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Updated August 5, 2016 - 10:56 PM EDT
State Dept Excuses Syria Rebels for Terror Attacks
  Report: Russian Airstrike Kills Two Children in Aleppo Camp
  Obama 'Pleased' With ISIS War Progress, Warns Group Adapting
  242 Killed in Iraq; Khalidiya Operation Successful
FBI Had Undercover Agent at Shooting in Texas
  Sheriff Raids House to Find Blogger Who Called Him Corrupt
Details on US Libya Strikes Remain Unclear
Egypt: ISIS Leader in Sinai Killed in Airstrikes
UK Loses File on Its Involvement With Israel's Nukes
Boko Haram Split: Leader Rejects ISIS-Named Successor
US Close to Finalizing Record Military Aid Deal With Israel
Pentagon Won't Pay $300 Million Owed to Pakistan
Nationalism and Soldier-Worship Are Always Bipartisan  by Lucy Steigerwald
Manning's Death Wouldn't Be Enough for the State  by Nick Ford
Lurching Toward World War III  by John Chuckman
Stay Out of Libya  by Justin Raimondo
False Narrative of US 'Withdrawal From the World'  by Daniel Larison
Obama, Clinton, and a Permanent State of War  by Robert Hennelly

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US Wants Venezuela Recall Vote This Year
US and Russia Brawl Over Race for UN Chief
242 Killed in Iraq; Khalidiya Operation Successful
Syrian Group Demands Exchange for Bodies of Russian Air Crew
UN Hopeful of Humanitarian Pause in Aleppo Fighting
First Aid Delivery in Weeks Reaches Syrian Refugees on Jordan Border: UN
Erdogan Says Must Restructure State During Emergency Rule After Failed Coup
Turkey Issues Formal Arrest Warrant for Fethullah Gulen
Coup Arrests Push Turkish Penal System to Breaking Point
Germany Warns Erdogan That Bringing Back Death Penalty Will End Turkey's EU Hopes
Gay Syrian Refugee Mutilated, Beheaded in Istanbul
Erdogan Vows to Cut Off Revenues of Gulen-Linked Businesses
Turkey Detains 20 Alleged ISIS Members: Media
Turkey Scolds Austria in EU Membership Dispute
Turkey Coup Accused Traced Via Messaging App
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
4 Killed in US Drone Strike at al-Qaeda Checkpoint in Yemen
Saudi-Led Coalition Acknowledges 'Shortcomings' in Two Yemen Strikes
UN Report on Yemen Says Houthis Used Human Shields, ISIS Got Cash
Saudi Arabia's Top Cleric Urges Businessmen to Help Troops Stationed Near Yemen
US, Israel Close Many Gaps in Defense Aid Talks, Hope for Deal Soon
Google Slammed for Removing Palestine From Its Maps
300 Hamas Prisoners Declare Hunger Strike in Mass Mutiny
Israel Accuses World Vision's Gaza Representative of Funding Hamas
NGO Denies Israel Claims About Funding Hamas
Lebanese Army Arrests ISIS Suspects; 1 Dead
Mali Says Six Soldiers Missing Since Jihadist Attack
South Sudan Security Forces Killed, Raped Civilians: UN
Congo, Uganda Leaders Agree on Sharing Intel to Fight Rebels
Lake Chad 'Forgotten' as World Focuses on Boko Haram-Hit Nigeria
Two Ivorian Soldiers in Court Over Beach Attack
7 Killed and 47 Injured in Venezuela Prison Explosion
Brazil Protests Planned as Olympic Torch Approaches Relay End
The War at Home
Secret Group Bought the Ingredients for a Dirty Bomb – Here in the US
Microsoft Pitches Technology That Can Read Facial Expressions at Political Rallies
Marines Temporarily Ground Planes in Wake of Hornet Crash
Pakistani Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, Occupants Feared Held by Taliban
Foreign Tourists Wounded in Attack in Western Afghanistan
Malware Linked to Government of Kazakhstan Targets Journalists, Political Activists, Lawyers
Kazakh Court Orders Release on Parole of Opposition Activist Kozlov
Japan's Defense Minister Ducks Questions on War Aggression, Nanjing Massacre
China Joins Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan in Security Alliance
US Designates Pakistan's Jamaat-Ur-Ahrar a 'Terrorist Group'
As Vote Looms, Thailand's Powerful Army Aims to Preserve Role
China Jails Activist Lawyer for Seven Years for Subversion
Bangladesh Cafe Attack: Canadian and Briton Arrested
Myanmar Military Relaxes Stance on Rebels Barred From Peace Talks
Tajikistan Hands Jail Terms to 170 People After Attempted Coup
South Korea May Shift Thaad Site Due to Health Concerns by Residents: Yonhap
Paris Police on Alert for Afghan Who May Be Planning Attack: Police Source
Man Dies From Injuries Three Weeks After Nice Attack: Mayor
How a Suicide Bomber Made His Way From Syria to Strike in Ansbach, Germany
Volunteer Soldiers Quit Germany's Military After a Change of Heart
Ukraine Rejects Russia's Proposed Ambassador to Kiev
British Woman Held After Being Seen Reading Book About Syria on Plane
Explosive Device Thrown at Kosovo Parliament Building, No Casualties
Colombia May Vote on Peace Before Final Accord Signed: President
Colombia Opposition, Headed by Uribe, to Vote 'No' in Peace Plebiscite
US to Give Argentina Declassified Papers on America's Role in Military Dictatorship
Mothers of Plaza De Mayo Head Ordered Arrested in Argentina
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