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Updated June 6, 2016 - 11:04 PM EDT
Attack on Jordan Intel Office in Kills 5
US-Backed Kurds, Syria Troops Fight ISIS in Raqqa
  British Special Forces 'Operating Inside Syria Alongside Rebels
  Dozens Killed, Many Civilians, in Syria's Weekend Aleppo Airstrikes
US: Iraqi Troops Not Ready to Move on Mosul
  Badr Brigade: Fallujah Will Be Stormed After Civilians Leave
  Mass Grave Near Fallujah; 487 Killed in Iraq
Israel Escalates Forced Transfer of Palestinians
  Israeli Bill Would Retroactively OK Settlers' Seizure of Palestinian Land
Fighting in Yemeni City of Taiz Kills 45 People
  Saudi Coalition Slams UN Report on Yemen Violations
Iran Rejects US Report Claiming 'Terror Support'

ISIS Out-Recruiting al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia

Pentagon Training Focuses on Tents and Rucksacks
Making an Issue of Hillary Clinton's Warmongering  by Jim Jatras & Anthony T. Salvia
Muhammad Ali: A Profile in Moral Courage  by Thomas L. Knapp
Bahrain Is Perfecting the Art of Repression, and Britain Is Happy to Help  by Alastair Sloan
Will Japan Nuke Pearl Harbor?  by Justin Raimondo
Is the US Behind the Brazilian Coup?  by Ted Snider
Hillary's Speech Against Trump Hypocritically Touts Her Foreign Policy Strength  by Kevin Gosztola

