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Updated June 16, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
NATO May Respond to Cyber Attacks With War
Clinton Supports Draft Registration for Women
NGO Report: UN Losing Impartiality in Syria
  Kerry: Syria Didn't Abide by Truce for a 'Single Day' in Aleppo
Iraqi Official: Fallujah Abuses 'Hard to Prevent'
  Heavy Fighting Kills Dozens in Fallujah; 29 Others Killed in Iraq
CIA Reveals Conditions of Detainee's Death
  CIA File: Detainee Would Probably Have Cooperated Before Torture
  CIA Medical Staff Gave Specifications on How to Torture Detainees
Pakistan Shells Afghan Troops as Tensions Rise
US Closing in on Massive Israel Military Package
United Arab Emirates: Yemen War Is Over for Our Troops
Iran Deal to Buy Boeing Planes Sparks Ire in Congress
US Navy to Send More Ships to East Asia to Confront China
Violence Begets Violence: Orlando Shootings and the War on Terror  by John W. Whitehead
A Defeated Sanctions Vote in the US Should Worry Israel  by Rami G. Khouri
How the FBI's Pursue-Every-Lead Policy Allowed Orlando Shooting  by Trevor Aaronson
How Obama Abandoned His 'Don't Do Stupid Sh-T' Mantra  by Bonnie Kristian
Paris Conference a Tired and Clichéd Failure  by Ramzy Baroud
Why Military Recruiters Will Never Tell Students the Truth  by Emily Yates

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Wreckage of Missing Egyptair Plane Found
Russia Denies DNC Hack and Says Maybe Someone 'Forgot the Password'
House Votes to Ban Gitmo Transfers
Snowden Disclosure Prompts Backlash in Scotland
Federal Reserve Puts Interest Rates Rise on Hold and Blames Brexit
Heavy Fighting Kills Dozens in Fallujah; 29 Others Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says Senior Military Commander Killed While Fighting ISIS
Iraq Lifts Order to Seize Kuwaiti Citizens' Properties
Iraq's Deaf, Dumb, and Disabled Forgotten in the Conflict
Iraqi Photographer Killed in Fallujah Fighting
Kurds Ready for New Oil Deal With Baghdad if They Get $1 Billion a Month
Coalition Air Strikes, Turkish Artillery Kill 10 ISIS Militants in Syria: Sources
Syria: Presence of Foreign Troops Is Overt Aggression
Syria's Southern Rebels Hope for US Air Strikes in Assault on ISIS Factions
Germany Denies Presence of German Forces in Syria
Escalation in Violence Locks Out Aid, Food for Rebel-Held Parts of Aleppo: NGOs
Turkey Leaders Look to Keep New Charter Free of Ataturk Ideology
Turkish President Believes EU Visa Liberalization Can Be Agreed
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen's Warring Parties Discuss Forming Committees to Oversee Transition
UN Won't Disclose Sources for Report Critical of Saudi Coalition
Iran Foreign Minister Encourages Closer Business Ties With Germany
Iran Files Complaint With ICJ to Recover $2 Billion Frozen in US
Iran Accuses British-Iranian Woman of Trying to 'Overthrow' Government
Jerusalem Authorizes Jewish Building in Silwan
Israel's Knesset Passes Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Law
Israeli Official Praises Saudi King for Stance on Iran, Economy
Israeli Military Intel Chief: Another War Would Turn Lebanon Into 'A Country of Refugees'
IDF Senior Staff Suffered From 'Serious Ethical Problems' During Second Lebanon War: Gen. Hirsch
Lieberman Bars Senior Palestinian Official From Israel Due to 'Subversive Activity'
Senior Hamas Member Reportedly Defects to Israel
Hundreds Arrested in Venezuela After Latest Unrest Over Food; Reports of Deaths
OAS in Crisis as It Tackles Venezuela and Budget in the Red
Haiti Power Vacuum Looms as Interim President's Mandate Ends
The War at Home
Orlando Killer's Chilling Facebook Posts From Inside Club Revealed
New House Resolution Directs Intel Committee to Release 28 Pages From 9/11 Report
Kosovar Man Pleads Guilty in US to Helping ISIS
DHS Issues New Terror Warning After Orlando
Backers of Israel Boycotts Protest New York Governor's Order
FBI Has 411 Million Photos in Its Facial Recognition System, and a Federal Watchdog Isn't Happy
ISIS Twitter Accounts Hacked and Replaced With Gay Porn 'For Orlando'
US Calls on Afghanistan, Pakistan to Peacefully Resolve Tension After Border Clashes
US May Reconsider Afghanistan Troop Cuts as NATO Pledges Support
China Spy Ship Shadows US, Japanese, Indian Naval Drill in Western Pacific
Southeast Asian Countries Retract Statement Expressing Concerns on South China Sea
Obama and Dalai Lama Meet Over China's Objection
Bangladesh Arrests More Than 11,000 After Wave of Killings
Hindu Teacher Assaulted in Latest Attack on Bangladesh Minorities
Both Sides Agree to Continue Philippines Peace Talks
Philippine General Urges Martial Law to Rein in Southern Militants
Thai Military Cadets Drilled for Role on Constitution Referendum Day
France Will See Further Terror Attacks: PM
Belgian Police Alerted to ISIS Fighters En Route to Europe
Poland's Legal Framework Threatens Human Rights, Says Council of Europe
German Army Slammed for Letting Children Hold Guns
Czech Minister Shakes Govt With Swift Approval of Police Reform
Central African Republic
LRA Rebels Step Up Attacks, Abduct Children in Central African Republic: UN
UN Investigation Finds Flaws in Central African Republic Operation
Niger Says 34 Migrants, Including 20 Children, Found Dead
Opposition Candidate Detained in Congo Republic: Party
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