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Updated June 28, 2016 - 11:02 PM EDT
36 Killed in Suicide Blasts at Istanbul Airport
Brexit Casts Doubt on NATO-EU Military Alliance
  EU Leaders Talk Tough on 'Divorce' With Britain
  British Labour Leader Loses No-Confidence Vote, Won't Resign
John Kerry: Iran 'Helpful' in Fighting ISIS in Iraq
  Suicide Blast at Abu Ghraib Mosque; 166 Killed in Iraq
US Claims Syria 'Showdown' With Russian Jets
  Turkey Allows More NATO Air Patrols Along Syria Border
  US-Backed Syria Rebels Attack Key ISIS Town on Iraq Border
80 Killed in Heavy Fighting, Airstrikes in Yemen
  UAE's War Against Yemeni al-Qaeda a Sign of Growing Ambitions
Report: Gadhafi Loyalists Rescued Americans in Benghazi
Russia, US Trade Blame Over Maritime Incident in Med
The Real Benghazi Scandal Was Obama's Drive-By War in Libya  by Timothy P. Carney
Brexit: Which Kind of Dependence Now?  by Sheldon Richman
America Should Exit From NATO and the National Security State  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Syria 'Dissent' Memo and US Bureaucratic Pressure Strategy  by Gareth Porter
An Endless Cycle of Indecisive Wars  by Patrick Cockburn
The Jordanian Arms Theft Story  by Marcy Wheeler

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The Magnitsky

by Philip Giraldi
Adviser: Trump Will Draw Back Muslim Ban
US Border Patrol Seeks Travelers' Social Media Details
26 Nations Gather in Hawaii for Massive War Game
Panel's Report Reignites Debate on Clinton, Benghazi
The 7 Must-Read Passages in the Benghazi Report
No Bombshells, but New Details on Benghazi
The War at Home
US OKs Russian Overflights Despite Worries About Intrusive Surveillance
DNC Platform Opens Door for No-Fly Zone in Syria, Refuses to Call for End to Israeli Occupation
He Was a Hacker for the NSA and He Was Willing to Talk. I Was Willing to Listen.
US Army Appeals Court Grants Post-Trial Hearing for Army Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, the Mastermind of Afghan 'Kill Team'
Pakistan's New Military Courts Challenged Over Abuse Claims
Taiwan 'To Test-Fire Missiles in US' as China Tensions Rise
Top China Envoy Visits Vietnam Ahead of Court Ruling
With Eye on China, Indonesian Parliament Approves Higher Defense Spending
Grenade Attack on Malaysian Pub Wounds Eight, Police Rule Out Terrorism
Pressure Mounts on Thai Junta Over Fake Bomb Detectors
UN Urges Sri Lanka to Rein in Military, Prosecute War Crimes
EU Leaders Divided Over How to Respond to 'Brexit' Vote
Ukraine Sees Its Future in the EU, Says PM
Slovak Prime Minister Says EU Needs to Change Economic, Migration Policies
Germany to Further Curb Activities of Spy Agency in Wake of NSA Scandal
Spanish Court Urges Trial of Ex-Catalan Leader Over Referendum
Dutch PM Rutte Wants 'Legally Binding' Assurances Over Ukraine Deal: Sources
United Nations
Bolivia, Ethiopia, Sweden Win Seats on UN Security Council
Italy, Netherlands Propose Split UN Security Council Seat for 2017-18
Venezuela Government Mulls Move to Dissolve Congress
Suicide Blast at Abu Ghraib Mosque; 166 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Top Court Invalidates Abadi's Partial Cabinet Reshuffle
Syrian Civilian Groups Threaten to Pull Out of Peace Talks
He Fled Syria to Avoid Prison. He Ended Up Living in One Anyway.
On-Edge Lebanon Braces for Further Terror Attacks
Lebanese Troops Arrest 103 Syrians After Series of Deadly Bombings Near Border
Bomb Attack on Police in Turkey's SE Kills One, Injures Seven
Turkey Won't Pay Compensation Over Downed Russian Jet: PM
Kremlin Dents Turkish Hopes for Quick Restoration of Ties
11 Kurdish Rebels, Three Guards Killed in Clashes Near Iraqi Border
Iran Taps Revolutionary Guard General to Head Army
Former President Ahmadinejad to Run in 2017 Presidential Election
Israel's Security Figures Take Aim at Hard-Line Netanyahu
Israel Revokes Policy on Preventing Capture of Soldiers at All Costs
Israel Bans Non-Muslims From Jerusalem Holy Site
Netanyahu Faces Tough, but Winnable Battle, to Get Turkey Deal Approved
Classified: Israel Defense Prize Awarded for Top-Secret Work
South Sudan Says New Rebel Group Has Formed; 43 Said Killed
Ivorian Ex-Militia Chief Says Simone Gbagbo Bankrolled Group
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Says Has Colon Cancer
Women Subjected to Torture by Mexican Police, Armed Forces
Mexico Judge Grants El Chapo Temporary Stay of US Extradition
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