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Updated July 20, 2016 - 8:58 PM EDT
US Airstrikes Kill Up to 200 Civilians in N. Syria
  US-Backed Rebels Filmed Beheading Boy in Northern Syria
  Pentagon Says US-Backed Rebels Capture Manbij 'Command Center'
  Kerry: US, Russia Planning 'Concrete Steps' in Syria
  US Airstrikes Against ISIS Hit Year's High on June Escalation
White House Won't Criticize Turkey for Crackdown
  Turkey Purges Much of Education System in Post-Coup Crackdown
  Turkey Continues Firing Tens of Thousands in Purge
  Turkey Jails 85 Generals, Admirals in Post-Coup Purge
  Turkey: WikiLeaks Releases Thousands of AKP Emails
Trump Guts GOP's Anti-Russia Stance on Ukraine
ISIS Claims Credit for Ax Attacker on German Train
What It Means To Be a Muslim Today  by Justin Raimondo
Orlando Shooter's Statements Vindicate Ron Paul  by Alan Pyeatt
Why Didn't CIA Tell FBI About al-Qaeda in San Diego?  by Richard Clarke
A Grand and Disastrous Deceit  by Philippe Sands
Letting Tarzan Swing Through History  by Adam Hochschild
Israel’s Wolf-Crying About Iran’s Bomb  by Trita Parsi

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Iraq War Families Seek Crowdfunding to Sue Blair
Seven Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Eastern Regions Amid Surge in Violence
Turkey Bans Religious Funerals for Coup Backers
Google Says Government Surveillance Requests Hit All-Time High
Dozens of Civilians Exected; 69 Killed Across Iraq
21 Dead in Probable Russia Strikes in Syria: Monitor
Iraq Officers Say Soldiers Tortured by Kurdish Forces
Iraqi PM Accepts Resignation of 6 Cabinet Ministers
US Files Suit Against Dyncorp International Over Iraq Contract
Palestinian Boy Killed During Clash With Israeli Troops in West Bank: Palestinians
Israeli Parliament Passes Law Enabling Ouster of Legislators
Israel Approves Fence Along Jordan Border to Prevent Infiltration of Jihadists
European Envoys Complain to Israeli Army Over Demolitions
Pakistan Arrests Karachi Mayor-Elect, Opposition Politicians
Pakistani Court Orders Seizure of Ex-President Musharraf's Assets
Kidnapped Pakistani Judge's Son Found Bound in Chains
In Rare Move, Pakistan Bars Family From 'Forgiving' Son for Honor Killing
Maoist Rebel Blasts Kill 10 Policemen in Indian Hills
Indian Kashmir Protests Flare, Three Killed as Army Opens Fire
India Tension After 'Cow Protectors' Assault Dalits in Gujarat
KFC Targeted in Protests Over South China Sea
Documents From Purged Chinese Leader Zhao Ziyang to Be Published in Hong Kong
White House Strongly Condemns North Korea Missile Tests
US Urges Cambodia's Rivals to Talk Ahead of Polls
Myanmar's Military Investigates a 'War Crime' in an Era of Reform
Philippines' Top Court Frees Ex-President Arroyo After Five Years
Colombia to Halt Temporary Border Openings for Venezuela Shoppers
Colombia to Press for Open Border With Venezuela After Food Queues
Gunmen Kill Eight Fishermen in Popular Mexican Surf Resort
Mexican State Fires State Investigators in Army Slayings
Turkey's Spy Agency Suspends 100 People on Suspicion of Links to Gulen Movement
Turkey Removes 492 State Religious Personnel
Turkish Watchdog Scraps Licenses of Radio and TV Stations Linked to Gulen
Cleric Gulen Urges US to Reject Turkish Extradition Attempt
Turkey Submits Dossier to US Following Calls for Gulen's Return
Watch: Erdogan Says He Was 'Minutes' From Death During Coup
Turkish Deputy PM: Government Only Learned of Coup Attempt When Well Underway
Secular Turks Feel Isolated in Post-Coup Turkey
Soldiers Who Fled to Greece Would Have a Fair Trial in Turkey: Ambassador
Not Returning Turkish Soldiers Will Not Help Relations With Greece: Turkish Ambassador
Britain Will Not Start EU Divorce This Year, Govt Lawyer Says
EU's Tusk Tells Britain's May He Wants 'Velvet Divorce' After Brexit Vote
One Russian Security Agency Raids Another, in Rare Sign of Dysfunction
A Third of Nice Truck Attack's Dead Were Muslim, Group Says
Italy Says 3,200 Boat Migrants Rescued Tuesday, One Body Recovered
German Train Attack: Afghan Knifeman 'Wanted Revenge' for Friend's Death
Reform or Face Consequences, US Envoy Warns Albanian Parties
EU Eyes Israeli Technologies for Spotting Militants Online
UN: ISIS Fighters Face Possible Defeat in Libya
Libya Militia Downs Helicopter, Killing 2 French Troops
Libya's UN Backed Govt Moves to Tackle Power Cuts in Key Test
South Sudan
South Sudan Editor Detained for Criticizing Leaders
South Sudan Soldiers Accused of Rape Near UN Base
Hunger, Looting, and Suspected Cholera Hit South Sudan
Rebels in Eastern Congo Suspected of Killing 7 Civilians
17 Soldiers Killed, 35 Wounded in Attack on Mali Army Base
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Says Activist Pastor Funded by Foreign States
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