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Updated June 2, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
Clinton: Trump Too 'Thin-Skinned' for Presidency
Iraq Halts Fallujah Assault To Protect Civilians
  At Least 4,237 People, Including Americans, Killed in Iraq During May
US Airstrikes Kill 15 Civilians in Northern Syria
  Raqqa Citizens Tell of ISIS Indoctrinating Teenagers to Fight and Die
  Russian FM Urges US to Accept Joint Actions Against Qaeda in Syria
US Likely to Maintain Troop Levels in Afghanistan
  Taliban Attack Afghan Court in Revenge for Executions
Israeli Woman Admits Concocting Palestinian Rape Story
  Hebron Shooting Footage Shows Knife Kicked Closer to Slain Assailant
  Ex-Israeli Spy Chief: Iran Isn't an Existential Threat
  Poll: A Third of Americans Support Boycotting Israel
UN Report Taps Libya as 'Next Battleground' for ISIS War
State Dept Intentionally Deleted Iran Comments From Video
BDS a Bigger Issue After Israel's Rightward Shift  by Jason Ditz
ADL’s Challenge to Pro-Peace & Justice Groups  by Grant Smith
ISIS Faces Likely Defeat in Iraq and Syria – What Happens Next?  by Patrick Cockburn
David French and the Cult of the Soldier  by Lucy Steigerwald
Hillary on the Ropes  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Forgetting the Crimes of War  by Gary G. Kohls & S. Brian Willson

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Paypal Terminates BDS France Account
French Vessel Detects Signals From Egyptair Jet Black Box
Brazil's Govt Has Sprung a Leak, and a Flood of Secrets Is Gushing Out
He's Accused of War Crimes in Somalia, Now He Works Security at a US Airport
192 Killed, 139 Wounded in Iraq Battles, Bombings
UN Sounds Alarm About Fallujah Children, Food Supply
Could a Millionaire Businessman Save Iraq's Sunnis?
Ignoring Turkey, US Backs Kurds in Drive Against ISIS in Syria
Syrian Opposition Proposes Ramadan Truce
The Orphans of Syria's War
Turkish Army Kills 14 ISIS Militants Near Aleppo
Turkey Not Contributing to US-Backed Syria Op Near Manbij
Syria's Besieged Daraya Gets Its First Aid Since 2012, but No Food
Iran Tells Saudis: 'We'll Leave Iraq When Iraq Asks'
Iranian TV: Israel Arrested Our Journalist in the Golan Heights
UN Torture Expert Says Britain Should Pressure Bahrain to Allow Him to Visit
Bahrain Charges 18 With Contacting Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah
Bahrain Prince Accused of Torture to Launch Professional Cycling Team
Israel Lobbying Trump, Clinton to Blunt Potential UN Action
Israeli NGO Law Would Apply Almost Solely to Human Rights Organizations
Israel Arrests Druze Reporter for 'Terrorism' After Reporting on Golan Oil Plans
Bill Would Let Israeli MPs Oust Colleagues, Not Just Suspend
Israeli Activists Push for Peace With Palestinians
American Jews Warn Israeli Leader of Possible 'Rupture'
Israel Fills UN Hall for Anti-BDS Conference
Palestinians: Only 40% of Gaza Donations Have Been Received
Netanyahu: Paris Peace Parley Will 'Radicalize' Palestinian Demands
EU Warns Israel: Policy of Demolishing Palestinian Homes in Area C Will Harm Relations
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Sentences 14 to Death for Terrorism: Lawyer
Kremlin Says Regrets Turkey Has Not Acted to Mend Ties Over Downed Russian Warplane
NATO Likely to Designate Cyber as Operational Domain of War: German Official
Hamburg Jogger Wearing Weight Vest Mistaken for Terrorist
Merkel to Skip Disputed German Vote on Armenia Killings
London Teen Faces Barrage of Online Abuse After Prize-Winning Speech on Palestine
EU Must Hold Firm on Russia Sanctions: Senior Ukraine Official
Venezuela Opposition Warns Unrest on Horizon
Brazil Protesters, Police Clash Outside Presidency Office
Prosecutor Puts Former Haiti Officials on Travel Ban List
Masked Men in Military Clothing Hack to Death 4 Gang Members in El Salvador
The War at Home
FBI Wants to Exempt Massive Biometric Database From the Privacy Act
27 Nations Set to Join RIMPAC Exercise in Hawaii, California
Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Settles Free Speech Case for $100,000
Prosecutors Say San Bernardino Attacker's Friend Had Ties to Group Arrested for 2012 Terror Plot
Refugee Crisis
EU Puts Brake on Visa Liberalization for Now Amid Immigration Fears
Drowned Migrant Baby Was Probably Somali: Italian Police
Hungarian Police Secure Migrant Camp, Block Protesters From Leaving
Newly Built Austrian Refugee Shelter Set on Fire, Red Cross Says
US Targets Al Shabaab Leader With Drone Strike in Somalia: Pentagon
Two Lawmakers Among 15 Dead in Mogadishu Hotel Attack
UN Chief Recommends Adding 2,500 Peacekeepers to Mali Mission
Al-Qaeda Says Conducted Mali Raid That Killed China Peacekeeper
Militias in Libya Advance on ISIS Stronghold of Sirte With Separate Agendas
Egypt Opens Gaza Crossing for Second Time in a Month
Algerian Troops Kill Eight Islamist Fighters: Defense Ministry
Nigerian Militant Group Says It Blew Up Two Chevron Wells
Burkina Faso Arrests Six Over Deadly Militant Attack in January
Five Men Cleared of Kampala Bombing Charged With New Offences
US Military Sees Afghan Talks With New Taliban Leader Unlikely
Local Aid Workers Gunned Down in Eastern Afghanistan
China Welcomes Manila's Offer for South China Sea Talks
As Beijing Flexes Muscles in South China Sea, Malaysia Eyes Harder Response
China to Prosecute Xinjiang Judge for Letting Off Terror Suspects
Mitsubishi Unit Apologizes to Chinese WWII Forced Laborers
China Says First Stealth Fighter Not Yet in Service, but Coming Soon
After Failed Missile Test, China Calls for Korean Calm
UN Council Condemns North Korea Missile Launches, Threatens Action
Three North Korean Restaurant Defectors Arrive in South: Report
US Senators Attack India's Human Rights Record Before Modi's Capitol Hill Address
Ousted Maldives President Forms Opposition-In-Exile Group
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David French and the Cult of the Soldier

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NATO in Montenegro: Securing the Rear Before Barbarossa II?

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What Do Terrorists Want?

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