Court Urges Return of Palestinian Attackers' Bodies
Israeli General Assailed for Nazi Comparison on Holocaust Memorial Day
'Cleared for Publication': Israel Nabbed Hamas Operative Who Provided Intel About Gaza Tunnels
Middle East
Yemen Foes Discuss Key Issues in Direct Talks: UN
In Beirut Vote, Old Parties Face New Challenge
People Die, Shooting Rages at Night, Amid Spluttering Nagorno-Karabakh Truce
EU Official Tusk: Idea of One European Nation Is 'Illusion'
Three Bulgarian Police Injured in Clashes With Anti-Roma Crowd
Kosovo Serbs Worried About EU Proposal for Visa-Free Travel
Italy, Germany Agree on Immigration Policy, but Not on Financing
Motorcyclist Killed in French Motorway Chaos as Migrant-Smugglers Flee Police
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