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Updated June 8, 2016 - 11:28 PM EDT
US To Give Israel Largest Military Aid in History
Russia, US Add Troops Amid NATO War Games
4 Killed, Several Injured, in Tel Aviv Shooting
Assad: Aleppo Is Graveyard of Erdogan's Dreams
  Report: Israeli Jets Attack Syrian Military Base in Homs
  Syria Troops, US-Backed Kurds Both Seize ISIS Territory in Raqqa
Iraq Commander Insists Fallujah Victory in 'Days'
Obama Threatens Veto of Military Funds Over Guantanamo
German Officials Raid Investigator's Home, Seize MH-17 Docs
FBI Seeks Warrantless Access to Americans' Browser History
US Lawmakers Want More Iran Sanctions, but Can't Agree
Justice for Torturers?  by Rebecca Gordon & Tom Engelhardt
Silencing America as It Prepares for War  by John Pilger
Muhammad Ali Was a Powerful, Dangerous Political Force  by Dave Zirin
Rehearsing for World War III  by Justin Raimondo
Despite Video Scandal at State, Iran Deal Is Working  by Daniel DePetris
Poland's 'Cold War II' Repression  by Gilbert Doctorow

More Viewpoints

Clinton Aide Asks Court to Keep Immunity Deal Secret
Torture Fears as British Police Train Saudis
Poll: Public Support for the EU Plunges Across Europe
FBI Whistleblowers Have No Legal Protection for Making Reports of Wrongdoing
UN Whistleblower Quits Over Peacekeeper Rape 'Impunity'
99 Killed in Iraq; Dozens Executed in Mosul
Turkey Will Strongly Support Possible Operation in Mosul: Foreign Minister
Car Bomb Kills at Least Five, Wounds 10 in Iraq's Kerbala: Security Officer
Falluja Refugees Say ISIS Uses Food to Enlist Fighters
Iraq Is Pumping Oil at Record Pace Despite Chaos
Iraqi PM Sacks Security Chief, Six State Bank Executives
Around 10,000 Citizens From CSTO Ex-Soviet Alliance Fighting in Syria: Agencies
Car Bomb Targeting Police Kills 11, Wounds 36 in Istanbul
Turkish President Erdogan Signs Bill Lifting Lawmakers' Immunity: Presidency
Ergogan Claims Turkish Security Forces Kill 7,600 Militants Since July
Turkey Is One or Two Meetings Away From Normalizing Ties With Israel: Minister
Turkish President Snubbed From Speaking at Muhammad Ali Funeral
Merkel Rejects Turkey's 'Incomprehensible' Comments Amid Armenian Genocide Row
War, Heatwave, and a Mystery Illness Strike Yemeni Town
Yemen Government Says to Free 54 Children Captured in Fighting With Houthis
Middle East
Amnesty Blasts UN's 'Shameful Pandering to Saudi Arabia Over Children Killed in Yemen'
Tehran Blocks Sale of Video Game Depicting Iran's 1979 Revolution
Permits Granted for 82 New East Jerusalem Settler Homes
Putin to Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel, Russia 'Unconditional Allies' in War Against Terror
In Moscow, Netanyahu Slams 'Systematic Persecution' Against Him
Israel's Netanyahu Frequents Russia as US Influence in Mideast Recedes
In North, Liberman Warns Israel's Enemies 'Not to Test Us'
Israeli Electric Company to Increase Supply to Gaza
Israeli Soldiers Executed Two Palestinians in Hebron, Not One, Witnesses Say
Controversy Deepens Over French Tycoon's Payments to Netanyahu
Venezuela Opposition Claims First Win in Recall Drive
Venezuelan Protesters Clash With Police, Demand Recall
Venezuela Security Forces Block New Anti-Maduro Protest
Policeman to Be Indicted in Woman's Death During Venezuela Looting
Mexican Human Rights Groups Report Crimes Against Humanity
Scandals in New Brazil Govt Offer Rousseff Hope of Survival
Guatemala: Eight Ex-Military Figures to Face Trial Over Killings
Central America, Mexico, US Hold Talks on Migration
Bolivia to Counter-Sue Chile Over Disputed Waters
The War at Home
Three Years On, It Appears Snowden's Leaks Have Damaged the NSA So Badly It's Healthier Than Ever
Facebook and Google Battle Latest FBI Attempt to Expand Surveillance
Justice or 'Conspiracy'? Terrorism Trial Divides Somalis in Minneapolis
FAA Warns of GPS Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests on the West Coast
Refugee Crisis
Turkey to Suspend EU Migration Deal if No Visa-Free Travel for Turks: Minister
EU Court Rules No Jail for Illegal Migrants
UK: Refugees Seeking Asylum on Religious Grounds Quizzed on 'Bible Trivia'
EU Offers Carrot, Stick to Africa to Help Curb Migration
London Art Gallery Showcases Calais Migrant Stories
Chinese Jet Made 'Unsafe' Intercept of US Spy Plane
China Tells US to Play Constructive South China Sea Role
Beijing Refuses to Move on Sea Disputes as US Meet Ends
Manila Advised Against Talks With China Over Disputed Waters
Chinese Police Require DNA for Passports in Xinjiang
North Korea Restarts Plutonium Production for Nuclear Bombs: US Official
South Korea Courts Isolated North's Old Friends in Push for Change
US, Japan, India to Hold Major Naval Drill in Western Pacific
India Clears Final Hurdle to Join Missile Control Group, Diplomats Say
PNG Police Shoot Protesting University Students Dead in Port Moresby
Hindu Priest in Bangladesh Hacked to Death by Suspected Islamists
Emotions Run High as Family and Friends Bury Afghan Journalist
Latest Boko Haram Attack in Niger Forces Thousands to Flee
Nigeria to Talk With Delta Avengers: Oil Minister
Renamo Gunmen Attack Train in Central Mozambique: State News Agency
Egypt Puts Former Auditor on Trial for Exposing Corruption
Kenya Bans Protest Marches Against Electoral Commission
Tanzania Police Uses Teargas at Opposition Rally, Bans Protests
Tunisia's Ruling Party Demands New PM to Speed Up Reforms
AMISOM Confirms Arrest of Five of Its Troops for Allegedly Selling Military Equipment
Angolan Separatist Rebel Leader Dies in Exile in France
Azeri President Says Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire Is Not Stable
Hungary Gives Government Police State Powers
French Officials Doubt Ukraine Arrest Linked to Soccer Bomb Plot
Facing Data Deluge, Secret UK Spying Report Warned of Intelligence Failure
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NATO in Montenegro: Securing the Rear Before Barbarossa II?

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What Do Terrorists Want?

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Questioning the Powerful

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