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Updated June 30, 2016 - 11:06 PM EDT
Assad: West Cooperating With Syria Against ISIS
  Obama Seeks Deeper Cooperation With Russia on Syria War
  Routed by ISIS, US-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Vows New Attacks
Iraq: Fallujah Is Liberated, Now What?
  Blasts in Baghdad; 50 Killed in Iraq
Britain Could Stay in EU, or Close to It
  In Shock Move, Boris Johnson Withdraws From Tory Leadership Bid
CIA Knew It Had the Wrong Man, Kept Him Anyway
  Judge: PCs Connected to Internet Have No Expectation of Privacy
  Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists
Taliban Kill 34 in Suicide Attacks Against Convoy
Istanbul Bombers Identified as ISIS-Linked Foreigners
Iceland Signs Deal to Allow US Troops to Base on Island
The UAE-Backed Plan to Make Young Saudi Prince a King
Israeli Minister Vows Land Seizures After WB Stabbing
Where Are the Drone Casualty Figures Obama Promised?
From Paris to Istanbul, More ‘War on Terror’ Means More Terrorist Attacks  by Phyllis Bennis
Why Is the US Still Backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen?  by William Hartung
Scary: New York Approved the Nation's First 'Terrorist Registry'  by Bonnie Kristian
The Roots of Hillary's Infatuation With War  by David Bromwich
Turkey-Israel Deal Leaves Gaza Siege Intact  by Ali Abunimah
Bob Kerrey and the 'American Tragedy' of Vietnam  by Viet Thanh Nguyen

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US Paratroopers Join Multinational Airborne Operations in Africa
Official Tally of Wiretaps Belies Government Scare Stories About Encryption
Iran Has Second Thoughts on Landmark Airbus Deal
First Ever Biosafety Report Details 199 Mishaps With Toxic Agents
Blasts in Baghdad; 50 Killed in Iraq
Britain to Send Another 250 Troops to Iraq to Help Local Forces Fight ISIS
Peshmerga to Receive $200 Million From US Loan Package to Iraqi Army
Turkish Army Killed Suspected ISIS Militants at Syria Border: Security Sources
Russia Will Countenance an Assad Exit in Syria, but Not Yet
American Journalist in Rebel-Held Syria Reports Barely Dodging a Missile Strike
Syrian Injured in South Lebanon by Israeli Cluster Bomb
Lebanese Army Says It Foils Planned Attacks by ISIS
Turkey, a Conduit for Fighters Joining ISIS, Begins to Feel Its Wrath
Russia Calls on Turkey to Fight Terror Together After Istanbul Bombing
Turkish Court Frees Two Press-Freedom Campaigners, Third Still in Jail
US to Make Military Deployments in Turkey 'Unaccompanied' Tours: Sources
Kremlin: Russia Will Ease Sanctions on Turkey Depending on Talks Outcome
Mideast Quartet Gives Israel, Palestinians 'Wakeup Call'
Settler Leaders Demand More Security, New Construction
Palestinian Family Sues French Arms Dealer for War Crimes
Middle East
UN's Yemen Envoy Says More Than 700 Prisoners Released
Saudis 'Alarmed and Outraged' by Rights Groups' Criticism
Ex-US Marine Charged With Rape, Murder of Okinawa Woman
Japan Says Chinese Military Activity in East China Sea Escalating
Japan Plans July Fighter Jet Tender Seen Worth $40 Billion as China Tensions Simmer
Pakistan Launches Crackdown Against Sectarian Militants in SW
Roadside Bomb Kills Policeman in Northwestern Pakistan
Philippines Hopes for 'Soft Landing' in Sea Dispute With China
Kazakhstan Says Salafists Behind Foiled Attack Plot
Malaysian Opposition Leader Charged With Corruption
India Police Break ISIS-Inspired 'Beef Jihad' Terror Cell
Charges Against Myanmar's 'Saffron Revolution' Leader Pile Up
Mongolian Opposition Wins Landslide, Voters Fed Up With Hard Times
Venezuela Accuses US of 'Interventionist Obsession'
'SOS Please Help Me': Cuban Migrants Allege Coast US Guard Mistreatment
The War at Home
How a Czech 'Super-Spy' Infiltrated the CIA
ACLU Sues Over 'Unconstitutionally Overbroad' Anti-Hacking Law
US Sailors Divulged Sensitive Information While Held by Iran: Navy
Ted Cruz Brings Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist to Testify at Senate Hearing
US Air Force Base Put on Lockdown Due to Drill Confusion
FBI Asks Agencies Who Responded to Pulse Nightclub to Deny Records Requests
US Military to Allow Transgender Men and Women to Serve Openly
Marines Instructors Under Investigation After Death of Muslim Recruit
Refugee Crises
Homeland Security Chief Says 5,000 Syrians Approved for US
Syria Conflict: Fears for Refugees Stranded on Jordanian Border
Migrant Smugglers Helping Refugees Return to Turkey
Disillusioned African Migrants Turn Their Backs on Europe
Migration Group Approves Move to Join UN System
Post-Brexit EU
How Britain Could Remain in the EU
Farage Says Can Envisage Britain Contribution to EU Budget Post-Brexit
Ratings Agency S&P Cuts EU Credit Score
Slovakia Assumes EU Rotating Presidency Amid Brexit Fallout
Irish Finance Minister Says Post-Brexit Border With Northern Ireland Would Not Work
Slovakia Says Western Members Can't Dictate EU Future After Brexit
Croatia Puts Up Barriers on Border Bridge With Serbia
Fewer Serbs in Bosnia as Overall Population Drops by a Fifth: Census
Yugoslav Tribunal Upholds Sentences Against Bosnian Serbs
Russia Fires Dozens of Military Officers in Baltic Region
UN Approves Deal for Italy, Netherlands to Share Council Seat
Belgium Transfers Paris Attacks Suspect to France
Canada to Give Troops for NATO Force, Ready to Talk to Russia
Armenia Ratifies Agreement on Joint Air-Defense System With Russia
ISIS Kills Christian Priest in Egypt's North Sinai
In Egypt, Sisi's Star Fades as Problems Pile Up
Somalia: Blast on Minibus Kills 20 Near Mogadishu
Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Kills 11 at Mosque in Cameroon
UN Peacekeeping Mission Leaves Liberia After 13 Years
Nigeria's Buhari Urges Delta Leaders to Calm Region After Attacks
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