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Updated June 21, 2016 - 8:33 PM EDT
Defying Obama, Kerry Backs Syria Regime Change
  ISIS Expels Syria Forces From S. Raqqa in 'Lightning Counterattack'
  ISIS Counterattacks Near Manbij, Recovers Villages
EU Split Grows Over Russia Relations
  NATO Commander: No Threat of Russia Invading Baltics
  Pentagon Denies NATO Operations in Europe Are 'Saber-Rattling'
Pakistan, Afghanistan Fail to Reach Border Deal
  Taliban Bombings Kill 25 Across Afghanistan
Israel Sets Up 'Dirty Tricks' Unit to Attack BDS Groups
  Netanyahu 'Supports' Nuclear Test Ban, But Says Israel Won't Ratify It
FBI Still Concealing Most of What Orlando Gunman Said
  Gunman Told Police That US Should 'Stop Bombing' Syria and Iraq
  Orlando Police Defend Actions as Clock Ticked in Massacre

US Navy Chief: Aircraft Carriers in East Asia to 'Deter' China

British Man Tries to Assassinate Donald Trump in Las Vegas

Don't Let Them Take Your Liberty After Orlando  by Ron Paul
The 'Experts' Are Wrong in Advocating Escalation in Syria  by Ivan Eland
Death of Syria Ceasefire Brings Hybrid War With Russia Closer  by Alastair Crooke
Trolling for War With Russia  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Diplomats for Unnecessary War  by Daniel Larison
Declaring War on 'Islamist Extremism' Is Nonsense  by Doug Bandow

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Graham: Opponents of Lifting Military Spending Caps Are 'A-Holes'
Even Without Blast, 4 Hydrogen Bombs From '66 Scar Spanish Village
Sweden Asks for Assange Meet at Ecuador Embassy
Putin Brings Together Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia
Colombia Needs Tax Hike to Fund War if Peace Deal Not Signed: President
Bomber Targets NZ Base Camp; 20 Killed in Iraq
Battle for Fallujah Will End in Western District, Says Iraqi Commander
Yazidis Unearth Mass Graves to Document ISIS Slaughter
Turkish Army, Coalition Air Strikes Kill 23 ISIS Fighters in Syria: TV
New Zealand Extends Deployment of Troops Training Iraqi Army
Turkey Arrests Journalists, Academic for 'Terror' Propaganda
Reporters Without Borders: Arrest of Turkish Colleague 'Unbelievable Low' for Press Freedom
President Erdogan Adviser Says There Is 'No Need for Anyone Else in Turkey to Engage in Politics'
Israeli Minister Suggests Offshore Seaport for Gaza
Palestinians Bury Down's Syndrome Man Shot by Israeli Troops
Israel Prosecutes a Palestinian Poet Over YouTube Poem
How Gas Could Warm Relations Between Israel and Turkey
Defense Ministry Official: Israel, Like Other Countries, Exports Arms Not Only to Democracies
Israeli Minister Justifies Security 'Profiling' Hailed by Trump
Israel Should Accept US Aid Package Now, Finance Minister Says
US Defense Chief Puts Pentagon Plane at Disposal of Visiting Lieberman
Middle East
Iran Claims to Have Thwarted 'Biggest Terrorist Plot' Ever
Bahrain Revokes Top Shia Cleric Isa Qassim's Citizenship
UN Chief to Meet Saudi Prince Amid Yemen Row
Belgian Police Release Six Questioned Over 2015 Train Attack
Croatia Dissolves Parliament, Prompting Snap Election
NATO's Stoltenberg: EU Sanctions on Russia Should Remain
Venezuela Opposition Lines Up to Seek Maduro Recall
Venezuelans Fingerprinted in Bid to Drive Out President
Venezuela Referendum Drive: Quick Guide
Refugee Crisis
Refugees at Highest Ever Level, Reaching 65m, Says UN
UN Official Critical of Hungary Plan to Shut Refugee Centers
UN Releases $15 Million to Help Iraqis Fleeing Fallujah
Keyboard Warriors: South Korea Trains New Frontline in Decades-Old War With North
North Korea Says Not to Free US Citizens Until Former Detainee Stops 'Babbling'
North Korea Diplomat Expected to Attend China Forum With US Envoy
South Korea Spy Agency Bars 12 Waitresses From North From Court
Hundreds of Residents of South China 'Rebel' Village Protest, Poised for Showdown
Indonesia Vows to Stand Firm After Skirmishes With Chinese Ships
Security Forces Gunned Down Five Suspected Terrorists in Balochistan
Bodies Pile Up as Filipino Police Show New Boss They're Tough on Drugs
Cluster Bombs Used in Sri Lanka's Civil War, Leaked Photos Suggest
Central African Republic
Fighting Breaks Out in Central African Republic's Capital
French Prosecutors Investigate Soldiers for Violence in Central African Republic
Somali Militants Kill Five Police in North Kenya
African Union Plans to Introduce Single Passport to Create EU-Style 'Continent Without Borders'
Uganda Witness for Muslim Cleric Murder 'Castrated'
EU Gives Its Mediterranean Mission Right to Search Ships for Libya-Bound Arms
'New' Oil Rebels Spring From Old in Nigeria's Delta South
Tunisia Prolongs State of Emergency for 1 More Month
Algeria Bans Facebook and Twitter in an Attempt to Stop People Cheating on Exams
Mexico Teacher Protests Buffet Ruling Party, Eight Killed in Clashes
Strike, Marches in Bolivia Against Morales' Government
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