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Updated June 28, 2016 - 12:08 AM EDT
UK Cabinet Minister Sees Second EU Vote
  Welsh Nationalists See Brexit as a Chance to Discuss Secession
  UK Labour Party Rebels, Corbyn Faces No-Confidence Vote
  Scottish Minister Reports Informal Talks on Staying in EU
US Has Trained Less Than 100 Syrians to Fight ISIS
  Eight Suicide Bombers Attack Lebanese Christian Village
Shi'ite Militias Reported Fighting Inside Fallujah
  Suicide Blast at Abu Ghraib Mosque; 166 Killed in Iraq
Florida Jury: Chilean Officer Liable in '73 Killing
Report: US Airstrike Killed Six Hostages in Afghanistan
ISIS Kills 42, Mostly Troops, in S. Yemen Suicide Bombings
Netanyahu: Gaza Blockade to Continue After Turkey Deal
Expect New Mideast Wars if Hillary Clinton Is Elected President  by Muhammad Sahimi
How About an Amerexit from NATO?  by Ivan Eland
How Orwell's '1984' Illuminates the US's Endless War on Terror  by Mark Danner
After ‘Brexit,’ Can We Exit a Few Things Too?  by Ron Paul
Civil Liberties Keep Americans Safe  by Conor Friedersdorf
Washington Post's 'Agit-Prop' for the New Cold War  by Robert Parry

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UK Loses AAA Rating From S&P
17 Colombia Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash
Georgia Ends Draft, Rare Step in Post-Soviet Region
Ludacris to Play Gitmo on July 4
Three Killed, 91 Injured in Madagascar 'Terror Blast'
Ukraine Launches Joint Military Drills With NATO
Edward Snowden
Snowden Lawyer in New Push for Obama Pardon
Norwegian Court Rejects Edward Snowden Lawsuit on Free Passage
The Snowbot: How Edward Snowden Gets Around His Exile
Merkel: No Backroom Deals With UK on Brexit
Finnish Euroskeptics Want 'Fixit' Vote
Italy Says Brexit Is Great Opportunity for Europe
US Eyes Israeli Missile Interceptor for Europe Defense
Hungary Committed to Hold Planned Migrant Quota Referendum
Moldovan Court Jails Ex-PM for Nine Years for Abuse of Power
Kerry Raises Harassment of US Diplomats in Moscow With Putin
Egyptian Students Stage Rare Protest in Tahrir Square
Egypt Bans Activist From Traveling to Women's Rights Conference
Egypt Detains Popular Lebanese Political Talk Show Host
Crashed Egyptair Flight Data Recorder Successfully Repaired: Investigation Committee
Al Shabaab Retakes Somali Town After AU Troops Exit
Human Rights Watch Accuses Central African Republic Police Unit of Unlawful Killings
Rare UN Eritrea Aid Shipment Shows Asmara Slowly Opening Up
Head of Nigerian Senate Denies Election Conspiracy as Trial Starts
Top Chinese Envoy Visits Vietnam as South China Sea Tension Rises
Pakistani Clerics Declare Transgender Marriages Legal Under Islamic Law
Suicide Blast at Abu Ghraib Mosque; 166 Killed in Iraq
Despite Fears, Iraq Militiamen Joined Battle Inside Fallujah
Suicide Bombing West of Baghdad Kills 12, Sources Say
Inside a Prison in Fallujah Where the ISIS Tortured and Killed
Iraqi Army Closes in on ISIS Militants Holed Up West of Fallujah
Iraqis Suffer in Desert Camps After Flight From Fallujah
Plight of Stranded Syrian Refugees Worsens as Jordan Blocks Aid: Aid Workers
Authorities Block Vote for New Opposition Challenger to Turkey's Erdogan
Turkish PM Says to Exchange Ambassadors With Israel Soon
Kremlin Says Turkey Apologized for Shooting Down Russian Jet
Turkey's Erdogan Says Ties With Russia to Normalize 'Rapidly'
Turkey Says German Defense Minister Will Be Allowed to Visit Air Base
Palestinian Authority Source: Israel-Turkey Deal Is a Political Trick, Erdogan Is Using Gaza
Only Four of 20 Israeli Ministers Openly Declare Support of Two-State Solution
Israel-Turkish Accord Expected to Pass Security Cabinet Despite Avigdor Liberman Objections
High Court Petition Calls to Indict Israeli Settler Leaders
Second Day of Clashes at Jerusalem Flashpoint Holy Site
Middle East
Yemeni Talks to Be Suspended After Deadlock: Officials
US Troubled by Trial of Bahraini Activist for Critical Tweets
India Joins Elite Missile Tech Group Controlling Global Sale
India Defense Ministry Gives Nod for Purchase of 145 Ultra-Light Howitzers From US
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