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Updated July 9, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
Growing NATO Buildup Echoes Cold War
  NATO Agrees to Send Thousands More Troops to Eastern Europe
  NATO Takes Control of US Missile Shield in Europe
  NATO Officials See Greek Deal With Russia as Threat to Unity
Syrian Rebels Shell Aleppo, Killing 34 Civilians
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 22, Injure Dozens in Idlib Province
South Sudan Independence Day Violence Leaves 150 Dead
German Intel: Iranian Faction Trying to Torpedo Nuclear Pact
House Votes to Block Forcing Women to Register for Draft
CIA's First Captive After 9/11 Describes Years of Torture
Don't Swap Failed Wars for Doomed Nation-Building Projects  by Bonnie Kristian
Is NATO Necessary?  by Stephen Kinzer
People Above Politics: Political Deal Will Not Hamper the Turkish-Palestinian Bond  by Ramzy Baroud
A New Fight Over Syria War Strategy  by Gareth Porter
Je Suis Istanbul (& Dhaka & Baghdad & Medina)  by Aniqa Raihan
The Problem With Regime Change  by Charles V. Peña

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Leaked Tapes Expose Western Support for Renegade Libyan General
Trump Advisor: US Should Forget Regime Change
Obama Rebukes Poland's Right-Wing Government
UN Air Warning Site to Share Threats More Quickly
Philippine President Blames US for Middle East Violence
HRW, UN Tell Baghdad to Investigate Abuses; 40 Killed in Iraq
Abadi Fires Head of Baghdad Security
Iraq Says Balad Suicide Blast Is ISIS Attempt to Stir Up Sectarian War
Turkish Jets Hit PKK in Southeast Turkey, Northern Iraq, Kill 12
6 More Detained Over Airport Attack
When Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinians, Even a Smoking Gun Doesn't Lead to Indictments
Netanyahu Denies Reports of Assassination Attempt in Kenya
Middle East
US Says 2 Drone Strikes in Yemen Killed 4 al-Qaeda Members
Iran Says UN Report on Its Ballistic Missile Tests 'Unrealistic'
Saudi Police Arrest Scores of Suspects Following Bombings
Refugee Crisis
'Balkan Route' Still Open to Migrants, Serbian Minister Warns
Sharp Fall in Asylum Seekers Arriving in Germany: Ministry
Migration to Greece by the Aegean Sea Has Plummeted, UN Says
Nearly 96,000 Unaccompanied Children Sought EU Asylum in 2015: Agency
Taiwan Train Explosion Wasn't Organized Terrorism, Govt Says
South Korea, US to Deploy Thaad Missile Defense, Drawing China Rebuke
Australia Extends Military Mission in Afghanistan Into 2017
Man Survives Terrorist Attack in Bangladesh, but Is in Custody as a Suspect
Imran Threatens Protests to Oust Pakistan PM
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi: Falling Star or Beacon of Hope
Indian Police Says Shoot Dead Militant Leader in Jammu & Kashmir
Colombia's FARC Rejects Dissent Within Ranks Over Peace Deal
Venezuela's Leader Sidelines Opposition-Controlled Congress
El Salvador Arrests 5 Police Officers in Death Squad Case
US Investigating Allegations Honduran Military Had Hitlist of Activists to Target
Dallas Shootings
White House: Investigators 'Rule Out' Terror Link in Dallas Attack
Bahamas Issues Travel Advisory to the US Following Shootings
Using a Bomb Robot to Kill a Suspect Is an Unprecedented Shift in Policing
Black Man Legally Carrying Gun Wrongly Called 'Suspect' in Dallas
Dallas Shooting: Bomb Material Found at Suspect's Home
The War at Home
Officials Confirm Chelsea Manning Has Been Hospitalized, Lawyer Says
Prosecutors: Virginia Man Photographed Arlington Landmarks for ISIS Video
NATO Unity, Tested by Russia, Shows Some Cracks
Kremlin Says NATO Talk of Russian Threat Absurd, Short-Sighted
Turkey's Erdogan Calls on NATO to Do More on Fighting Militant Attacks
Wary of Russia, Sweden and Finland Sit at NATO Top Table
Britain Not Retreating From NATO After Brexit: Dunne
Poll: Brexit Vote Boosts Support for EU in Germany
VW Headquarters in Germany Searched for World War Two Bombs
US Expelled Two Russian Officials in Response to Attack on Diplomat
French Minister: No Need for Post-Attacks Intel Overhaul
UK to Lift Ban on Female Soldiers Serving in Close Combat Frontline Roles
Suicide Bomber Kills Six in Mosque in Northeast Nigeria: Army
Militants Blow Up Oil Pipelines in Nigeria's Southern Niger Delta
Famine Threatens Pockets of Northeast Nigeria Ravaged by Boko Haram: Analysts
Somalia: Three Dead, 10 Injured in Grenade Blasts in Marka
'This Has Pushed a Button': Killings in Kenya Ignite National Outcry
Shooting Erupts in South Sudan Capital, a Day After Fatal Clashes: Witnesses
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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