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Updated May 25, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
State Dept Faults Clinton for Emails and Security
Coalition Airstrikes Kill Over 400 Civilians in Syria
  Syrian Kurds Launch Offensive North of Raqqa
  Fear Along Syria's Coast After Unprecedented ISIS Attacks
ISIS Unleashes Death Squads on Troops in Fallujah
  UN Concerned About Civilians as Iraq Shells Fallujah
Taliban Appoints Top Religious Scholar as Chief
  US Killing of Taliban Chief Marks an Abandonment of Peace Process
7 Ukraine Troops Killed in Worst Fighting in Year
  Russia, Ukraine Agree to 'Intensify Cooperation' for Minsk Accords
New Cabinet Further Cements Erdogan's Hold on Power
Sen. Rand Paul Ties Release of 9/11 Docs to Defense Bill
The Pentagon’s War on Accountability  by William Hartung
The Dreadful Kagan Clan – Hillary's Warmongers in Waiting  by David Stockman
New York Times Finally Tells Its Readers: Netanyahu Is 'Dangerous'  by Phil Weiss & Yakov Hirsch
Kosovo: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Terror  by Justin Raimondo
Does Russia Have Reason to Fear?  by James W. Carden
American Exceptionalism and Foreign Policy After Obama  by Andrew Bacevich & Patrick L. Smith

More Viewpoints

How the
World Ends

by Philip Giraldi
Tony Blair Calls for 'Proper Ground War' Against ISIS in Middle East
Investigators Play Down Egyptair Explosion Theory
No Sign of Egyptair Plane Technical Problems Before Takeoff
Twin Assaults in Syria, Iraq Pile Pressure on ISIS
What's Driving Silicon Valley to Become 'Radicalized'
66 Killed in Iraq; Forces Claim Victory in Garma
Iraqi Government Forces Clearing Booby Traps Set Up by ISIS Outside of Fallujah
Iraq Says Total Oil Output 4.7 Million BPD; Exports at Record
US Intelligence Company Confirms Attack on Russian Military Equipment in Syria
Syria Blames Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia for Deadly Bombings
Four Turkish Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Southeast
Top Turkish Court Gives Green Light to Nationalist Opposition Congress: TVs
Turkey's New PM Rejects Notion Erdogan Is Meddling in Government Affairs
Bomb Attack Near Sanaa University Kills Two
Britain Investigating Reports Its Cluster Bombs Used in Yemen
UK Seeks Saudi Cluster Bomb Assurances Over Yemen
Hardliner Elected as Head of Iran's Top Clerical Body
In Iran, Dividends of Nuclear Deal Are Slow to Appear
NRA Threatens Iran With Video About Men Who Wrestle Alligators
US Skeptical of Benjamin Netanyahu Offer to Directly Negotiate With Palestinians
Four Israeli-Arabs Convicted of Trying to Join ISIS
Israeli Medic Who Shot, Killed Palestinian in Hebron: Indictment Is Discriminatory
Netanyahu Scolds Future Lawmaker Yehuda Glick for Temple Mount Visit
Israeli Minister Blocks Burial of Killed Palestinian Attackers
New Israeli Facial Imaging Claims to Identify Terrorists, Pedophiles
Middle East
Father of Slain Lebanese Soldier Confesses on TV to Carrying Out Revenge Killing
End Israel's Occupation of Palestine, Qatar Tells Doha Forum
Venezuela Opposition Security Boss Freed
Police Find 5 Hacked-Up Bodies in Mexican Gulf Coast State
Cuba to Legalize Small and Medium-Sized Private Businesses
Colombia Says 2 More Journalists Missing in Rough Area
Lawyer Denies Ex-Rebel Leader Tied to Attack on Haiti Police
Student Protesters Tussle With Guards at Chile Presidential Palace
Brussels Police Chief Injured During Anti-Austerity Clashes
Pro-Squatter Protesters Clash 2nd Time With Barcelona Police
Refugee Crisis
Turkish President Erdogan Demands Visa Waiver, or There Will Be No Migrant Deal
Thousands of Migrants Saved in 23 Rescue Operations Off Libya
Drop in Deaths in Mediterranean Is Hopeful Sign, Migration Body Says
Estonian PM Doesn't Rule Out Taking Refugees Direct From Turkey
The War at Home
TSA Boots Head of Security Amid Furor Over Long Lines
Hillary Clinton Has 'Personal' Grudge Against Assange Says WikiLeaks Insider
Vindication for Edward Snowden From a New Player in NSA Whistleblowing Saga
Brother of 'Guantánamo Diary' Author Barred From Entering US
US Army Laser Chief: 'We Absolutely Blew Lots of Things Up'
Lifting of Vietnam Arms Ban Not Aimed at China: Kerry
Obama Prods Vietnam on Rights After Activists Stopped From Meeting Him
Trade Pitch Turns Obama Into Salesman for Vietnam Shoes
US, Vietnam Agree to Allow Peace Corps Into Vietnam for First Time
Possible Chat With Atomic Bomb Survivors Eyed During Obama's Hiroshima Visit
Pakistan Can't Confirm Taliban Leader Is Dead, Criticizes US Drone Strike
Afghanistan Says Taliban Shadow Governor in Helmand Killed
US Official Says India Has Addressed Nuclear Concerns
Cambodia Revives Australia Refugee Deal With Planned Nauru Visit
Philippines Says Malaysian Navy Detains Three Fishermen in South China Sea
South Korea Says More North Korean Restaurant Workers Defect From Third Country
As Fighters Return From Libya, Tunisia Faces Growing Challenge
Despite Extremism, Tunisian Island Is Model of Integration
Rights Group Urges Halt of Arms Deals to Egypt Over Abuses
Top General Says Military Action in Libya Not Inevitable, but Canada Watching Closely
South Sudanese Army 'Getting Away With Murder' as Thousands Flee Abuses: Rights Group
Eni Declares Force Majeure After Nigerian Pipeline Attack
Nine Men Charged After Protest Clashes in Kenya
South African Shanty-Town Demolition Sparks Riots, Two Guards Killed
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