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It's been 20 years since the cold war ended, and we're still "defending" our European allies – against a threat that no longer exists. We pay 70% of the costs of NATO, while our "allies" take long vacations and lollygag on the Riviera. Nice work if you can get it! A bigger scam has yet to be conceived – and yet they get away with it. Foreign lobbyists and the arms industry pay off our politicians and the media looks the other way.

But we aren't looking the other way.

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Updated May 16, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
Scores Killed as ISIS Captures Syria Hospital
  Senior al-Qaeda Figures Sent to Syria to Establish 'Emirate'
  Turkish Shelling, US Strikes Kill 45 ISIS in Northern Syria
ISIS Bombers Destroy Major Iraqi Gas Plant
  71 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Stage Several Attacks Around Baghdad
ISIS Kills 47 Police in South Yemen Port
CIA Spy Tip-Off Led to Arrest of Mandela
With ISIS Recruitment List, NBC Claims to Uncover US 'Cell'
Report: Britain to Send More Troops to Libya This Week
US Conditions Pakistan Aid on Offensive Against Haqqanis
Political Pressure Stymies
US-Iran Ties
 by Gareth Porter
The Snapchat Version of American Victory  by Peter Van Buren
Corrupt Elites Will Fight to Stop the Dismantling of Looting Machines  by Patrick Cockburn
The Civil War Inside the US Military  by Justin Raimondo
Creeping Militarization of American Culture  by Ted Galen Carpenter
We Need More Snowdens  by Dan R. Sendik

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25 Palestinian Children Killed in 3 Months: UNICEF
Bergdahl to Return to Court Tuesday After Long Pause in Case
Left Divided Over Women Registering for the Draft
UN Panel Warns Against 'Excessive Force' by Israel
Iraq War Resisters Seek Refugee Status in Canada
Kerry Seeks Saudi Support Ahead of Syria, Libya Talks
The War at Home
Long Emphasis on Terror May Hurt US in Conventional War, Army Chief Says
Senate Defense Bill Would Let Gitmo Detainees Plead Guilty in Civilian Court
Govt Surveillance Program in San Francisco Bay Area Exposed
Adelson Set to Give Over $100 Million to Israel-Supporting Trump
Donald Trump: Brexit Would Not Impact US Trade Deal
Navy SEAL Instructor Removed From Duties After Trainee Dies During Swimming Exercise
Refugee Crisis
Macedonia: More Than 11,000 Migrants Sent Back to Greece
Spain Preparing to Receive Its First Refugees From Greece
Australia Reaffirms Hard-Line Immigration Policy
Merkel Refugee Deal With Turkey in Danger of Failure
Merkel's Coalition Partner Accuses Her of About-Turn on Refugees
Germany Not Muzzled by Migration Pact With Turkey: Steinmeier
German Police Chief Concerned at Growing Anti-Refugee Violence
Germany Is Trying to Teach Refugees the Right Way to Have Sex
Egypt Sentences 152 to Prison for Protest Over Transfer of Islands
Egyptian Court Sentences Six Inmates to Jail for Killing Frenchman
Crackdown on Islamist Militants Tests Tunisia's Young Democracy
Trade Resumes at Main Tunisia-Libya Crossing: Officials
DR Congo
DR Congo Denies Getting Pistols From North Korea
Congo Police Arrest at Least Four Activists Protesting Massacres
Five Boko Haram Leaders Arrested; Dozens of Captives Freed
After Years of Distrust, US Military Reconciles With Nigeria to Fight Boko Haram
More Help Needed to Defeat Boko Haram, Rebuild, Summit Told
Al-Qaeda Affiliates Are Threatening West Africa's Most Peaceful Cities
Former Coup Leader Assoumani Elected Comoros President
EU to Work With Despot in Sudan to Keep Refugees Out
Gambia Charges Six Women for Protesting Trial of Opposition Figures
Peace Deal Expected With Armed Afghan Group
'I Will Kill Him': Afghan Commander Targets Son, a Taliban Fighter
Afghan Official: Suicide Attack Kills 3 Police in South
China Says US Report Hypes Up Its So-Called Military Threat
China Plans Billion Dollar Muslim Disneyland in Yinchuan
Buddhist Monk Hacked to Death in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Police Arrest Islamist Over Gay Activists' Killing
3 Philippines Soldiers Killed, 2 Injured in Clash
Abandoned Filipino Children of US Sailors and Soldiers Wary of American Return
Philippine Base Upgrades for US Troops in Limbo as President-Elect Prepares for Office
Pakistan Cannot Be Oblivious to Threats to Sovereignty: Naval Chief
Two Journalist Shootings Reinforce India's Sad Record
71 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Stage Several Attacks Around Baghdad
Iraqi Leader Says Political Crisis Helps ISIS Attack
ISIS Attacks Leave 29 Dead Across Iraq
Iraq Takes Aim at Media as Security Forces Struggle to Contain Strife
Hezbollah Blames Rebel Shelling for Death of Top Commander in Syria
Students Released From Besieged Syrian Town to Take Exams
Syrian Govt Shells Turkmen Mountain Region, Killing 2
Turkish War Planes Destroy PKK Targets in Turkey, Northern Iraq
Turkish Military Says One Soldier, Six PKK Militants Killed in Southeast
Kurdish Militants Reportedly Shoot Down Turkish Security Forces Helicopter
Turkish Police Seal Off Hotel to Halt Opposition Party Congress
Dissidents in Turkey's Nationalist Opposition Blame AKP for Legal Limbo
Iranians Say Holocaust Cartoon Contest Not Aimed at Denial
US Slams Iran for Arrests of Baha'i Leaders in Iran 8 Years Ago
Netanyahu Rejects French Peace Talks Offer
Palestinians Mark Uprooting Anniversary With Sirens, Marches
Palestinian Curriculum Ignores Sykes-Picot
What's Behind Netanyahu's Pursuit of the Labor Party? Fear, Loathing and a Restive Army
Israel Arrests Palestinian Activist Over West Bank Protest
How Israel Is Turning Part of the Negev Desert Into a Cyber-City
Netanyahu Summons Ya'alon for Clarifications Over Speech Urging Officers to Speak Their Mind
Militants Kill Two Police in Russia's Dagestan, ISIS Claims Responsibility
Azerbaijan Announces Military Exercises Ahead of Nagorno-Karabakh Talks
A Clash of Ideas: Bosnian Serbs Rally for and Against Govt
Rival Cyprus Leaders Aim for End-Of-Year Peace Deal
Poland's Defense Minister Accused of Undermining Military
German Politicians Say Merkel Left EU Exposed to Turkish Blackmail
Long Dominated by Center, Austria Splinters to Left and Right
UK Police: Fake Bomb at Manchester United's Stadium Left From Training Exercise
Venezuela Plans Army Exercises as Maduro Seeks to Prolong Powers
Venezuela's Maduro Issues Emergency Decrees Amid Growing Opposition
Venezuela Opposition Slams 'Desperate' Maduro State of Emergency
Chinese Bullet Train in Venezuela Stalls as Alliance Derails
Three Slain Near Beach in Troubled Mexican Resort of Acapulco
Mexican Military Personnel Acquitted of Killing 15 Gang Suspects
Mexican Prosecutors to Pursue Re-Arrest of Three Soldiers
FARC, Colombia Agree on Moving Children Out of Rebel Camps
Leader of Colombia's FARC Rebels Invites Ex-President to Meet
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