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Updated June 1, 2016 - 8:22 PM EDT
ISIS Halts Iraqi Offensive at Gates of Fallujah
  At Least 4,164 People, Including Americans, Killed in Iraq in May
  Ethnic Purges Turn Iraqi Frontier City Into 'Two Towns'
  Two US Troops Wounded in Iraq, Syria
Jets Bomb al-Qaeda-Linked Rebel Camp in Syria
  Ex-Mossad Chief: Medical Aid to al-Qaeda 'Tactical,' 'Humanitarian'
Saudis Use Secret US Debt Deal to Block 9/11 Info
  Judge 'Manipulated' 9/11 Attacks Case, Court Document Alleges
Israel Remaps West Bank for Massive Settlement Expansions
  Israel's Coalition Remains Unstable as Far-Right Confronts Netanyahu
Taliban Kills 12, Kidnaps Dozens in Northern Afghanistan
Israel’s Future is Terrifying: Ya’alon and Disconcerting 'Morality'  by Ramzy Baroud
The Drone War Crosses Another Line  by Kathy Gilsinan
Bombing Hiroshima Changed the World, but It Didn't End WWII  by Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick
The Ongoing Rape of Japan  by Justin Raimondo
America's Sinkhole Wars  by Andrew J. Bacevich
With My Brother in Gitmo, the Heart of My Family Is Missing  by Yahdih Ould Salahi

More Viewpoints

Moves Right

by Philip Giraldi
Blair Govt's Rendition Policy Led to Rift Between UK Spy Agencies
All Your Disk Images Belong to US: US Appeals Court
Internet Giants Agree to Curb Hate Speech in Europe
Prosecutors Seek Testimony From Sept. 11 Victims' Kin
Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson Would Pardon Snowden
The War at Home
Appeals Court Delivers Devastating Blow to Cellphone-Privacy Advocates
FBI Wants to Exempt Its Fingerprint, Phone Data From Privacy Rules, Stirring Objections
Taxpayers Wasted Billions of Dollars on a War on Cocaine That Didn't Work, Economists Say
Senior Party Leader: Clinton Will Ensure Democratic Party Platform Supports Israel
Obama Does Not Think Snowden Performed 'Public Service'
Schools to Begin Monitoring Students From Military Families
Fired for Speaking Out on Guantánamo, Former Prosecutor Settles With Library of Congress
Justice Department Drops Second Criminal Investigation Into Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette
Refugee Crises
880 Migrants Die Crossing the Med Last Week
UK to Boost Border Security to Prevent Migrants Crossing English Channel
Spain Asylum System 'Obsolete': Amnesty
Paris Plans to Build Migrant Camp in North of City: Mayor
Housing for Refugees Takes Center Stage at Venice Architecture Biennale
EU Ships in Libyan Waters Would Undermine Tripoli Govt: Diplomat
Libya: France Announces $500 Million Upgrade for Oil Site
Death of Teenage Girl Casts Doubt on Egypt's Efforts to End FGM: Activists
Kenya: Dadaab Refugee Camp Will Close by November
UN to Track Arms Flows to South Sudan
Ivory Coast Ex-First Lady Goes on Trial for War Crimes
Ten Dead as Biafra Anniversary Turns Bloody
Western Sahara: Polisario Front Leader Abdelaziz Dies
Darfur's Jebel Marra Rebels Claim Control of Katrom
Finland Military Exercise Mistaken for Invasion
Denmark Will Punish Advocating Criminal Acts, Ban 'Hate Preachers'
Ukraine's Released Pilot Assumes Parliament Seat
US Issues Travel Warning Ahead of Euro 2016 in France
German Foreign Minister Says Unclear if Russia Sanctions Will Be Renewed
Haiti Council Starts Deliberating Possible Election Redo
El Salvador Gang Truce Mediator Released From Detention
At Least 4,164 People, Including Americans, Killed in Iraq in May
Fear for Civilians as ISIS Halts Iraqi Army at Gates of Fallujah
Russia to Turkey: Withdraw Your Troops From Iraq
UN Food Agency Prepares for Deeper Humanitarian Crisis as Battle for Mosul Looms
UN Worried for Syrians Stranded by ISIS Advance
Russia Denies It Conducted Fatal Air Strikes on Syria's Idlib
Former Miss Turkey Gets 14-Month Suspended Sentence for Insulting Erdogan
Turkey Officially Designates Gulen Religious Group as Terrorists
Turkey's Erdogan Warns Germany Ahead of Armenian Genocide Vote
Israel Remapped West Bank Land to Pave Way for Settlement Construction
Israel's Settlement Drive Is Becoming Irreversible, Diplomats Fear
Right-Wing Caucus Challenges Netanyahu
Bennett's Associates: PM Went Left to Get Rid of Us
Abbas: I'll Judge Liberman by His 'Stance on Peace,' Not His Politics
Hamas Executes Three in Gaza, Drawing UN Condemnation
Policemen Who Beat Israeli Arab Supermarket Worker Under Criminal Investigation
Israel Braces Itself for Paris Peace Confab... by Doing Nothing
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Missile From Yemen
Bahrain Court Orders Activist Freed on Humanitarian Grounds
Is the New Jordanian PM Israel's New Friend in the Middle East?
North Korea
North Korean State Newspaper Praises Donald Trump as 'Wise' and 'Far-Sighted'
North Korean Facebook Set Up and Immediately Hacked
US Says North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions on Table in China Talks
US Urges North Korea to Curb Actions That Raise Tensions in Northeast Asia
New President of the Philippines Says Many Slain Journalists Deserved It
Amnesty Says 1.2 Million Afghans Internally Displaced by War
Fire, Blast at Indian Arms Depot Kills at Least 16
Two With Thai Army Links Found Guilty of Attack on Gold Mine Protest
Armed Squad Kills 11 People in Venezuela
OAS Issues Rebuke to Venezuela, Citing Threats to Democracy
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