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Updated May 12, 2016 - 11:22 PM EDT
Saudi Officials Were 'Supporting' 9/11 Hijackers
ISIS Car Bombings Kill at Least 96 in Baghdad
  Rights Groups Concerned on Lack of Planning for ISIS Detention
  Italy to Send 500 Troops to Iraq's Mosul Dam
  In Remote Corner of Iraq, an Unlikely Alliance Forms Against ISIS
Syrian Troops Fight ISIS Along Road to Palmyra
  FBI: Fewer Americans Leaving US to Join ISIS
Saudi Military Threatens to Occupy Yemen Capital
  Yemen Army Commander Wounded, Eight Killed in Suicide Bombing
Defense: 9/11 Judge and Prosecutors Should Step Down
  Judge Criticizes Pentagon Suppression of Bush-Era Torture Photos
  Michael Ratner, Attorney for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, Dies at 72
US to Switch on Euro Missile Shield Despite Russia Alarm
Western Libya Militia Preparing to Attack Main ISIS City
In Waiting, Israel Likely to Get Less US Military Aid
FBI Chief: I Feel 'Pressure' to Finish Clinton Email Probe
Ten Ways Israel Is Just Like Saudi Arabia  by Medea Benjamin
Additional Weirdness in Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement  by Paul R. Pillar
Dean Rusk Also Missing, Feared Dead  by Barrett Brown
Taking Responsibility for War  by Lucy Steigerwald
A Perfect Storm
 by Andrew P. Napolitano
A Major Flaw of the US National Security State  by William Astore

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The Secret NSA Diary of an Abu Ghraib Interrogator
US Approves UN Use of Force to Protect Civilians in Conflict
White House: No Plans to Release Area 51 Information
Middle East Combat Doctors Alarmed at Resistance to Antibiotics
Wars Displace Record 40.8 Million People: Report
Bloody Day for Baghdad; 188 Killed in Iraq
US, Britain, France Block Russia Bid to Blacklist Syria Rebels
Russian Soldier Dies in Syria After Shelling by Militants
US Probes Reports of Fraud in Obtaining Aid for Syria
Turkish Air Strikes in Southeast Turkey, Northern Iraq Kill 11 Kurdish Militants
Turkey Says It Fulfilled Refugee Deal Criteria, Won't Amend Terror Laws
Erdogan Claims Turkey Has Killed 3,000 ISIS Fighters in Syria, Iraq
Russia Says US Partners in Europe Not Threatened by Iranian Missiles
She Won a Seat in Iran's Parliament, but Hard-Liners Had Other Plans
Egypt Opens Gaza Crossing for 48 Hours After 85-Day Closure
Israel's Independence Day Is 'Nakba' for Palestinians
Anger in West Bank Camp Over 'Cut' in UN Refugee Aid
Swiss Panel Finds No Evidence of Secret 1970s Deal With PLO
Herzog 'Desperate' to Join Netanyahu Coalition Within Days, Despite No Change in Terms
Israel's Nominee for Rome Envoy Quits, Raising Selection Questions
Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Travels to Gaza for Refugee Project
Chinese State Entities Argue They Have 'Sovereign Immunity' in US Courts
Ahead of Inauguration, China Says Taiwan to Blame for Any Crisis
Australia Defends US in Latest South China Sea Dispute
Chinese Navy Fighter Jet Crashes Into Factory in Taizhou, No Casualties Reported
Pakistan: Two Policemen Killed in Quetta Blast
Four Indonesians Held Hostage in the Philippines Freed
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Exiled Afghan Insurgent, Nears a Comeback
Quietly, Vietnam Hosts Arms Gathering Attended by US Companies
Thailand Defends Rights Restrictions at UN Review
After 30 Years in Thailand, a Glimmer of Hope for Refugees From Myanmar
Colombia's President Santos Says Peace Deal With FARC in 'Very Near Future'
Colombia Fires More Than 1,400 Police in Corruption Crackdown
Venezuela Tense as Cops Block Anti-President March
Violence Created Growing Population of Displaced in Mexico
Six Reasons Why El Salvador Became One of the World's Murder Capitals
The War at Home
Senate Kicks Off Debate Over Reauthorizing Controversial NSA Programs
Expert: Alleged 'Inaccuracies' Can't Justify 28 Pages Secrecy
Hackers Attempt to Hold Capitol Hill Data for Ransom
Donald Trump Plans to Visit Israel Before General Elections
101st Airborne Division Soldier Dies in Training Accident at Fort Polk
Refugee Crisis
Federal Police: Dozens of Terrorism Suspects Among Refugees Who Entered Germany
Italy Breaks Up People-Smuggling Ring That Imprisoned Migrants
European Rights Watchdog Complains About Greek Migrant Camps Conditions
Slovenia Expects First Relocation Scheme Refugees on Thursday
Europe Becoming 'Bad Word' Due to Migrant Crisis, Other Woes: Italy Minister
Greek Ambassador Returns to Austria After Spat Over Migrants
Tunisia Says Four Police, Four Militants Killed in Raids
Strike in Tunisia Town Over Halt to Libya Border Trade
DR Congo
Congo Lurches Toward New Crisis as Leader Tries to Crush a Rival
Congo Police Fire Tear Gas at Supporters of Opposition Leader
DR Congo President Can Remain in Office Without a Vote: Court
Children Dying Among Detained 'Boko Haram Suspects' in Nigeria: Amnesty
After British Corruption Slip, Nigeria Demands Stolen Assets Back
Cattle Rustling Crackdown Fuels Kidnapping in Northern Nigeria
Algerian Army Kills Seven Islamist Fighters East of Capital: Ministry
Uganda Arrests Opposition Leader Ahead of Museveni's Swearing In
South Africa Withdraws Troops From Darfur
Kenya Drawing Up Timetable to Close Refugee Camp for Somalis
Securing Aid Access in South Sudan: 'I Communicate, Negotiate, Cajole'
Ukraine, Russia Agree Some Security Measures: Germany
Putin Says Crimea Now Free of Reliance on Kiev for Its Power
Britain's MI5 Raises Threat Level From Northern Irish Militants
British Hacker Wins Court Battle Over Encryption Keys
British Paraplegic Man Convicted of Syria-Related Terror Charge
Georgia Begins US-Led Military Exercise, Angering Russia
Azerbaijan Alleges White-Phosphorus Use in Karabakh Fight
Serbia Warns Against Violence at Bosnia Protests
Macedonia's Albanian Minority Parties to Join Election Boycott
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