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Updated July 5, 2016 - 11:00 PM EDT
State Dept: ISIS Attacks a Sign of US War 'Success'
  UN: Shi'ite Militia Killings Show Sectarian Violence Surging in Iraq
  Motorcycle Bomber Kills 16 Civilians in Northeast Syria
How Israel Waters Down International Criticism
  Israel Claims Victory in Softening Quartet Report
FBI Director Dismantles Clinton's Email Defense
  FBI Direcor's Scathing Comments About Hillary's Email Setup
Bombings in Saudi Arabia Mark Another ISIS Escalation
US Govt Approved 100% Of Wiretap Applications In 2015
Revolving Doors, Robust Rolodexes, and Runaway Generals  by Nick Turse
US Has Been Obsessed With Punishing Secrecy Violations – Until Hillary  by Glenn Greenwald
NATO Doesn't Need Montenegro's Teeny-Tiny Military  by Zachary Yost
General Breedlove and the Russophobes  by Justin Raimondo
Media Love to Criticize Trump – When It Disparages US Enemies  by Adam Johnson
America Needs to End New Cold War With Moscow  by Doug Bandow

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EgyptAir Voice Recorder Indicates Attempt to Put Out Fire Before Crash
UNICEF: One in Nine Kids Being Raised in War Zones
Colombia FARC Rebels Stop Levying 'Tax' in Peace Drive
Drug Lord's Pet Hippos Roam Free in Colombian Village
Adviser: Trump 'Not Going to Get Rid Of' Iran Deal
Iraq Chilcot Report
The UK's Iraq Inquiry That Took Longer Than the War
Saddam's Lawyer Wrote Letters to Tony Blair as Part of a Plan for Iraqi Leader to Step Down
29 Private Letters Between Tony Blair and George Bush to Be Published in Iraq Inquiry
Soldier's Family: Blair 'in Denial' Over Iraq War
Iraqi Shiite Militia May Have Kidnapped 900 Civilians and Executed at Least 49
Iraqi Interior Minister Quits Following Baghdad Bomb Attack
Red Cross Camera Drone Captures Damage in Ramadi
Pope Francis Slams Countries Who Talk Peace but Send Arms Into Syria
3 Palestinians Killed in Airstrike on Syrian Refugee Camp
Running Out of Resources, Syrian Refugees Fall Further Into Poverty, Debt: Report
Turkey's Erdogan Outlines Plan to Grant Citizenship to Syrians
Turkey's Erdogan Rules Out Egypt Thaw Despite Diplomatic Blitz
Military Helicopter Carrying Senior Officers Crashes in Northern Turkey: Media
Israeli Settlement Plans Undermining Efforts for Peace Deal: US State Dept
UN Chief Slams Israel Over Settlement Plans in Wake of Quartet Report
Will Marwan Barghouti Be the Palestinian Nelson Mandela?
Palestinians Worry US May Modify French Peace Plan for Israel's Sake
Officials: Tel Aviv Gunmen 'Were Inspired by ISIS'
Palestinian Man Rescues Wounded Israelis
Israel Issues All-Clear After El Al Bomb Scare Prompts Escorts Over Europe
Middle East
UN Rights Boss Calls Bombing Near Saudi Holy Mosque an Attack on Islam
80 Pakistani Prisoners Released in Bahrain
Poland Moves Towards Multi-Billion-Euro Patriot Missile Deal
Italy Rescues 4,500 Migrants in One Day
Members of Belgian ISIS Cell Jailed for Up to 16 Years
El Salvador
El Salvador Rights Body Urges Probe of Poet's 1975 Killing
Hillary Clinton and the FBI
5 Ways That Comey Contradicted Hillary Clinton's Email Claims
FBI: Clinton 'Extremely Careless' but No Charges
FBI Director Preempts DoD by Advising No Charges for Clinton
FBI Director: 110 Emails Sent or Received on Clinton Server Contained Classified Information
For Hillary Clinton's Campaign, 'Extremely Careless' Is a Soundbite to Celebrate
State Dept. Rejects FBI Claim of 'Lax' Culture
Statement by FBI Director on Probe of Secretary Clinton's Use of a Personal E-Mail System
The War at Home
Former National Guardsman Accused of Plotting Attack to Support ISIS
Two Muslim Teens Beaten Outside NY Mosque: Rights Group
Bangladesh Commandos May Have Killed Hostage by Mistake
Dhaka Killings Force Japan to Reassess Security of Aid Workers
Accidental Blast Kills 24 Afghan Militants Including 11 Suicide Bombers: Police
US Ditched Plan to Give Afghan Forces More Armored Vehicles
US, Japan Agree to Limit Contractors' Immunity After Okinawa Murder
China Says Wants Peace After Paper Warns on South China Sea Clash
Myanmar Official Charged for Suu Kyi Slur
Car Bomb Hits Checkpoint in Rebellious Thai South
DR Congo
Suspected Rebels Hack Nine People to Death in NE Congo
Congo Opposition Leader Says Will Return for Vote, Dismisses Arrest Warrant
UN Peacekeepers Preparing for Possible Congo Political Violence
Libya PM Says UN-Backed Unity Deal Unworkable
Egypt Said to Cancel Visit of Large Hamas Delegation
Uganda Govt Reconsiders Troop Pullout From Somalia: Museveni
Kidnapped Sierra Leone Diplomat Released in Nigeria
Islamist Violence in Niger Strains a Poor Nation's Warm Welcome for Refugees
Venezuela 'Willing' to Restore Diplomatic Ties With US
Venezuela First Lady's Nephews Say They Thought US Arrest Was Kidnapping
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