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Updated June 10, 2016 - 10:14 PM EDT
US Plans to Expand Airstrikes in Afghanistan
  Taliban Gains Threaten US Reconstruction Schemes in Afghanistan
Civilians, Fighters Killed in US-Backed Offensive
  UN Envoy: No More Syria Peace Talks for Now
Iraq PM's Future May Hinge on Fallujah Fight
  Antiquities Destroyed; 111 Killed in Iraq
Collective Punishment: Israel Seals West Bank
  US: Israel Shouldn't Punish Innocent Palestinians for Shooting
  Tel Aviv Mayor Blames Israeli Occupation for Deadly Cafe Attack
Over 100 Killed in al-Shabaab Attack on Ethiopian Troops
UN Chief Blackmailed to Remove Saudis From Child-Killer List
US ISIS Defector Charged Despite No Evidence of Violence
Libyan Unity Govt Claims Imminent Victory Over ISIS
US: No 'Meaningful Connection' Between ISIS, Boko Haram
Batman in a Hospital Bed  by Mark Wilkerson
Muhammad Ali Understood the Racist Roots of War and Militarism  by Phyllis Bennis
Revive Arms Control and Start With Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missiles  by Sico van der Meer & Christine Parthemore
Radical Chic and the US Military: Together At Last  by Justin Raimondo
Democrats Are Now the Aggressive War Party  by Robert Parry
Just Come Home and Leave North Korea Alone  by Jacob G. Hornberger

More Viewpoints

Experts: Clinton Emails Could Have Compromised CIA Names
Allies of Rand Paul, Koch Take Aim at Hawks
Conflict, Terrorism Cost the World Trillions: Peace Index
Victory in Calif: Santa Clara County Voters Adopt Surveillance Tech Ordinance
Antiquities Destroyed; 111 Killed in Iraq
At Least 31 Killed by Two Suicide Attacks in Baghdad
Two Years After Fall of Mosul, Iraqis Struggle to Accept Exiled Lives
ISIS Video Shows Explosion of a 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Temple
French Special Forces on Ground in Northern Syria: Government Source
UN: Syria Approves Aid Convoys to All Besieged Areas
Western-Backed Southern Syria Rebel Leader Killed in Suicide Attack
Syria Newborns Saved by Staff After Hospital Attacks
Kurdish PKK Claims Car Bombing That Killed 6 in Turkey's Southeast
Turkey Bans Sale of Fertilizers After Deadly Attacks
Turkish Economy Minister Says Germany's Genocide Resolution Threatens Friendship
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Official Says Kingdom Beset by Increase in Terror Attacks
Jailed Saudi Rights Lawyer 'On Hunger Strike'
Qatar Summons US Envoy Over Video of Soldiers Laughing Near Flag
US Apologizes to Qatar Over Military Video
US, Palestinians Slam Minister's Call for Partial West Bank Annexation
Tension Rises on Temple Mount as Israel Police Block Ramadan Meals
After a Deadly Attack in Tel Aviv, Police Are Urged to Execute a Captive Suspect
Why Israel Is Blocking Access to Its Archives
Avigdor Liberman: Israel Will Hunt Down All Behind the Tel Aviv Attack
Israel Cracks Down on Palestinian Workshops Producing Guns
Israeli Arab Party Says Hundreds of Its Activists Were Questioned by Police
Brexit Referendum: Security Minister Says Britain Better Placed to Fight Terrorists Outside EU
Tortured Rendition Couple Angry Over Failure to Charge MI6
German Economy Minister Urges Quick Addition of Russia to G7: Website
German Army Chiefs Eye Large Purchases of Tanks, Radios
Russia-Ukraine Deal Implementation Possible by Early 2017: Obama Adviser
Russia Grounds SU-27 Fighter Jet Fleet After Fatal Moscow Crash
Northern Irish Police Colluded in 1994 Murders of Soccer Fans
Venezuela Opposition Attacked as They Seek Progress on Maduro Recall
Venezuela Opposition Leader Hit With a Pipe in the Face
Venezuela's Top Court Bans Media's Publishing Videos of Lynchings
USS Liberty Attack
Two Important Lessons From Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty
USS Liberty Remembered (video)
The War at Home
Puerto Rico Not Sovereign, Supreme Court Says
Navy Admiral to Plead Guilty in 'Fat Leonard' Corruption Scandal
Trump: America's 'Shoestring' Military Will Be a Focus in the Coming Campaign
US Woman Convicted of Conspiracy to Export Jet Engines to China
Senator Tells Funny J. Edgar Hoover Story to Warn Against Expanded FBI Surveillance Power
US Navy Admiral to Enter Guilty Plea in Bribery Case
Refugee Crisis
3,000 Migrants Rescued Off Italian Coast; Two Bodies Found
Support for the EU Plummets Across Europe in the Wake of the Migrant Crisis
Ramadan Meal Row Prompted German Fire at Duesseldorf Shelter
Italy Looks Into Reports It Got Wrong Man in Refugee Smuggling Swoop
Japan Summons Chinese Ambassador Over 'Violations' of Territorial Waters
Former US Marine Is Prime Suspect in Murder of Okinawa Woman
US Military Lifts Some Restrictions on Sailors in Japan
Bangladesh Police Kill Five Suspected Militants Amid Crackdown
Resistance to India Joining Nuclear Suppliers Group Softens
India Wins Hearts in Afghanistan With the 'Friendship Dam'
Cambodian Khmer Rouge Cadre Says Westerners 'Burnt to Ashes' on His Watch
Vietnam Communists Tighten Grip After Victory in Strictly Vetted Vote
Indonesian Police Arrest Suspected ISIS-Linked Militants 'Plotting Attack'
Kenyan Political Unrest Raises Fears of New Flare-Up in 2017 Vote
Kenya Fires 302 Police Officers as It Fights Corruption
Fears Grow Over ISIS Recruitment of Tunisia Women
Call by South Sudan Leaders to Nix International Tribunal Met With Dismay
Stay Out of Succession Talk, Zimbabwe's Mugabe Tells Liberation Veterans
Nicaragua Court Throws Out Leadership of Opposition Party
US Says It Regrets Haiti Vote Delay at Time of Mounting Challenges
Bolivia: 2 Disabled Protesters Killed in a Demonstration
Chilean Student March Ends With Scuffles, Church Desecration
Court: Murder Trial Against Suriname President Must Continue
Peru Election: Kuczynski Wins, but Fujimori Has Yet to Concede
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Radical Chic and the US Military: Together At Last

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Muhammad Ali's Real Legacy: True Patriotism

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David French and the Cult of the Soldier

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The Sociology of War

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NATO in Montenegro: Securing the Rear Before Barbarossa II?

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What Do Terrorists Want?

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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