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Updated July 28, 2016 - 8:06 PM EDT
Panetta Interrupted by 'No More War' Chants
  Obama: 'Possible' Russia Hacked DNC to Help Trump
  Democrats Fell for Trump's Russian Email-Hack Bait
ISIS Bombings Kill at Least 67 in NE Syrian City
  Syrian Troops Seize Rebel-Held Area Near Damascus
Turkey: 1.5% of Military Participated in Failed Coup
  Turkey Turns Ever-Growing Purge Against Press, 100 Outlets Shut
  Turkey's Interior Ministry: Over 15,000 Detained Following Coup
Russia DM: Forces Deployed as NATO Approaches
FBI: Defeating ISIS Would Lead to 'Terrorist Diaspora' in West
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Potential Partners – Not Allies or Even Friends  by George Szamuely
Did the Russians Really Hack the DNC?  by Iain Thomson
Farewell to Yarmouk: A Palestinian Refugee's Journey  by Ramzy Baroud
The Angels I Lost in Gaza  by Doa’a Abu Amer
The 1.2B Euros Arms Pipeline to Mideast  by Marzouk, Angelovski, Patrucic
Don’t Blame Me, I’m Just the Viceroy  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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Surveillance Court Reined in FBI Use of Information Obtained From Phone Calls
US Won't Release '20th Hijacker' From Guantanamo
36 Senators, Including Tim Kaine, Press to Add $320m for Israeli Missile Defense
Turkey Cancels Research Director's License Over Report on Coup Attempt
Turkey Discharges Generals, Shuts Media Outlets After Coup
Kosovo Foreign Minister Says Turkey's Request to Punish Journalist 'Unacceptable'
Turkey Coup Attempt: Arrest Warrants Issued for Former Newspaper Staff
Detention of More Turkish Journalists Part of 'Troubling Trend': US
EU Judges Group Says Turkey Crackdown Is Attack on Judicial Independence
Conspiracy Theories Flourish After Turkey's Failed Coup
Blast in Quetta, One Killed, 5 Injured
Pakistani Taliban Claim Responsibility for Karachi Military Killings
Facebook Is Censoring Some Posts on Indian Kashmir
India Orders Four Maritime Spy Planes From Boeing, Bolsters Navy
China/Hong Kong
China Denies Access to Hong Kong Magazine Founder, a US Citizen
Hong Kong Court Rules Out Immediate Decision on New Election Form
US National Among Extremists Killed in Bangladesh: Police
British-Bangladeshi Survivor of Cafe Attack Held at Unknown Location: Lawyer
Cambodia Says Urged ASEAN to Avoid Words That Would 'Escalate Tension'
Philippines Says ASEAN Omission of Arbitration Case Not a Chinese Victory
UN Urges Indonesia to Halt Looming Executions
No Aim to 'Perpetuate Military Rule' With Thai Charter; Ex-PM Rejects It
7 Dead in Suicide Bomb Blast at Peacekeeping Base in Somalia
Former Lawmaker Was One of AU Base Suicide Bombers in Somalia: Al Shabaab
Morocco to Retry 24 Jailed Over Western Sahara Clashes in 2010
Morocco Arrests 52 Suspected Militants, Foils Several Attacks
DR Congo
DR Congo Judge 'Pressured' Into Sentencing Katumbi
Congo Opposition Leader Returns to Rapturous Welcome
UN Peacekeepers Accused of Failing to Stop S. Sudan Rapes
Mugabe: 'Severe' Punishment for Loyalists After Criticism
Mali Arrests Leader of Islamist Group Linked to Deadly Attack on Troops
Anti-Mining Politician Freed From Jail in Peru Slams Government
UN Asks Brazil Authorities to Investigate Journalist's Death
Australia Prison Abuse Could Violate Torture Conventions: UN
Australia to Continue South China Sea Patrols
Mass Grave Found in Fallujah; 125 Killed in Iraq
Did ISIS Use New Type of Bomb for Deadliest Iraq Attack?
Mortar, Bombing in Baghdad Kill Six, Including Four Children
Iraq: Homes of 'Convicted Terrorists' to Be Destroyed
Investigation Begins Into Allegations of Civilians Killed in Syria: US Military Spokesman
For First Time During Syria War, Israel Opens Border for Humanitarian Aid
Fighters Battling ISIS Gather Trove of Documents
Eight Yemenis Killed in Bombing at Qat Market in Marib City
UN Calls for Humanitarian Truce in Yemen's Taiz Province
Palestinian Woman Shot at Checkpoint
Israeli Forces Shoot Dead Palestinian Suspected of Killing Rabbi
Giuliani: Israeli Officials Prefer a Trump Victory in November
Israeli Justice Joubran: Why Are Arabs Labeled as Three Different Groups in New Civics Booklet?
Middle East
Iran Sets Presidential Election for May 2017
Saudi Arabia: Israel Visit Doesn't Reflect Government Stance
EU Gives Poland Three Months to Address Concerns About Rule of Law
Poland Says EU Actions on Constitutional Tribunal Are 'Premature'
Killer of France Clergyman Was Syria-Obsessed Time Bomb
French Media Pull Attackers' Photos Over 'Glorification' Fears
Austria to Extradite Pakistani Over Suspected Paris Attack Links
Authorities Conduct Raid at Mosque in Northern Germany
Germany Bomber Influenced in Chat by Unknown Person: Minister
German Rail System Plans to Add 500 Workers for Security
German Police Hunt Algerian Patient Who Yelled 'I'll Blow You Up'
Kremlin Dismisses Allegations of Russian Hack on DNC as 'Made-Up Horror Stories'
Armed Standoff Heats Up in Armenian Capital as Gunmen Seize Hostages
Keeping Bankers' Hours, European Observers Miss Most of Ukraine War
Catalan Government Calls Confidence Vote for Separatist President
Venezuela Government Aims to Sink Maduro Recall, Opposition Protests
Defying Maduro, Opponents March for Venezuela Recall Vote
Venezuela Critics Press for Progress on Presidential Recall
Maduro Opponents Report Torture, Abuse in Venezuela: HRW
Missing Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Reappears in Venezuela
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