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It's been 20 years since the cold war ended, and we're still "defending" our European allies – against a threat that no longer exists. We pay 70% of the costs of NATO, while our "allies" take long vacations and lollygag on the Riviera. Nice work if you can get it! A bigger scam has yet to be conceived – and yet they get away with it. Foreign lobbyists and the arms industry pay off our politicians and the media looks the other way.

But we aren't looking the other way.

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Updated May 17, 2016 - 11:21 PM EDT
Sadr Deploys Forces as Baghdad Bombs Kill 77
  As ISIS Steps Up Attacks, US Claims Militants Are 'On the Defensive'
  Europeans Frustrated as US, Russia Stalemate Stalls Syria Efforts
US, Allies to Start Arming Libya's 'Unity Govt'
  Italy Spurns UN Mission in Libya, Nepal Troops to Go Instead
  Britain, France Push UN for Naval Blockade of Libya
Snowden Archive – The NSA Signals Intel Files
  The Most Intriguing Spy Stories From 166 Internal NSA Reports
  NSA Closely Involved in Guantánamo Interrogations, Docs Show
Saudi FM: Yemen War Shifts From Houthis to Islamists
  Yemen Denies Reports of Third ISIS Bombing in Mukallah
CIA IG 'Accidentally Deleted' His Only Copy of Torture Report
Euros Frustrated as US-Russia Stalemate Stalls Syria Efforts
Super Heroes Collide in Post-Traumatic America  by Dan Sanchez
Foreign Conduct as a Response to US Policy  by Paul R. Pillar
Our Military Needs to Defend the Country, Not Undermine American Security  by Ivan Eland
Anti-war Is Pro-American  by Mike Marion
Extremists Fear the Iranian Nuclear Deal Might Work  by Stephen Kinzer
Regime Changers and War Hawks Dominate Iran Deal Hearing  by Ali Gharib

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When an American President Visited Hiroshima
How Elon Musk Exposed Billions in Questionable Pentagon Spending
Pregnant in a War Zone: What Are Your Choices?
WWI Bomb Found at Rhode Island State Park
Trump: Good Relationship Unlikely With UK's Cameron
Former VP Off Interpol List; 70 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Blasts Rock Syria Gas Field: Activists
Iraq Shut Down Its Internet to Prevent Sixth-Graders From Cheating
Turkish Military Says Killed 22 Kurdish Militants in Clashes
Bomb Blast in Istanbul Wounds Four People: Media
Turkey Confirms 13 Missing Killed in PKK Blast Last Week
Anger, Fear Sweeps Turkish Border Town Under Attack From ISIS
Turkey Military Defends Top General's Attendance at Erdogan Marriage
White House Snubs Chaffetz, Refuses to Let Aide Testify After Controversial Iran Remarks
Texas Will Not Be an Accomplice to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Governor Says
Iran Arrests Fashion Models, Blog Manager in Social Media Crackdown
Difficult Matters Remain in Yemen Talks: UN Envoy
Yemen Bans Qat on Week Days in Aden
Herzog Meets Netanyahu, Demands Justice or Communications Portfolio
Polls: Zionist Union Crashes, Most Israelis Oppose a National Unity Government
Netanyahu Calls on Yisrael Beytenu Party to Join Government
Former IDF Generals Come Out in Support of Defense Minister
Palestinians Forced to Pay $3,000 Bribes to Cross Into Egypt: Report
Settlers Arrested for Threatening Palestinians With Plastic Guns
Jordan Joins Israel in Clamping Down on Palestinian Transit Visas
Israel to De-Mine Christian Holy Site, Mostly Inaccessible Since 1967
Palestinian Museum Prepares to Open, Minus Exhibitions
Middle East
In a First, Israel Lets Jordanian Workers Cross Border for Jobs
US Law to Block Hezbollah's Funding Sparks Row Between Militants and Lebanon's Main Bank
Armenian, Azeri Leaders Reiterate Commitment to Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire
Royal Marines Sentenced Over 'Depraved' Initiation of Colleague
UN Envoy Calls for End to Political Infighting in Kosovo
New Zealand/Australia
Australian Police Raid Properties Connected to ISIS Sailing Group
US Navy May Resume Port Calls to New Zealand This Year
The NSA File Release
The Intercept Is Broadening Access to the Snowden Archive. Here's Why
How The Intercept Prepared the NSA's Sensitive Internal Reports for Release
What It's Like to Read the NSA's Newspaper for Spies
260,000 Afghans Forced From Homes in 2016: UN
Thousands of Afghan Hazaras Join Power Line Protest in Kabul
Attacks in Kabul Keep Wall Builders Busy, Turning City Into Labyrinth
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong on High Alert for Chinese Visit as Independence Calls Grow
Hong Kong Glues Down Paving Stones to Prevent Violence During Beijing Visit
Philippines Incoming President Offers Olive Branch, Posts to Rebels
Americans Traveling to North Korea Risk 'Unduly Harsh Sentences': US
Kathmandu Riot Police Scuffle With Anti-Constitution Protesters
UN Concerned by Rise in Burundi Detentions
Burundi Says Rwanda Expels 1,300 Burundians as Relations Fray
The Strange, Unending Limbo of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak
Nigeria: Chevron Evacuates Staff as Masterminds of Attacks on Facilities Apprehended
Kenyan Police Fire Tear Gas at Stone-Throwing Protesters Over Election Body
Sweden Sentences Man to Life Imprisonment for Genocide in Rwanda
Venezuela Emergency Decree Boosts Security Powers
Venezuela Says Better Oil Loans Deal Reached With China
Asked About Aid, China Says Venezuela Crisis Is Domestic Matter
Colombian FARC Rebels Agree to Let Minors Under 15 Leave Ranks
Colombia's War-Weary Farmers Head Home Amid Hopes and Fears
Veracruz Reporter Becomes Sixth Journalist Murdered in Mexico This Year
Top Cuba Diplomat: Obama Trip Positive, Created Momentum
Gunmen in Green Uniforms Attack Police Station in Haiti
Son of Ex-Honduran President Pleads Guilty to US Drug Charge
Refugee Crisis
UN Urges Greece to Stop Detaining Migrant Children
UN Says Turning Migrants Away 'Won't Work'
Palestinians Travel Across World to Reach US
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