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Updated July 19, 2016 - 7:33 PM EDT
UK OKs Trident, PM 'Willing to Nuke 100,000'
US Airstrikes Kill 76 Civilians in Northern Syria
  133 Killed in Iraq; Town of Doulab Liberated
Turkey Widens Purge as Crackdown Continues
  Huge Blast Rocks Turkish Capital Days After Attempted Coup
  Turkey FM: Criticism of Crackdown Amounts to Backing Coup
  US Warns Turkey 'Going Too Far' in Purge
  State Media Builds Coup Narrative, Claiming General 'Confessed'
  Everything You Need to Know About the Turkey Coup
Taliban Launches New Offensive in Northern Kunduz
Bahrain Calls US, UK Criticism 'Unacceptable Interference'
Would Turkey Be Justified Drone-Killing Cleric in Pennsylvania?  by Glenn Greenwald
Should Police Use Bombs To Kill Criminals?  by Ivan Eland
What's Special About the US-Israel Relationship?  by Marwan Bishara
9/11: 28 Pages Later  by Thomas Knapp
The Bastille Day From Hell  by Eric Margolis
The Unintended Consequences of Unintended Casualties  by Charles V. Peña

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North Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles, Flew Up to 600 Km: South Korea
WikiLeaks to Release Turkey Power Structure Documents
Germany: 17-Year-Old Afghan in Axe Attack on Train, Injures Several
Guantánamo War Crimes Prosecutor Offers to Extend Tour of Duty
'Earthquake' Reported Off Florida Was a Navy Test
133 Killed in Iraq; Town of Doulab Liberated
US Says Hopes to Raise More Than $2 Billion From Donors for Iraq
Suspects in Saudi Embassy Attack Appear in Iranian Court
Iran to Name International Oil Companies Eligible to Take Part in Tenders
Palestinians Clash With Israelis in West Bank in Two Separate Incidents
Israel, US Will Conclude Military Aid Deal by End of September, Lieberman Says
Middle East
Suicide Bombers Attack Yemeni Army Checkpoints, Killing 10
Bahrain Prosecutes Journalist in Renewed Crackdown on the Media
First Signs of Attack Plans in Nice Eight Months Ago
Attacker in Nice Searched Orlando and Dallas Information on His Computer
Germany: New Documents Help Identify ISIS Returnees
Berlin Neighborhood to Be Evacuated After WWII Bomb Found
5 Armenian Policemen Still Held Hostage a Day After Attack
Migrants Fight in Hungarian Camp Near Serbian Border, Nine Injured
South China Sea
China Begins Air Patrols Over Disputed Area of South China Sea
Freedom of Navigation Patrols May End 'in Disaster': Chinese Admiral
Philippines Rejects China Talks Not Based on Sea Feud Ruling
Vietnam TV Station Drops Chinese Drama Over South China Sea Dispute
Pakistani Opposition Leader Says 'Sweets Would Be Shared' After a Military Coup
News Crackdown in Kashmir Leaves Locals 'Surrounded by Rumors'
Communist Rebels Kill 8 Indian Paramilitary Soldiers
Suspected Islamist Militant Kills Five in Kazakhstan
Police Kill Militants, Say 1 May Be Indonesia's Most Wanted
Turkey's Post-Coup Purge Reaches 20,000
Erdogan Tells CNN the People Want Coup 'Terrorists' Killed
Military Coup Was Well Planned and Very Nearly Succeeded, Say Turkish Officials
Erdogan: Turkish Parliament to Decide on Death Penalty
Turkey Detains Over 7,500 People as Crackdown Widens After Bloody Coup Attempt
Turkey Suspends Leave for Over 3 Million Civil Servants
Deputy Mayor in Istanbul Dies From Shooting Injuries
Turkish Finance Ministry Suspends 1,500 Employees Over Gulen Links: Ministry Official
Thousands at Funerals After Failed Turkey Coup
Turkish Soldier Opens Fire Outside Ankara Courthouse, No Casualties
Turkey and the US
US Cautions Turkey Against Going Too Far in Search for Coup Plotters
Turkey Must Send Evidence Not Allegations in Extradition Request: Kerry
Kerry: Coup Could Threaten Turkey's NATO Membership
US Envoy to Ankara Rejects Suggestions US Backed Abortive Coup in Turkey
Seven Detained in Search of Turkish Air Base Used by US: State Media
Turkey and the World
Azerbaijan Shuts Down TV Channel Over Gulen Interview
Merkel Tells Erdogan Death Penalty Not Compatible With EU Membership
Turkish Revival of Death Penalty Would Be Unacceptable, Austria Says
EU Urges Erdogan to Show Restraint After Coup Attempt
Morocco Asks to Rejoin African Union After 32 Years
Nigeria Army Releases 249 People Illegally Detained as Boko Haram Terrorists
Kenyan Court Charges 4 Police Officers With Murder of Rights Lawyer, Client, Driver
Uganda's President Opposes Arms Embargo on South Sudan
Ex-Soldier Who Killed Guatemalan Bishop Dies in Prison Riot
Mexico President Apologizes for Scandal, Vows to Fight Graft With New Law
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