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Updated June 9, 2016 - 11:23 PM EDT
Collective Punishment: Israel Seals West Bank
  US: Israel Shouldn't Punish Innocent Palestinians for Shooting
  Tel Aviv Mayor Blames Israeli Occupation for Deadly Cafe Attack
FBI Running 'Hundreds' of ISIS Sting Operations
  New Intelligence Bill Gives FBI More Secret Surveillance Power
ISIS Setbacks Not Weakening Group, UN Warns
  ISIS Withdraws From NW Aleppo Frontlines
  Report: Syrian Barrel Bombs Kill 15 Civilians in Aleppo
UN Warns 90,000 Civilians Trapped in Fallujah
  Shi'ite Iraq's Gains Against ISIS Spur Fundraising in Saudi Arabia
47 Kidnapped by Militants in Northern Afghanistan
Ex-CIA Agent's Appeal Fails, Faces Extradition to Italy
Minister Seeks Annexation of W. Bank, Expulsion of Arabs
The Paris Peace Gambit: Everyone Gains Except the Palestinians  by Ramzy Baroud
Can the Hiroshima Bombing Be Morally Justified?  by Stephen Beale
Snowden Leaks Have Changed How World Sees NSA Surveillance  by Rainey Reitman
The Bill and Hillary Show: Will It Ever End?  by Philip Giraldi
FBI Comes After the 4th Amendment  by Andrew Napolitano
Israel Covets Golan's Water and Now Oil  by Jonathan Marshall

More Viewpoints

UK Has 'Secretly' Upgraded Trident Arsenal, Developed an Entirely New Warhead
Global Violence Worsens, Driven by Middle East Conflicts: Peace Index
European Parliament Calls for Investigation of Secret CIA Torture Sites
Gulf Lobbyist Fails to Disclose Ties to Qatar in Media Appearances
Special Forces Penetrate Fallujah; 71 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Say Making Progress vs ISIS Inside Fallujah
Iraq's Child Soldiers: 'What Happened to Our Boys?'
Assault on ISIS-Held Manbij in Syria Within Days: Pentagon
Syria Denounces Distribution of Israeli Aid Packages in Rebel-Held Areas
Turkish Presidential Spokesman Dismisses Claims of Turkey Sending Arms to ISIS
Police Station Bomb in Turkey Kills Three
Turkey Blames Kurdish Militants for Istanbul Car Bombing
A Year On, Turkey's Kurdish Opposition Fights for Survival in Parliament
Israel Bans East Jerusalem Funerals for Slain Attackers
Despite Shas' Declared Knesset Boycott, the Party Shows Up to Vote Against the Conversion Bill
Refugee Crisis
EU Considering 'Partnership' With Eritrea on Migration Despite UN Accusations of Crimes Against Humanity
Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian Refugees' Relatives Expected in Germany
Suspect Extradited for People Smuggling 'Is Wrong Man'
Damascus Camp Residents Run Deadly Gauntlet to Fetch Aid
Modi Turns His Guns on Pakistan in Address to US Congress
India Plans Expanded Missile Export Drive, With China on Its Mind
After Outcry, Philippines' Duterte Says Does Not Condone Journalist Killings
Four Malaysians Held Hostage in the Philippines Freed, Army Says
Papua New Guinea
Dozens Wounded as Papua New Guinea Police Fire on Protesters, Riots Spread
Papua New Guinea Court Bars University Protests After Violence
Kazakh Leader Says Aktobe Attacks Orchestrated From Abroad
Suspect in Kazakh Shooting Posted ISIS-Linked Video
China Says US 'Hyping' Spy Plane Intercept Incident
Afghanistan Orders Curbs on Media's Use of Drones
Bikini Atoll Likely Still Too Radioactive for Resettlement
Bangladesh Says It Now Knows Who's Killing the Bloggers
In Indonesia, 'National Defense' Training Against Perceived Threats
North Korea to Convene Assembly Late June After Rare Party Congress
The War at Home
US Army Chaplain Leaves 'Imperial' Military to Protest Drone 'Unaccountable Killing'
Video: 'State of Surveillance' With Edward Snowden and Shane Smith
New Documents Say FBI Found Hundreds of Classified Files on Gen. Petraeus's Lover's Computer
Guantánamo Bay Lawyers Deny Colluding With Judge in Key 9/11 Case
NATO: Trump Had Nothing to Do With Intel Post
2 Air National Guard Pilots Eject After Midair Collision
Clinton on FBI Probe: 'I Certainly Would Like to See This Wrapped Up'
Newseum Honors Slain Journalists, Then Hosts Israeli Official Who Justified Killing Some
Former Navy SEAL Sought After Jumping Bail on Assault, Weapons Charges
Royal Navy: Destroyers Will Break Down if Sent to Middle East
Scots Closely Split on New Independence Referendum: Poll
Man Who Stabbed London Passenger 'For Syria' Guilty of Attempted Murder
Russia Proposes Mechanism to Prevent US Sea Confrontations
Russian Court Fines Artist Who Set Security Service HQ Door Ablaze
US Navy Boosts Presence in Mediterranean Ahead of NATO Summit
Georgian, Ukrainian Officials Push for NATO Membership
Denmark Strips Man of Citizenship After Terrorism Conviction
Bracing for Terrorism: How France Is Preparing for the Euro Soccer Tournament
Catalonia Secession Drive in Doubt After Budget Rejection
DR Congo
DR Congo Opposition Leader Ready for 'Dialogue' With Govt
Congo Frees US Security Adviser Working for Presidential Contender
Libyan Brigades Edge Closer to ISIS Stronghold of Sirte: Security Sources
Chad Sends 2,000 Troops to Niger for Counterattack on Boko Haram
Egypt Rights Group Says 754 Extrajudicial Killings in 2016
Delta Avengers Reject Nigeria Talks, Blow Up Chevron Site
South Africa Protests to US, Britain Over Militant Alerts
Eritrea Rejects 'Politically Motivated' Rights Charges by UN
Poll Shows Majority of Brazilians Want New Elections
Brazil Police Officer, Symbol of Corruption Crackdown, Arrested
Colombia's FARC Rebels Face Tough Move Into Politics After Peace
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