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Updated August 3, 2016 - 11:23 PM EDT
Obama: Bombing Libya Is in US Interest
  At Least 22 Killed in Car Bombing in Libya's Benghazi
  Libyan Forces Advance in Sirte After US Airstrikes
Gas Attacks Reported in 2 Northern Syrian Cities
  Iraq PM Issues Travel Ban for Some Lawmakers, Politicians
Stabbing in London Leaves Woman Dead and Six Injured
DC Metro Police 'Terrorism' Involved Gift Cards, Not Violence
Obama: DNC Hacks Wouldn't Alter Relationship With Russia
Yemen's Houthis Overrun Key District in Taiz
Snapping Up Spy Tools, Nations 'Monitoring Everyone'
Erdogan: US, Western Nations Siding With Coup-Plotters
Half of Guantanamo's Uncharged Captives Are OK'd To Go
US Military Pivots to Africa and the News Is Grim  by Nick Turse
The Real Reason Washington Calls Putin a Thug  by Peter Van Buren
'No Endpoint' to Bombing Libya, Reports of Boots on the Ground  by Brad Hoff
Israel to US: 'Give US More!'  by Justin Raimondo
Get Ready for Obama's 'October Surprise' in Iraq  by Mark Perry
NATO and Trump's Misconceptions  by Sheldon Richman

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Trump: US Has 'No Choice but to Bomb' ISIS in Libya
F-35 Ready for Service, Says USAF, as Australia and UK Await Delivery
Israeli Firm That Fenced in Gaza Eyes Trump's Mexico Wall
Venezuela Opposition Plots Next Moves Against Maduro
Libyan Forces Wary of ISIS Redoubt Despite US Support
Italy Would Consider Any US Request to Use Sicily Air Base for Libya Strikes
UN Says 60,000 Have Fled South Sudan Since Latest Fighting
Nigeria to Resume Payments to Oil Militants in Niger Delta
Two More Arrested in Zimbabwe War Veteran Crackdown
Tunisia's President Proposes Relative as Prime Minister, Critics Cry Foul
China/Hong Kong
China Rejects Accusations in Japan Defense Report
Protesters Disrupt Hong Kong Election Meeting Over Rule Change
China Sentences Activist Connected to Lawyer Crackdown
China Court Warns Against Illegal Fishing in Riposte to South China Sea Ruling
Nepal's Maoist Chief Set to Become Prime Minister
Seoul Says North Korea Has Fired a Ballistic Missile Into the Sea
Japan's Abe Likely to Pick Hawkish Ally Inada as Defense Minister: Media
2nd Subversion Trial Begins for China Legal Rights Activist
Kazakh Dissidents and Lawyers Hit by Cyber Attacks
Summer Festivities Across France Cancelled After Nice Attack
Czech President Says Bar Refugees to Prevent Attacks
Another Mayor Killed in Mexico, the Third in Two Weeks
Local Mexico Mayor, Policeman Arrested Over Alleged Murder of 10
Venezuela Names General Accused of Drug Crimes by US as Minister
8 People Believed to Be Migrants Found Drowned in Nicaragua
Daughter of Murdered Journalist Gunned Down in Guatemala
Pregnant Woman Executed; 57 Killed Across Iraq
Arab-Kurd Forces Push Into ISIS Stronghold in Syria
Syria War: Rebels Vow to Intensify Offensive in Aleppo
British Man Killed Fighting ISIS in Syria
Documentary Film Follows Would-Be Suicide Bombers in Syria
Erodogan: Turkish Army Overhaul Needed to Stop Cleric's Followers
Turkey to Move Provincial Capitals in Mainly Kurdish Region
Turkey Slams Amnesty Over Report Alleging Torture
Turkish, Italian Leaders Spar Over Probe Into Erdogan's Son
Turkey's Post-Coup Crisis Arrives in Europe, Dividing the Diaspora
Turkey's Erdogan Says to Restructure Intelligence Apparatus After Coup Bid
Turkish Foreign Minister Presses Pakistan on Schools Said Linked to Coup Suspect
US Says Seven al-Qaeda Operatives Killed in July Strikes in Yemen
Double Suicide Bombing at Army Base Kills Six Yemeni Soldiers
UN Asks Saudi Coalition to Do More to Prevent Yemen Child Deaths
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Outraged Again Over List of Children's Rights Violators
Saudi Ex-General Says Israel Visit Is Not Sign of Normalization
Iran Says It Has Executed a Number of Kurdish Militants
British-Iranian Aid Worker Appears in Tehran Court: Family
How Hezbollah Tricked Senior Israeli Officials Into an Interview
Israel Blocks Olympics-Bound Palestinian From Travel
72% of Israelis Say Soldiers Should Obey Military Not Rabbinic Orders
Border Cop Suspended for Taking Bike From Palestinian Girl, 8
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Justin Raimondo
Israel to US: 'Give Us More!'

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NATO and Trump's Misconceptions

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Trump Needs To Flesh Out a Strategic Vision for U.S. Foreign Policy

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From Cops to Clinton: Impunity Corrupts

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NATO in Montenegro: Securing the Rear Before Barbarossa II?

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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