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Red Crescent: 133 Migrant Bodies Found on Libya Coast
In Mongolia, Kerry Hails 'Oasis of Democracy'
Gov. Cuomo: NY Must Divest Funds Linked to Israel Boycotts
Trump Reverses Stance on Libya War Back to Supporting It
Muhammad Ali Brought 15 Hostages Back From Iraq
Mass Grave Near Fallujah; 487 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS Booby-Traps, Car Bombs in Fight for Fallujah
ISIS Shooting Civilians Who Flee Fallujah: Aid Group
We Can Learn From ISIS Rule, Says Exiled Mosul Leader
Children Drown Trying to Flee ISIS in Fallujah as Iraqi Forces Close in on City
In Saddam's Former Jail, Cash Aid Allays Grim Routine for Refugees
Iraq Will Probe Abuses in Fallujah Op: Spokesman
More Than 2,000 Militants Massed in Northern Aleppo: Russia
ISIS Kills Dozens of Its Own Members in Hunt for Spies
US Navy Jets in Mediterranean Launch Second Day of Raids on ISIS Targets
Top Syrian Kurdish Commander Killed in Raqqa Campaign
War Jet Crashes Near Syria's Aleppo, Cause Unknown: Monitoring Group
Turkish Warplanes Target Kurdish Militants, at Least 27 Killed: Army
Turkey Declares Curfew in Southeast in Fight Against Kurdish Militants
Turkey Kurdish Leader Says 'Not Afraid' of Trial
Protests in Turkey Against Lifting of Lawmakers' Immunity
Turkish Paper Compares Merkel to Hitler After Germany Votes to Recognize Armenian Genocide
Political Changes in Turkey Could Mark Successful End of Talks With Israel
Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Expands Anti-Iran Strategy Beyond Middle East
Saudi Reform Plan Approved by Top Economic Council
Herzog Says May Join Netanyahu's Government if Bennett's Party Leaves
Israeli Opposition Chief: We'd Consider Joining Coalition if Jewish Home Party Left
Vanishing Palestine: The Making of Israel's Occupation
Jewish and Arab Pupils Talk of Unity, but Israel Has Never Been So Divided
Former Israeli and US Officials Unveil Security-Based Proposals for Two-State Solution
Israeli Group Calls for New Security System Requiring US Forces
BDS: Israel Responsible for Cyber Attacks
Report Slams Israel's 'Squandering' of Aid to Palestine
Saudi Arabia Calls on Israel to Accept 2002 Arab Peace Initiative
Israelis Mark Annexation of East Jerusalem
Israeli Generals in 1967 War: Concerned Over Jerusalem Looting, Hoping to Drive Arabs Out of West Bank
Does Avigdor Liberman Have His Eye on Netanyahu's Throne?
Israeli Commander Awakens Troops With Tear Gas
Israel Eases Restrictions on Palestinian Travel During Ramadan
Stolen Car, Truck Break Through IDF Checkpoint Into West Bank; Commander Hurt
Israel Releases Correspondent for Iranian TV From Custody
Libya Unity Government Backed by Two Armed Groups in the East
Libyan Commander Says His Forces Are Inside ISIS Stronghold
Gunmen Kill Journalist in Somali Capital: Police
Somalia Incapable of Weakening Shabaab Cash Sources, US Says
President Says Somalia Will Select New Parliament Due in August
Sudan/South Sudan
South Sudan Resumes Talks With Sudan on Independence Issues
Sudan: Bishop Urges End to Recurrent Bombing in Nuba Mountains
Alarm Over Nigerian Christian Woman Killed for 'Insulting' Islam
Nigeria Says It Has Seized Billions in Stolen Cash
Nigerian Militant Group Urges Others Not to Attack Soldiers or Kidnap People
West African Leaders Discuss Setting Up Anti-Extremist Force
Boko Haram Attack in Niger Kills 32 Soldiers
Egypt Begins Trial for Head of Journalists Union, 2 Members
France Suspends 5 Military Members for Central African Violence
US Says Has Information on Plans for Terrorist Attacks in South Africa
The War at Home
Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal
Trump Plans Clinton Foreign Policy Rebuttal
Obama Administration Rushing to Shrink Ranks at Guantanamo
Soldier Sentenced to Die for 2003 Murders Pins Hopes on Supreme Court
9 Fort Hood Deaths in Flooding Raises Questions About Training
Army Identifies Soldiers Who Died in Vehicle Accident at Fort Hood
A-29s Carry Out 'Dumb' Bomb Raids in Afghanistan, Official Says
Taliban Claim Killing of 7 in Afghan Province, Including New Attorney General
Generals, Diplomats Urge Obama to Freeze Afghanistan Troop Levels
US Journalist David Gilkey, Translator Killed in Afghanistan: NPR
Taliban Used Biometric System During Kunduz Kidnapping
A Carnival of Life Flourishes in Kabul's Field of the Dead
Money From Afghanistan's 'Conflict Jewels' Fuels War: Activists
Dam Completion Signifies Growing Indian Influence in Afghanistan
Four Killed as Workers of Two Political Parties Clash in Pakistan
Defense Budget Hiked by Usual 11 Percent in Pakistan
Pakistan Denies Consular Access to Indian Spy Citing His 'Subversive Activities'
Mystery Indian Cult 'Had Its Own Government, Army;' 24 Killed in Operation
President Obama and India's Modi Forge an Unlikely Friendship
China Hits at US 'Provocations', Says Doesn't Fear 'Trouble'
Kerry Cautions China on Actions in South China Sea
China Says It Hopes for Counter-Terror Intelligence Sharing With France
Thousands of Anti-Abe Protesters Rally in Tokyo as Election Nears
Japan, South Korea to Set Up Direct Line Between Defense Ministers
Okinawa Murder Case Heightens Outcry Over US Military's Presence
US Navy Sailor Arrested in Okinawa on Suspicion of Drunken Driving: US Forces
Vietnam Tells China Warships Welcome in One of Its Harbors
Vietnamese General Says First Purchase of US Weapons Some Way Off
Vietnam Police Bus Away Protesters Days After Obama Chides on Human Rights
Vietnam, South Korea May Buy Lockheed Planes Amid Chinese Buildup
Six Dead in Armed Attacks on Military Base, Gun Stores in Northern Kazakhstan
One Dead, Thousands Evacuated After Blast at Sri Lankan Armory
Wife of Bangladeshi Anti-Terrorism Policeman Stabbed, Shot Dead; Grocer Killed in Separate Attack
Six People Wounded as Shots Fired on Czech Tourist Bus in France
In France, Are Soldiers Outside the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Really Worth It?
Branded a 'Terrorist' for Reporting Two Sides of Ukraine's War
Snooper's Charter: Most Britons Unaware of Tory Plans, Survey Finds
Former Polish Presidents Lead Thousands in Opposition March
Russia Agrees to Allowing Observers in Ukraine Carry Pistols
Deny Migrants Right to Seek Asylum: Austrian Foreign Minister
EU Foreign Policy Chief Presses Albania on Reform Package
Who Are Macedonia's 'I Protest' Demonstrators?
Romanian Leftists Win Most Votes in Local Election: Exit Poll
Spain's Anti-Austerity Parties Pass Socialists Ahead of Election
Reports of Violence as 12 Mexican States Vote for Governors
Corruption and Violence Test Mexico Ruling Party in State Elections
First-Ever Refugee Team to Complete at Rio Olympics
Puerto Rico Plans Commercial Office in Cuba to Promote Trade
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