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Updated July 2, 2016 - 2:49 PM EDT
US Arms Trafficking Ignored in Benghazi Report
  Four Top Ministers Resign From Libya Unity Govt
NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia
  Putin Warns Finland Against Joining NATO
Substantial Increase in Military Aid Offer to Israel
  Quartet Report: Israel Must Stop Building Settlements
  Israel Imposes Hebron Closure, Withholds Taxes From Palestinians
6,315 Killed in Iraq During June
  Al-Qaeda Seizes Key Town Along Syrian Coast
  27 Civilians Killed in Flurry of Airstrikes, Shellings Across Syria
  Nothing Like Ramadi; Iraq Manages to Avoid Leveling Fallujah
Bangladesh Siege Ends, 28 Hostages Killed
FBI, Clinton Talk for 3½ Hours Over Emails
Obama Finally Releases Dubious Drone Death Toll
French President: Brexit Cannot Be Cancelled or Delayed
As UN Capitulates, US Has a Duty To End Arms Sales to Saudis  by Medea Benjamin, Sam Ritchie, Jules Struck
Our Ridiculous Foreign Policy Debates  by Daniel Larison
AG Lynch Must Recuse Herself From Clinton Email Investigation  by Chris White
How Turkey's Reconciliation Deal With Israel Harms the Palestinians  by Jeremy Hammond
Turkey's 'Double Game' on ISIS  by Ben Norton
Colombia's Peace Finally at Hand  by Jonathan Marshall

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Trump Calls for Deploying NATO Troops Against ISIS
Al Qaeda Leader Warns of 'Gravest Consequences' if Boston Bomber Executed
6,315 Killed in Iraq During June
Air Strike in Iraq Kills Two ISIS Military Commanders: Pentagon
Syrian Warplane Crashes Near Damascus, Insurgents Kill Pilot
Civilians Fleeing Iraq's Fallujah Should Not Be 'Coerced' to Return: Aid Agencies
Displaced Iraqis Take Final Exams Amid Chaos of War
Chechen Double-Amputee Masterminded Istanbul Attack, Turkish Media Says
Why Isn't ISIS Claiming the Istanbul Airport Bombing?
Istanbul Airport Bombers 'Planned Hostage-Taking'
Turkey's Parliament Passes Law to Restructure Judiciary, Bolstering Erdogan
Germany, Turkey at Odds Over Incirlik Base Visits
Iranians Hold Annual Anti-Israel Rallies to Mark Al-Quds Day
Iran's Rouhani Accuses West of Exploiting Sunni-Shi'ite Rift, Raps Israel
Father Killed, Wife and Two Children Injured in West Bank Terror Attack
Israel Deploys Hundreds of Soldiers to West Bank
Middle East
'US Drone Attack' Kills 4 al-Qaeda Suspects in Yemen
Woman Dies, Children Hurt in Bahrain Bomb Blast: Police
Lebanese Army Dismisses 'Inaccurate' Reports of Security Threats
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Accidentally Fires Missile Towards China, Hitting Trawler
Tens of Thousands Protest in Hong Kong as China Tensions Simmer Over Booksellers
Pakistan Warns of 'Blowback' From Moving Too Fast Against Militants
Leader of Myanmar's 'Saffron Revolution' Freed, Charges Dropped
Junta-Ruled Thailand Says It Will Buy Three Chinese Submarines
Hindu Priest Hacked to Death in Bangladesh
India's First Indigenous Combat Plane Enters Service After 33 Years
Mexico Official to Protesting Teachers: End Blockades Now
Mexico Air Lifts Food Into Villages as Teacher Blockades Spread
Colombian President Hails Obama for US Support for Peace Deal
Americans Still Dying
Navy Petty Officer From Topfield (MA) Dies From Non-Combat Cause While Deployed in Djibouti
The War at Home
Major Political News Outlets Offer Interviews for Sale at DNC and RNC Conventions
Does More Security at Airports Make US Safer or Just Move the Targets?
2 Muslim Men Shot Near Minneapolis Mosque, Police Are Investigating as Hate Crime
Chelsea Manning Critiques US Military Reforms for Transgender Personnel
Military Is Asked to March to a Less Expensive Tune
Refugee Crises
In First Half of 2016, Record Number of Migrants Die Trying to Cross Mediterranean: IOM
Amnesty Documents 'Horrifying' Abuse of Migrants in Libya
Syrians Stranded at Jordan's Border Struggled to Survive. Then the Water Stopped.
Hungary Jails 10 Migrants for Up to 3 Years for Border Crossing
Denmark Uses Controversial 'Jewelery Law' to Seize Assets From Refugees for First Time
Croatia Receives First Group of Migrants Under EU Quota
For Eritrean Asylum Seekers in Israel, Cycling Success Is Overshadowed by Threat of Jail
EU Prolongs Economic Sanctions on Russia Until 31 Jan 2017
Putin Calls for Transponders on Military Flights Over Baltics
Canada to Deploy 1,000 Soldiers for NATO Brigade in Latvia
Austria's Highest Court Orders Repeat of Presidential Runoff
Four Soldiers Killed in Blast at Hungarian Firing Range
French Charity Official Says Stabbed by Couple Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'
Libyan Forces Battle ISIS Street-to-Street in Sirte
Tunisian Prisoners Tell of Life With ISIS in Libya
Six Killed in Attack in Kenya; Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility
Three Kenyan Police Reported Held Over Disappearances, Rights Group Says Two Dead
Protesters Demand Release of Detained Nigerian Shi'ite Leader
Sierra Leone Diplomat Is Kidnapped in Nigeria: Sources
South Sudan
South Sudan Ceasefire Monitors Warn of Violence
Weekend Reviews
A President and His Drones
In Gaza, the Drones Never Sleep
Ben Ehrenreich's New Palestine Book Explores Life on 'Planet Hebron'
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