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Updated July 14, 2016 - 11:00 PM EDT
France: Truck Attacker Kills 80 in Holiday Crowd
Former SecDef: Missile a Step to New Cold War
  Science Group Warns of Shortcomings in US Missile Defense
Iraq Warns Public Against Joining 'Illegal' Protest
  Assad: US 'Not Serious' About Defeating ISIS
  Pentagon Admits They Didn't Kill ISIS Commander in March
US Warns Allies Not to Capitalize on South China Sea Ruling
  How the Hague Ruling Against China Could Spell Trouble for Japan
UN 'Mandated' to Protect S. Sudan Civilians, But Doesn't
Afghan Govt: No Plans to Participate in Taliban Peace Talks
The Most Important US Air Force Base You've Never Heard Of  by Norman Solomon
Tom Paine Warned About America's Perpetual War  by Steven Mihailovich
The US Won't Pivot Away From the Middle East  by Richard Falk
The Good News  by Justin Raimondo
The War We Forgot to End: Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?  by Eli Massey
Why the South China Sea Verdict Is Likely to Backfire  by Ted Galen Carpenter

More Viewpoints

in Ruins

by Kelley Vlahos
UK Troops' Families Had to Send Body Armor to Iraq During War, Says MP
Microsoft Wins Major Privacy Victory for Data Held Overseas
9/11 Report: Secret 28 Pages Showing Saudi Links 'To Be Released in Days'
Those Secret 28 Pages on 9/11: Read This Before You Read Them
Military Parade in Baghdad; 75 Killed in Iraq
US Signs $415m Military Aid Deal With Iraq's Kurdish Fighters
ISIS Fighters Say Bring Down Syrian Jet
Assad: No Talks With Russia About Leaving Power
Turkey Imposes Curfews on 16 Villages, Sacks Mayors
Clashes With Kurdish Rebels Devastate Turkish World Heritage Site
Yemen Govt Threatens to Boycott Peace Talks
UN Asks Saudi to Show How Coalition Prevents Yemen Child Deaths
Yemen Slides Closer to Famine as Frozen Bank Funds Curb Food Imports
Israel's Longest Jailed Female Military Objector to Be Freed
Three Israeli Minors Arrested Over Anti-Arab Attacks
Israeli Army Warns Soldiers Over Pokemon Go Craze
Former Afghan Spy Chief Says Letters Show Pakistan Supports Militants
Pakistan Opposition Parties Reject the Idea of Military Coup
Militant With US Bounty Walks Free in Pakistan
UN Chief Supports Direct Talks Between Pakistan, India
After Celebrating South China Sea Win, Reality Sets in for the Philippines
Philippine Army Kills 11 Muslim Rebels, Girl Caught in a Crossfire
European Union
Polish Foreign Minister Warns Brexit Could Have a Domino Effect
New Brexit Minister David Davis Declares Article 50 Should Be Triggered by End of Year
Germany States British Access to EU Single Market 'Reasonable' Brexit Condition
Colombia Announces Security Measures as Truckers Strike Continues
Oxfam Urges US to End Embargo on Struggling Cuba
El Salvador Scraps Amnesty Law, Opens Door for Prosecutions
The War at Home
CIA Director Says Next President Could Order Agency to Torture and It Might Comply
Florida Mosque Removed as Polling Site After Anti-Islamic Backlash
Suspected Car Bomb Explosion Leaves One Person Dead in Rural Nevada
In New York Gang Sweeps, Prosecutors Use Conspiracy Laws to Score Easy Convictions
Refugee Crisis
Austria Interior Minister Rejects Proposed EU-Wide Asylum Seeker Right to Work
Lebanon Warns Police to Stop Syria Refugee Abuse
Syrian Child Refugee Reveals the Horror She Experienced While Trying to Reach Germany
Refugee School Gives Respite to Children in Greek Camps
Vermont City Board Questions Plan to Host Syrian Refugees
Zimbabweans Suffer 'Savage' Police Abuse as Anti-Mugabe Movement Grows
Freed Zimbabwe Protest Leader Calls for More Strikes
South Sudan
Amid South Sudan Evacuations, Some Locals Are Turned Back
Ugandan Army Crosses Into South Sudan to Evacuate Citizens
United Nations to Move Non-Critical Staff Out of South Sudan
Attackers Blow Up Gas Pipeline in Southwest Nigeria: Police
Nigeria's Anti-Graft War Only Scratches Surfaces: Campaigners
Egypt Outraged Over Reports Minister Watched Soccer Game With Benjamin Netanyahu
Suspected Islamist Recruiter Kills Four at Kenyan Police Station
Congo Election Likely to Be Delayed: UN Mission Chief
Detained 'Boko Haram Supporters' Dying of Torture, Disease in Cameroon: Amnesty
French Troops Will Leave Central African Republic in October: Hollande
Handful of UN Staff Return to Western Sahara After Dispute
Russian Spy Service Punishes Trainee Agents for Showy Public Celebration
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