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Updated June 3, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Launches Anti-ISIS Airstrikes From Carrier
  US-Backed Forces Target Syria Jihadist Stronghold
  SecDef Claims Bombed Syrian City Used to 'Plot Against US'
  Report: Russia Discusses Sending Special Forces to Syria
  Six Children Among 19 Killed in Syrian Strikes on Aleppo
  Suicide Bomber Attacks Mosque in Syrian Coastal City of Latakia
Fighting Continues Near Fallujah; 254 Killed in Iraq
  ISIS Bombers, Bribery, Endless Checkpoints – Trials of an Iraqi Trucker
Saudis Blacklisted for Killing Children in Yemen
  Houthis Retake Central Yemen Region From Pro-Saudi Forces
Clinton: Trump Too 'Thin-Skinned' for Presidency
How Hillary Clinton Will Squander the Nuclear Deal With Iran  by Ryan Cooper
NATO: America's Other Cold War Dinosaur  by Jacob Hornberger
Pentagon: Killing of Pregnant Afghan Women Was 'Appropriate' Use of Force  by Jeremy Scahill
Hillary Clinton and the Politics of Overcompensation  by Justin Raimondo
Obama and the Myth of Hiroshima  by Peter Van Buren
Russia's Got a Point: The US Broke a NATO Promise  by Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson

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AF Jet Crashes After Flyover at Colorado Obama Speech
David French: I Will Vote for Donald Trump if He Is the Nominee
FBI Kept Demanding Email Records Despite DoJ Saying It Needed a Warrant
Trump Planning Israel Trip Before July GOP Convention
Fighting Continues Near Fallujah; 254 Killed in Iraq
Iraq PM Abadi Urges Lawmakers to Stop Squabbling, Rally Behind Army
UN Plans No Imminent Airdrops of Aid in Syria, Despite Expired Deadline
US-Backed Fighters Advance to Cut Off ISIS, Win Tacit Turkish Support
Turkey's Erdogan Says US-Backed Syrian Force Largely Arab, in Tacit Approval
Israel-Palestinian Peace Initiatives Are Suddenly Popping Up Everywhere
Bennett Threatens to 'Topple Government' to Prevent Palestinian State
Poll: Ya'alon-Sa'ar Tie Benjamin Netanyahu in Elections; PM's Popularity Dips
Renewed Pressure to Add Zionist Union to Netanyahu's Coalition Focuses on Livni
Israeli Mayors Meet With Abbas
Ahead of Paris Summit, Israel Sees Egypt's Regional Initiative as Preferable to French Peace Plan
US Not Bringing Specific Proposals to Middle East Peace Talks in Paris
Middle East
Lebanese Army Kills ISIS Militant, Arrests Three During Raid: Source
Yemen Foils al-Qaeda Attack in Mukalla, Arrests al-Qaeda Member
Saudis Pledge Not to Shock Oil Markets as OPEC Clash Looms
Ukraine Bars 17 Russian Journalists From Entering Country
Ukraine's Corrupt Judges Targeted in Constitutional Reforms
Germany Arrests 3 Syrians Over Terror Attack Plot on Busy Düsseldorf Street
Germany Passes Resolution Calling Ottoman-Era Armenian Killings 'Genocide'
Germany's Genocide Recognition Enrages Turkey
Bosnian Serbs Warn Against Publishing 2013 Census Results
Venezuela Slams Americas Bloc Suspension Threat as 'Imperialist' Plot
Venezuela Puts Off Key Decision on Maduro Recall Vote
Venezuela Police Repel Rare Protest Near Presidential Palace
Shadow of Jailed Ex-Leader Hangs Over Peru Election
Chilean Ex-Soldier Faces US Trial in Death of Singer Victor Jara
The War at Home
After a Detainee Died at a Black Site, CIA Blamed Training From the Federal Bureau of Prisons
Obama: US Can't Be Isolationist in This Interconnected World
Some Intel Officials Worry About Briefing Trump, Fearing Spilled Secrets
Top Aide: Trump Excited to Play Role in Creating Mideast Peace
'Guantánamo Diary' Detainee Makes the Case for His Release
Prisoner Tells of 'Mental Torture' in Secret Guantanamo Camp
Record Number of Guns Detected by TSA Officials Last Week
Two Jets From Elite US Military Squadrons Crash, One Pilot Dead
Blue Angels Jet Crashes in Smyrna, TN
5 Fort Hood Soldiers Dead, 4 Missing After Army Truck Overturns in Flooding
Refugee Crisis
85 Migrant Bodies Recovered on West Libyan Coast
MSF Urges Turkey to Open Border to Syrians Fleeing Fighting
We Can Control Migration Inside EU, Says UK PM
Dangerous Migrant Smuggling Routes Flourish in Lawless Libya
France to Take in 400 Refugees a Month From Greece: Interior Minister
Militants Attack Oil Firm Boat in Nigerian Delta, Killing Six: Army
Nigeria Land Disputes Fuel Surge in Herdsmen Violence
Tunisia's President Urges New Unity Govt to Tackle Tensions
Political Violence Roils the Republic of Congo
Distribution of New Banknotes Raises Fears for Libyan Unity
US Imposes Sanctions on Three Burundian Nationals
Egypt Receives First of Two French Mistral Warships
Rights Group: Gambia Must End Brutal Crackdown
Kenyan Court Frees 43 Accused of Being Secessionist Group Members
China Confirms Its Warships to Join Major US-Hosted Naval Drills
China Tells US, Don't Let Allies Set South China Sea Policy
China Says There Is No Discrimination in Xinjiang Ahead of Ramadan
Philippines Leaders: Journalists Not Exempt From Assassination
Philippines' Duterte Says He Won't Surrender Rights in South China Sea
Militants Kidnap 17 Members of Afghanistan's Hazara Community
Torkham Border Crossing: Pakistan Curbs Afghan Entry
India: 24 Convicted in Massacre of Muslims In Gujarat Riots
Tajikistan Court Jails 2 Opposition Leaders for Life
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