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Updated July 10, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
UK Bans Military Chiefs From Discussing Chilcot
  Shi'ite Militias Accused of Destroying Sunni Mosques in Fallujah
  Iraqi Forces Capture Qayara Airbase, South of Mosul
Syria Extends Ceasefire, Fighting Continues
  Syrian Troops Seize Key Rebel Town East of Damascus
  Hollande: War on ISIS Must Expand to al-Qaeda's Nusra Front
  Two Russian Pilots Killed When in ISIS Shoot Down of Helicopter
Over 300 Killed in Fighting in South Sudan Capital
House Votes to Block Boeing Civilian Aircraft Sale to Iran
Israel Keeps Palestinian Village Sealed Off After Shooting
The No-State Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict  by Jeremy Hammond
What the FBI Didn't Say About Hillary Clinton's Email  by Peter Van Buren
Another Government Lie About War  by Bruce Fein
Who Is General Michael Flynn?  by Justin Raimondo
Hatred Just Grows and Grows  by Uri Avnery
Numbers in Obama's Drone Report Just Don't Add Up  by Marjorie Cohn

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7 Ways FBI Contradicted Clinton's Email Claims
Hillary Clinton Supporters Reject Palestinian Proposal for Dem Platform
UN Top Job Hopefuls to Hold Live Debate for First Time
US Sends Yemeni Guantanamo Inmate to Italy, 78 Detainees Left
Old Landmines Take Toll; 15 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Residents Reject Sectarian Divisions
ISIS Conflict: NATO Surveillance Planes to Help US-Led Coalition
At NATO Summit, Canada Pledges More Canadian Trainers for Iraq
IMF Sets $5.3 Billion Program for Iraq
Assad Tells EU Delegation West's Actions in Syria Cause Terror in Europe
Coalition Air Strikes, Turkish Army Kill Eight ISIS Militants: Anadolu
Senior Kurdish PKK Commander Killed in Syria
Relatives of Slain War Reporter Marie Colvin Sue Syrian Govt
Kurdish Militant Bomb Attacks Kill Seven in Southeast Turkey
Double Game? Even as It Battles ISIS, Turkey Gives Other Extremists Shelter
Up to 300,000 Syrians 'Could Get Turkish Citizenship'
German MPs Say Troops Must Return if Turkey Refuses Incirlik Visit
Iranian Lawmakers' Car Ambushed by Gunmen in Kurdish Region
Iran Says Saudis Back Terrorism After Prince Attends Rebel Rally
Iran, Criticizing Merkel, Says Will Press on With Missile Program
Bill Envisions Jail Time for Anyone Who Dissuades Christians From Joining Israeli Army
Attorney General Announces Preliminary Probe of Netanyahu
Israel to Deny Entry to Relatives of Terror Suspects
Egypt FM to Netanyahu: Palestine Situation on Ground in Constant Deterioration
Israel Announces $12.9 Million Boost to West Bank Settlements
IDF Accelerates Development of 'Obstacle' Defense System Against Hamas Tunnels
Bracing for Next War, IDF Troops Drill for Mass Casualty Rocket Strike
National Library Posts Report on Yemenite Children Online
Middle East
Drone Hits Al Qaeda Suspects in Yemeni Province While Exiled President on Visit
A Saudi Morals Enforcer Called for a More Liberal Islam. Then the Death Threats Began.
If a Carrot for Jordan Works, Syrian Refugees Will Stay Put
Despite Fatigue, NATO Commits to Fund Afghan Forces to 2020
UK to Send 50 Additional Troops to Afghanistan
US Troops Number in Afghanistan Don't Always Add Up Precisely
ISIS Afghan Foothold Shrinks but Attacks Persist
Afghan Local Police Deaths Drop Sharply, Officials Say
Bangladesh Cafe Attack 'Suspect' Dies in Police Custody
In Wake of Attack, Bangladesh Fears Its Missing Sons Are Being Radicalized Overseas
North Korea Fires Missile From Submarine but It Appears to Have Failed: South Korea
North Korea Military Threatens Physical Response to US Thaad Deployment
Curfew Imposed in Kashmir, Death Toll Reaches 20
Vote Helps Abe's Push to Move Japan Away From Pacifism
China Holds Combat Drill in the South China Sea
Prominent Cambodian Critic Gunned Down in Daylight Hit
Gunmen Kidnap Three Indonesians Off Malaysian State of Sabah
Dallas Shooting
Police Shooting in Dallas Raises Fears of Police Department Militarization
Dallas Shootings Move Cleveland to Rethink GOP Convention Plans
Dallas Gunman Plotted Bigger Assault, Taunted Officers: Chief
Charging Police, Dallas Gunman Shows Tactical Skill in Ambush
The War at Home
Three Countries Urge Caution Traveling to US Amid Protests, Violence
US Veterans on Chilcot: We Need Our Own Inquiry to Avoid Repeating Mistakes
Osama bin Laden's Son Vows Revenge Against US for Killing His Father in Audio Message Posted Online
Navy: Human Error to Blame for March Cable Break That Injured Eight Sailors
Sydney Schanberg, Reporter of 'Killing Fields' Fame, Dead at 82
British Government Rejects Petition Calling for Second EU Referendum
Tony Blair Could Face Contempt of Parliament Motion Over Iraq War
Tony Blair Faces Being Expelled From Privy Council Over Iraq 'Contempt'
International Criminal Court Investigates Human Rights Abuses by British Forces in Iraq
British Invasion of Iraq Was Illegal, Former Deputy PM Says
British Feared Irish Takeover of Australia in 1916
Trident: MPs to Vote on Nuclear Weapons System This Month
Mikhail Gorbachev Says NATO Is Escalating Cold War With Russia 'Into a Hot One'
Russia Expels Two US Diplomats in 'Tit-For-Tat' Move
Russia: NATO Focuses on Containing Non-Existent Threat From East
The Netherlands Shows It's Not Just Brits Who Despise the EU
Brexit Still May Not Happen, Says Italian Foreign Minister
Georgian Defense Minister Under Fire Over Conscription Decree
Macedonian Police Arrest Four Suspected of ISIS Links
Ukraine NATO Membership Not on Agenda: Stoltenberg
Migrant Crisis: UN Criticizes Hungary Over Border Controls
Migrant Pressure Rises in Serbia as Hungary Gets Tough
Air Force Searches for Indiana Airman Who's Missing in Italy
South Sudan
Renewed Fighting Erupts in South Sudan as Fears of Civil War Mount
UN Compound Struck in South Sudan Clashes
South Sudan's Leaders Need to Take 'Decisive Action': UN Chief
Residence of South Sudan's Former Rebel Leader Attacked by Govt Forces, Spokesman Says
Boko Haram Raid in North Nigeria Leaves Civilians, Soldiers Dead
Al-Shabab Raids Kenyan Police, Taking Bullets and Guns
Zambia Elections Body Halts Campaigning in Capital Over Violence
Venezuela Government, Opposition Meet With Mediator
Venezuelans Cross Into Colombia Searching for Food
15 Killed, Including 11 Members of a Family, in North Mexico
Colombia Military, FARC Patrol Clash Despite Ceasefire
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