Today, as we mark Randolph Bourne’s 130th birthday, it seems an especially appropriate time to step back from the noisy distractions of the ongoing public debate over American foreign policy and reflect quietly for a few moments on the larger picture. For what larger picture do we see when we contemplate war, peace, and the institution of coercive government – the State – and what we have learned over the past century about their myriad interconnections and interrelations?

I think we see the same thing one of America’s most remarkable public intellectuals, Randolph Bourne, saw when he looked at the involvement of the American State in World War I nearly a hundred years ago. We see that, as Bourne famously put it in his last and greatest essay, "war is the health of the State." It is this insight, that the condition of war, in addition to the death, injury, and destruction it brings with it by its very nature, also builds up the warmakers – the States that fight the wars – leaving the victorious ones, at least (and not infrequently even the losers), larger and more powerful in their dealings with their home populations, so that they are better positioned not only to fight yet another war but also to hire more effective warmongers to sell it for them. It is this insight of Bourne’s that inspires our work here at, as it is after Bourne that our parent organization, the Randolph Bourne Institute, is named. On this day, Randolph Bourne’s 130th birthday, please join me in honoring his timeless insight by supporting as generously as you can (matching funds are still in effect).

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Updated May 30, 2016 - 11:14 PM EDT
Anti-ISIS Strikes Reducing Iraq/Syria Cities to Ruins
  Report: US, Turkish Strikes Kill 104 ISIS in North Syria
  Heavy Fighting as ISIS Attacks Rebels in North Syria Town
US Forces on Front Lines in Iraqi Kurd Offensive
  Close to the Battle as Peshmerga Forces Advance on ISIS Near Mosul
  US Warns Iraq Faces Long, Tough Fight in Fallujah
Taliban Kills 57 Cops as Province Nears Collapse
69 Killed as Fighting Resumes in Central Yemen
Pakistan Charges US Officials for Civilian Killed by Drone
200 Retired Israeli Security Officials Present Peace Plan
Libya 'Unity Govt' Claims Troops Are Surrounding Sirte
This Memorial Day, Remember the Victims of Democide  by Thomas Knapp
Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize  by Nat Hentoff & Nick Hentoff
Learning the Limits of American Military Power  by Christopher A. Preble
Abolish Memorial Day  by Justin Raimondo
Ticking Closer to Nuclear Midnight  by Jonathan Marshall
Apologize for Nagasaki  by Paul Street

