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Updated June 13, 2016 - 11:01 PM EDT
Orlando Shooter a ‘Regular’ at Attacked Nightclub
Horror in Orlando: What We Know – and Don't Know
  Before Shooting, FBI Pursued Questionable Florida 'Terror' Suspects
Airstrikes Against Market in NW Syria Kill 39
  ISIS Bombings Kill 20 at Key Syria Shi'ite Shrine
Iraqi Forces Capture One Village South of Mosul
  Civilians Killed Fleeing Fallujah; 149 Killed Across Iraq
Al-Qaeda Leader Endorses New Taliban Chief
  ISIS Kills Six Police in Eastern Afghanistan
Why the Obama Administration Is Favoring al-Qaeda's Syrian Ally  by Gareth Porter
What Tony Blair Revealed in His Criticism of Corbyn  by Patrick Cockburn
Neocon: Forget About Paying Iran Back  by Ali Gharib
The Orlando Horror
 by Justin Raimondo
Do FBI Stings Help the Fight Against ISIS?  by Evan Osnos
The US-Russia Info-War: What's Real?  by Gilbert Doctorow

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Study: 102 Nations Are 'More Peaceful' Than US
20 Years On, UN Waits for Working Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
Pakistan: US Drone Victim's Family Push for Justice
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Backs Brexit
Civilians Killed Fleeing Fallujah; 149 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Cleric Sadr Asks Followers to Stop Attacks on Rivals' Offices
Thousands Flee Fallujah Using First Safe Exit Route Secured by Iraqi Army
Iraqi Troops Face Booby Traps, Tunnels Packed With Explosives as They Advance on Fallujah
Iraqis Who Escaped From ISIS Tell of Extreme Terror – and Extreme Boredom
'Road of Death' to Aleppo Pounded as Air Strikes Cut Off Rebel Areas
Syrian Activist Survives ISIS Assassination Attempt in Turkey
Turkish Jets Kill 13 Kurdish PKK Militants: Military Sources
One Killed in Explosion in Istanbul, Cause Not Known Yet
Turkey Visa Move Suggested by UK Diplomat, Papers Show
Iran Furious Over Report Khomeini Engaged With US Ahead of Revolution
Iran to Cut Gasoline Imports With $14 Billion Refinery Expansion
Israel Razes Home of Palestinian Teen for Settler's Murder
Wars and Poverty Force Gaza Children to Work
Hamas Vows More Violence Amid West Bank Crackdown After Tel Aviv Attack
Hamas: Abbas to Blame for No Reconciliation
Israel Removes Key Sites From Jerusalem's Old City Map
In the Shadow of Sarona Attack, Jews and Muslims Unite for Ramadan
France, UN Say Retaliatory Actions for Tel Aviv Attack Could Escalate Violence
Middle East
Two Injured in Beirut Explosion
Yemen Crisis: Immeasurable Suffering in Ramadan
Freed From Prison, Zainab Al-Khawaja Flees Bahrain
Two Crew Members Killed in Military Helicopter Crash in UAE
Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood to Take Part in September Elections
Afghanistan Welcomes Broader US Military Role Against Taliban
Facing Fewer Checkpoints, Taliban Make Afghan Road Trips More Risky
A Young Man Is Skinned Alive, a Sign of New Taliban Brutality?
Bangladesh Arrests Over 5,000 in Crackdown on Extremists
ISIS Claims It Killed Hindu Volunteer in Bangladesh
ISIS Claims Third Attack in Week on Bangladesh Minorities
Blast From 'Self-Made' Explosive Injures Five in Shanghai Airport
Outgoing President Warns Philippines About Specter of Martial Law
Kazakhstan Says All Islamist Attack Suspects Detained
British Tamil 'Tortured and Detained' During Sri Lanka Wedding Trip
Germany Warns MPs With Turkish Roots Against Travel to Turkey
Germany Asks UK to Widen Undercover Policing Inquiry
In Albania, Concerns Over ISIS Emergence
While Young Britons Favor Staying in EU, They Arent Big on Voting
Attack in Orlando
Orlando Gunman Known to FBI Shows Difficulty of 'Lone Wolf' Cases
FBI Says It Interviewed Shooting Suspect About Terror Ties
ISIS Takes Credit for Mass Shooting in Orlando
Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club, Had Been Investigated by FBI
Father of Orlando Shooter 'in Shock,' Says His Son Was Angry After Seeing Two Men Kissing
US Officials: No Evidence of Direct ISIS Link to Orlando Shooting
Father of Orlando Shooter Hosted Political Show on Afghan-Pakistan Issues
The War at Home
WikiLeaks to Publish More Hillary Clinton Emails: Julian Assange
CIA Chief: Release of Censored 9/11 Documents Will Clear Saudi Arabia
Carter's Military Personnel Overhaul Plan Dead on Arrival at Capitol Hill
'Hack the Pentagon' Program Uncovers More Than 100 Bugs on DoD Computers
Special Operations Command Looks to US Companies for Homemade AK-47s
The Navy Could Have the Costliest Year of Accidents Ever
NSA Looking to Exploit Internet of Things, Including Biomedical Devices, Official Says
Refugee Crisis
Italy's Coastguard Says 1,230 Migrants Rescued on Sunday
Vigilantes Patrol Parts of Europe Where Few Migrants Set Foot
Germany Records 3,200 Complaints Over Asylum Backlog
Without Help, Families Face Lonely Search for Europe's Missing Refugee Children
12 Freed Gadhafi-Era Officials Murdered in Libya
12 Libyan Troops Killed in Fighting ISIS
Seven Civilians Killed by Shelling in Benghazi: Hospital Official
Suicide Bomber Hits Field Hospital Near Libya's Sirte
Libya's Sirte: From Gadhafi to the Jihadist ISIS
At Least Three Killed in Clashes Between Somali Army and Militia
Somalia's Al Shabaab Says Has Executed Four Spies
Nigerian Army Kills 10 Boko Haram Militants
Former Niger Delta Militants Urge Avengers to Join in Government Talks
UN, Nigeria Agree to Cameroon's Return of 80,000 Refugees
Mali Pro-Government Militia Kills Eight Islamists in Clash
Benin Steps Up Security in Face of Militant Threat
Egypt Appoints New Anti-Corruption Chief as Predecessor Faces Trial
Rwanda Expels Burundians Who Say They Were Accused of Spying
Uganda: Army Officers Arrested Over Plot Against President
15 Arrested Anti-Mugabe Protesters Released in Zimbabwe
Official: Rapist Seeking Revenge Suspected in Mexico Deaths
Mexico's 'El Chapo' Likely to Be Prosecuted in Brooklyn
Venezuela's Maduro Says Recall Vote Will Be in 2017 at Earliest
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