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Updated August 4, 2016 - 11:17 PM EDT
US-Backed Libyan Govt 'Resting' After Airstrikes
  The US Is Bombing Libya Again. It's a Too-Familiar Vicious Cycle
US Probes Another Syria Strike for Civilian Deaths
  Syrian Forces Make Gains in Fighting Around Aleppo
  Hezbollah: Partition of Iraq, Syria Remains Possible Outcome of War
  Pentagon: ISIS Morale Is Worsening in Mosul
Two-Year US Campaign More Than Doubles ISIS' Reach
  How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers
DC Metro Police 'Terrorism' Involved Gift Cards, Not Violence
  18-Year-Old Arrested on Terrorism Charges Is Mentally 'Like a Child'
Stabbing in London Leaves Woman Dead and Six Injured
White House: Payment to Iran Not a Ransom
ISIS Names New Boko Haram Leader as Group 'Splinters'
The Sacrifice Captain Khan Shouldn't Have Had to Make  by Peter Certo
The US Is Bombing Libya Again. It's a Too-Familiar Vicious Cycle  by Trevor Timm
Clinton and Trump Are in Lockstep on Govt Spying  by Anthony Gregory
Lessons From the Deep State  by Andrew P. Napolitano
$400 Million: The Partial Price of Peace?  by Thomas Knapp
The Claim That the Saudis Are Innocent for 9/11 Is Total Bull  by Paul Sperry

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Trump: Muslim Ban Would Have Stopped 9/11
Court Throws Out Terrorism Conviction in Canada, Citing Police Entrapment
Governments Reject UN Plan to Resettle Refugees
UK Families' Iraq War Legal Action Hits Reaches Target
UN Fails to Agree on Support for Yemen Envoy
Suicide Rate of US Veterans Rose One-Third Since 2001
Anbar Council Says Civilians Killed in Airstrikes; 106 Killed in Iraq
Pentagon Says Deso Dogg, Ex-Rapper and ISIS Recruiter, Survived Airstrike After All
RAF Bombs ISIS Training Base in Saddam Hussein's Former Palace
Gulen Extradition Bid Looms Over US-Turkey Ties
Blast Injures Two in Southern Turkey Anti-Coup Protest
Turkey Sees Swift Overhaul of Intelligence Agency, Gendarmerie After Coup
Europe Rights Official Urges Turkey to Heed Rule of Law
Austrian Chancellor Suggests Ending EU Accession Talks With Turkey
Israel Approves Jailing 'Terrorists' From Age 12
Palestinians Decry Impunity for Israeli Settler Attacks
Former US Envoy Michael Oren Named Knesset Deputy Minister
Israel Tries to Sell Back Donkeys It 'Took From Palestinians'
Israel Temporarily Lifts Travel Ban on BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti
Qatar Gives $31 Million for Hamas Civilian Wages in Gaza Strip
Israel Air Force to Participate in US Drill Alongside Pakistani, UAE Jets
Venezuela Opposition Says Protesters Attacked at Rally
Nicaragua's Ortega Picks Wife as Running Mate, Pledges Joint Rule
Italy Offers US Airspace and Airbases To Attack Libya
Burundi Government Rejects UN Police Force, Says Not Needed
Al-Qaeda-Linked Extremists Kill Mali Officer in Timbuktu
Somalia: AU Soldiers Appear in Court for Selling Military Supply
Zimbabwe Police Use Batons to Break Up Anti-Government Protest
South Sudan President Fires Ministers Allied to Rival Machar
Tunisian President Names Technocrat as Prime Minister
Pakistani Activists Blocked in Bid to Deliver Aid to Indian Kashmir
Killing of 2 Civilians Triggers Protests in Kashmir
Japan Names Defense Minister Linked to Neo-Nazi Group
North Korean Missile Lands Near Japanese Waters
Philippine Police Kill Six Men as Drug War Shifts to Government Officials
Suu Kyi Tackles Military Land Grabs in Test of New Myanmar Government
OSCE Monitors Held at Gunpoint in Ukraine
Turkish Cypriots Protest Turkey's 'Religious' Influence
Russian Mayor Who Took on Kremlin Party Jailed Before Elections
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