Today, as we mark Randolph Bourne’s 130th birthday, it seems an especially appropriate time to step back from the noisy distractions of the ongoing public debate over American foreign policy and reflect quietly for a few moments on the larger picture. For what larger picture do we see when we contemplate war, peace, and the institution of coercive government – the State – and what we have learned over the past century about their myriad interconnections and interrelations?

I think we see the same thing one of America’s most remarkable public intellectuals, Randolph Bourne, saw when he looked at the involvement of the American State in World War I nearly a hundred years ago. We see that, as Bourne famously put it in his last and greatest essay, "war is the health of the State." It is this insight, that the condition of war, in addition to the death, injury, and destruction it brings with it by its very nature, also builds up the warmakers – the States that fight the wars – leaving the victorious ones, at least (and not infrequently even the losers), larger and more powerful in their dealings with their home populations, so that they are better positioned not only to fight yet another war but also to hire more effective warmongers to sell it for them. It is this insight of Bourne’s that inspires our work here at, as it is after Bourne that our parent organization, the Randolph Bourne Institute, is named. On this day, Randolph Bourne’s 130th birthday, please join me in honoring his timeless insight by supporting as generously as you can (matching funds are still in effect).

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Updated May 31, 2016 - 11:23 PM EDT
Iraq Announces 'Final Assault' on Fallujah
  Obama Emphasizes Troops Killed in Iraq Died in 'Combat'
  259 Killed in Iraq; Bombers Back in Baghdad
US-Backed Syrian Kurds Expand Anti-ISIS Push
  Syrian, Russian Warplanes Pound al-Qaeda Territory in Idlib
Netanyahu Open to Discuss Arab Peace Initiative
  As Israel Moves Right, Many Annoyed Military Isn't Going With Them
Taliban Kills 57 Cops as Province Nears Collapse
NATO Plans Yet More Troops in Eastern Europe
Libya Forces Capture Town From ISIS After Heavy Fighting
Snowden Leaks Were 'Public Service,' Says Ex-Attorney Gen.
S. Korea Says N. Korea Attempted Missile Launch Failed
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Memorial Day Should Make Us Rethink Platitudes About Military  by Ivan Eland
Phony Kurds in Syria  by Paul R. Pillar
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259 Killed in Iraq; Bombers Back in Baghdad
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Middle East
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Seized Mexico Footballer Freed
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