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Updated May 24, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
ISIS Bombs Syrian Coastal Cities: 148 Killed
  Pentagon Talks Up 'Eclectic' Recruits for Syrian Training Scheme
  US 'Scolds' Russia, Denies Claims of Talks on Joint Syria Operations
  Iraq PM Claims 'Big Successes' as Troops Shell Central Fallujah
Ex-Officials See 'Seeds of Fascism' in Israeli Govt
  Palestinians in Gaza Pour Scorn on Lieberman Threats
Surge in Violence Expected After US Kills Taliban Leader
  Shura Council Meets as Another Taliban Leadership Battle Looms
  Afghan Govt Funding Taliban Splinter Group to 'Sew Rifts'
Suicide Bombers Kill 45 Army Recruits in Yemen's Aden
Is Scarborough Shoal Worth a War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Israel's Army Goes to War With Its Politicians  by Ronen Bergman
Obama's Hiroshima Visit Gives New Meaning to Meaningless Publicity Stunts  by Riley Waggaman
Dear Grads, Don’t Join the Military  by Dan Sanchez
Out of the Cold War?  by Caroline Dorminey
Trajectory of US Policy in Vietnam Offers a Roadmap for the Mideast  by Ivan Eland

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Meet the Hawks for Hillary!
Egyptair: Crashed Flight MS804 'Did Not Swerve'
Head of Security for TSA Removed From Post
Trump: I May Ask Congress to Formally Declare War to Fight Terror
KS Man Pleads Guilty to Part in 'ISIS Plot' Against Base
China's Scary Lesson to the World: Censoring the Internet Works
Baghdad Claims Progress in Falluja; 164 Killed Across Iraq
Red Cross Worried for Civilians Trapped in Iraq's Fallujah
Three Mortar Shells Land Near Baghdad's Green Zone, No Casualties
Syrian Kurds Point Finger at Western-Backed Opposition
Putin, After Latakia Blasts, Tells Assad Will Continue Fighting 'Terrorist Threat'
Russia's Lavrov, Kerry Discuss Joint Syria Operations: Russian Ministry
US Scolds Russia Over Syria Bombing
Turkey Shifts to Presidential System, Even Without Constitutional Change
Inside Cizre: Where Turkish Forces Stand Accused of Kurdish Killings
Turkish Plane Evacuated After Bomb Hoax
Netanyahu Unfazed as Lieberman Says Coalition Talks Deadlocked
Shake-Up in Israeli Politics Prompts 'Seeds of Fascism' Warning
Lieberman Capitulates to Ultra-Orthodox Parties as Part of Coalition Negotiations
Netanyahu Tells French PM He Rejects French Peace Initiative
A Window Into the West Bank's 'Wildest, Most Violent' Areas
Israeli Government Websites Failing to Provide Arabic Translations
Gaza Cement Deliveries Resume After Israel Lifts Ban
Israel Claims Land Grabs 'Benefit Palestinians'
Arab MKs, NGOs, Furious Over Violent Arrest of Beduin in Tel Aviv
Arab Worker Freed to House Arrest Hours After Barbaric Police Beating in Tel Aviv
Hebron Shooting Medic Pleads Not Guilty to Manslaughter Charges
Middle East
Banned, British-Made Cluster Bomb Used in Yemen, Civilians Return to 'Minefields': Amnesty
Iran Transfixed by US Election Over Fears of Impact on Nuclear Deal
Saudi Border Guard Killed, Three Wounded in Mine Blast: Agency
UN Envoy Launches $4 Billion Fund for Schools in War Zones
Nigerian Villagers Take Up Arms After Fulani Attacks
Nigeria Boko Haram: 'Drugged Woman Told to Bomb Market'
Jonathan Goes Into Exile, Militants Move to Shutdown Oil Output
2 Dead as Kenyan Police Attack Electoral Reform Demos
Kenya Will Close World's Biggest Refugee Camp This Year
Somaliland: 25 Years as an Unrecognised State
Tunisian Islamic Party Re-Elects Moderate Leader
Pope Meets Top Egyptian Cleric, Ending 5-Year Freeze in Relations
US Lawmakers Back Eased Vietnam Embargo, Have Rights Concerns
Vietnam's Vietjet to Buy 100 Boeing Planes for $11.3 Billion
China Says It Hopes Vietnam-US Ties Conducive to Peace, Stability
Haqqani or Yaqoob? Who Will Succeed Mullah Mansour?
Taliban Chief Killed Because He Posed Threat to US Troops: Pentagon
Three Indian Police Shot Dead in Kashmir Summer Capital
Kashmir Militants Wage Selfie War Against Indian Crackdown
South Korea Rejects North Korea Talks Proposal as 'Bogus'
North Korean Envoy Rejects Trump Overture to Meet Leader
Pakistan Summons US Envoy, Expresses Concern Over Drone Strike
Obama's Hiroshima Visit Stirs Differing Views Across Pacific
India, Afghanistan, and Iran Sign Deal for Transport Corridor
One Rohingya Muslim Shot Dead in Mass Escape From Thai Detention Center
Leaders of 4 Countries Discuss Settling Ukraine Conflict
President Poroshenko's Offshore Connection in Germany
Far Right Narrowly Defeated in Austrian Presidential Election
Lockerbie Lawyer Seeks $330 Million From Putin, Russia for MH17 Disaster
Britain Grants Refugee Status to Ex-President of Maldives: Lawyer
Shots Fired at French Socialist Party Grenoble Office, Party Decries 'Vandalism'
Right Wing Gains in Cyprus Vote May Provide Spur for Peace Process: Analysts
Refugee Crisis
UN Refugee Agency Calls European Border Closures 'Inhumane'
Italy Helps Rescue 2,600 Migrants From Sea in 24 Hours
EU Says Asylum-Seeker's Appeal Shows Deal to Limit Migration Is Legal
Turkey Expects Fairer Sharing of Burden on Refugees: Erdogan
German Anti-Immigration Party Breaks Off Talks With Muslims
EU Agrees to Aid Libyan Navy to Stop Traffickers
Greece Says to Begin Evacuating Migrants Camped at Border Within Days
Transcript Suggests a Plot Behind Effort to Oust Brazilian President
Argentina and Brazil Agree to Mediate in Venezuela Crisis
Mexican Authorities Exhume Bodies From Unmarked Common Grave
From Cuba to Miami by Providence and a Homemade Boat
Missing Spanish Journalist in Colombia Probably Kidnapped by Leftist ELN
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Trajectory of US Policy in Vietnam Offers a Roadmap for the Mideast

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Kosovo: An Evil Little War (Almost) All US Candidates Liked

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