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Updated May 9, 2016 - 11:12 PM EDT
Zawahiri Urges al-Nusra to Unify Syrian Islamists
  Turkish Artillery Kills 55 ISIS Fighters in North Aleppo
  Coalition Airstrikes Kill Dozens of ISIS Fighters in Syria
  13 Iranian Troops Killed in al-Qaeda Offensive in Syria's Aleppo
US Tries to Convince Iraqis It Doesn't Support ISIS
  Turkey Launches More Airstrikes Against Northern Iraq
  Dozens Afflicted in Chemical Attack; 163 Killed in Iraq
Officials: Haqqanis Behind Taliban Escalation
  Taliban Offensive Ends Lull in Afghanistan's Helmand Province
  Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
Israeli DM Plans New West Bank Settlement
  When Some Famous Writers Went to Visit Some Jewish Settlers
  Israeli Nuclear Whistle-Blower Vanunu Faces New Charges
  Hamas Slams Gaza Blockade After Three Kids Killed in House Fire
US-Funded Somali Intel Agency Using Kids as Spies
IT Firm Had Clinton Emails Stored; Now in FBI's Hands
Moldova: Collateral Damage From Maneuvers With US
US Envoy to Hungary: Overthrow Assad and Fight Russia... or Else!  by Daniel McAdams
Can Congress Stop Saudi Arms Sales?  by Daniel R. DePetris
Russia Rises From the Mat  by Gilbert Doctorow
The Times, They Are a Changin’!  by Justin Raimondo
Price for Witnessing Against War  by Ray McGovern
American Power Under Challenge  by Noam Chomsky

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Egypt Court Recommends Death for 2 Al-Jazeera Employees
UK Navy Officer Joins ISIS, Experts Fear Naval Attacks
Kuwait Will Require a DNA Sample, Not Just a Passport, From Visitors
Obama Weighs Visiting Hiroshima or Nagasaki
Passenger Mistakes Professor Doing Math for Terrorist, Delays Flight
Dozens Afflicted in Chemical Attack; 163 Killed in Iraq
American Service Member in Iraq Dies of Non-Combat Injury
Syrian Warplanes Counter-Attack Rebels Near Aleppo
Residents Return as Truce Extended in Syria's Aleppo
Syrian Prisoners in Deal to End Mutiny: Rights Activists
Three Kidnapped Spanish Journalists Freed in Syria
Syria Group Slams US Reluctance to Set Up No-Fly Zone
Conditions Worsen in Besieged Hama Prison Amid Standoff: HRW and Activists
Turkey Left to Fight ISIS Alone, Erdogan Says
Turkey's Erdogan Pours Cold Water on Hopes of Progress on EU Deal
Two More Suspects Detained in Attempted Shooting of Turkish Journalist
Civilians Detained and Evicted From Yemen Port City of Aden
Yemeni Colonel Gunned Down in Aden
Yemen Peace Talks Struggle as Air Strikes Shake Truce
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Soldier Killed in Gunbattle With Militants
Saudi Shake-Up Rolls on With Big Reshuffle of Economic Posts
Kuwait Will Require a DNA Sample, Not Just a Passport, From Visitors
Israel Raids Hit Gaza as Violence Flares for Fourth Day
Netanyahu Rebukes Israeli General Over Holocaust Speech
Indigenous Activist Advocates for Israelis' 'Native' Rights
UN Official Spurns Netanyahu History Lesson Offer
Israel Vows to Press Anti-Tunnel Ops Amid Gaza Tensions
Israel Lobbies US to Soften Tone of Quartet Report on Settlements
Right-Wing NGO Threatens to Sue Benjamin Netanyahu Over Palestinian Incitement
Draft Report on Israel's Conduct in Gaza War Couldn't Be Bad Enough, Key Ex-IDF General Says
Nearly Half of Europeans in Poll Want Own Votes on EU, Like UK
UK Soldier Death: Man Held on Suspicion of Murder
Russian Nationalist Bikers Cross Into Germany
Huge Anti-Govt Protest Fills Warsaw's Ceremonial Boulevard
Italy Brings in Chinese Police to Patrol Rome and Milan
Greek Police Fire Teargas at Demonstrators Outside Parliament
Chilean Military Base Poses Threat to Bolivia: Morales
Mexico Drug Boss 'Chapo' Moved to Border Jail, US Extradition Not Imminent
US Role in Afghanistan Turns to Combat Again, With a Tragic Error
43 Militants Killed in Clashes With Afghan Forces: Ministry
Taliban Prisoners Hanged as Helmand Fighting Flares
Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Children From Same Afghan Family
Taliban Publicly Execute Two Women in Northern Afghanistan
Afghanistan Fuel Tanker Crash Kills 73 in Ghazni Province
Pakistan Rejects US Conditions Attached to Sale of F-16s
Rights Activist Khurram Zaki Killed in Pakistan Despite Government Claims of Peace
12 Injured in Hand Grenade Blast in Pakistan's Karachi
North Korea
Brushing Aside Objections, Nobel Laureates Visit Pyongyang
Nobel Laureates Call for Easing of Sanctions on North Korea
North Korea Willing to Reconcile Unless Seoul 'Opts for War'
North Korea Ready to Improve Relationships With 'Hostile' Nations
North Korea Claims Its Nuclear Arsenal Is Just a 'Deterrent'
North Korea Congress Adopts Decision to Further Boost Nuclear Capability
North Korea Party to Give Kim Jong UN Top Title at Congress
Protests Held in Indian Kashmir After 3 Rebels Are Killed
Bangladesh: Sufi Muslim Hacked to Death by Suspected Extremists
Thai Authorities Arrest Dissident's Mom for Online Inaction
China Navy Searches for 17 Sailors Missing in Sea Collision
ISIS Claims Shooting Near Cairo That Killed 8 Cops
Al Jazeera's Ibrahim Hilal Slams Egypt Death Verdict
Lawyer's Arrest in Egypt Signals Determination to Quell Criticism
Egypt Detains Satirist Over Video Mocking Government
King Salman, Sisi Agree to Build Saudi-Egypt Link Bridge
Libya Premier Urges Lifting of Arms Embargo, Asset Freeze
Nigeria: Troops Clear Seven More Boko Haram Villages
Mali Forces Arrest Man Accused of Links to Attacks
Congo Opposition Leader Summoned by Prosecutor on Mercenary Charges
MSF Urges Kenya Not to Shut Down Dadaab Refugee Camp
Refugee Crises
Kenya to Close All Refugee Camps and Displace 600,000 People
Italy May Be the Next Big Migrant Route
Italian Police, Demonstrators Clash in Protest Against Austrian Fence
Syrian Couple Weds at Refugee Camp in Greece
Syrian Family in Sweden Feels Tug of Ailing Sibling Left Behind
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