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Teen Launches Suicide Attack in Iraq Marketplace
In Iraq Town, Real Fans Gather in 'Challenge to ISIS'
Iraqi Sunni Politicians Reject Visit by Iran's Soleimani to Fallujah
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At Syrian Border, Israeli Military Seeks Closer Contact With Civilians on Other Side
Israeli Deputy Minister Admits He Visited Syria
Lebanese Hezbollah Ministers, MPs Could Be Hit by US Law: US Official
Top Iranian General Says His Country Protected Lebanon From ISIS
21 Kurdish Militants Killed in SE Turkey Operations
Turkey's New Prime Minister Wins Vote of Confidence in Parliament
Iranian Pilgrims Won't Attend Hajj Amid Row With Saudi Arabia
Iran Assembly Head Wins Initial Re-Election Vote: State Media
Netanyahu Accepts Bennett's Cabinet Reform Demand, Ending Coalition Crisis
Israel Forming Civil Defense Units in Arab and Jewish Villages
Settlers, Palestinians Come Together to Seek EU-Model End to Conflict
Israel Police Send Netanyahu Spending File to District Attorney
Australian Worker Killed in Golan Heights
Palestinians Hold Funeral for Assailant Killed by Hebron Soldier
Installation of Asbestos-Ridden Parts in IDF Tanks Continues
Residents Battle Municipal Neglect in the Mean Streets Beyond the East Jerusalem Barrier
Under Scrutiny From World Scientists, Israel Will Free Astrophysicist
Israel to Cancel Parents' Right to Retrieve Single Son Soldiers From Battle
Middle East
Police: 'Westerner' Among 7 ISIS Suspects Arrested in Yemen
Jordan's King Abdullah Dissolves Parliament, Names Caretaker PM
Pakistan Arrests 2 Officials for Helping Slain Taliban Chief
Two Militants Killed in Karachi Shootout
Pakistan Had the Ability to Conduct a Nuclear Test in 1984
Police Arrest Suspects After Attacks on Africans in New Delhi
Italian Marine Arrives Home After Four Years in Custody in India
Cambodian Leader's Bodyguards Convicted of Assaulting Opposition Figures
UN Concerned About Rising Political Tensions in Cambodia
Outrage in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia as Government Backs Islamic Law
Remains of 13 More World War II Marines Found on Tarawa
Mexican Police Mount Big Hunt for Kidnapped Soccer Player
Haiti Bracing for Trouble as Election Panel Delivers Report
The War at Home
Veteran Memorizes Names, Ranks of 2,300 Americans Killed in Afghanistan: 'They Paid the Ultimate Price'
A Grave Duty Beckons: Finding the Californians Lost in War
CIA Ex-Boss: Secretive Spooks Tolerated in UK More Than in US
Congress Nails Runaway Blimp's Coffin Shut
Boeing Air Refueling Tanker Again Falls Behind Schedule
Secret Service Dreams of a New (14-Foot) White House Picket Fence
FBI Raids Dental Software Researcher Who Discovered Private Patient Data on Public Server
US Navy Officers Face Bribery Charges
DoD Uses Undisclosed Files to Defend Sex Assault Testimony
Sub Sailor's Photo Case Draws Comparisons to Clinton Emails
Samantha Power to Receive Prize From Henry Kissinger, Whom She Once Harshly Criticized
Refugee Crisis
Dozens of Children Drown as Shipwrecks Claim 700 Lives, Survivors Say
More Than a Third of Refugees Arriving in Europe Are Children
Italian, Irish Ships Save More Than 500 Migrants Saturday
165,000 Syrian Refugees Trapped Between ISIS and the Turkish Border
Coastguard Rescues Suspected 20 Migrants Off UK Coast
Bulgaria Stops 100 Migrants at Greek Border
Hundreds Evicted in Fresh Anti-Migrant Unrest on French Mayotte Island
Violence Erupts at Australia Immigration Rallies
Five UN Soldiers Killed in Central Mali Attack
Mali Family Blame UN Peacekeepers for Death in Custody
Niger Says Kills 12 Boko Haram Fighters in Gun Battle
Militants Blow Up Shell, Agip Pipelines in Nigeria
Buried IED Blamed on Boko Haram Kills Five in Northeast Nigeria
Nigeria's Buhari Says Government to Talk to Niger Delta Leaders
Fiji Pulls Some Peacekeepers From Egypt Amid Security Fears
Uganda Angered at Claim of Halt to North Korea Military Ties
Ethiopia: Children Still Missing After Cross-Border Raid by South Sudanese
Clash in Guinea Over Opening of New Mosque Injures 59 People
Zimbabwe Opposition March Against Mugabe
Embattled DR Congo Opposition Leader Katumbi in London: Lawyer
Five Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Separatist Attacks
Ex-NATO Chief, PM Named as Adviser to Ukraine's President
Tony Blair Hints He Could Refuse to Accept Chilcot's Iraq War Verdict
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Blast Kills One at Bulgaria's Biggest Military Plant
Albania Opposition Boycotts Parliament, Blocks Reform Bill
European Union Preparing for a Possible Brexit
American Charged in Paris Police Car Attack Amid Protests
US Bomb From World War II Defused at German Airport
Armed Squad Kills 11 People in Venezuela: Official
Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts, and Government Shutdown
Venezuela Govt, Opposition Hold Talks in Dominican Republic
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