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Updated August 6, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Accused of 'Scorched Earth Policy' in Syria
  Conflicting Reports as Nusra Claims Aleppo Siege Broken
  Syrian Army Kills 150 ISIS Fighters in Deir Ezzor
  ISIS Detains Thousands of Civilians Near Iraqi City of Kirkuk
  Syria Faces Many Fights, but Few Signs of Resolution
More US Troops Head to Iraq, Deploy Near Mosul
Key Libyan Religious Leader Slams US Airstrikes
Assailant Dies After Machete Attack on Belgian Police
US Did Not Make 'Ransom Payments' to Iran  by Eric Schuler
Hiroshima: The Crime That Keeps on Paying, Beware the Reckoning  by Diana Johnstone
To Bill Clinton: On (My) Liberty and (Your) America  by Ramzy Baroud
The Sham Rebrand of al-Qaeda's Nusra Front  by Gareth Porter
Needing an Exit From Afghan Quagmire  by Alon Ben-Meir
The War Candidates
 by Paul R. Pillar

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Trump Admits He Didn't See Nonexistent Iran Money Video
FBI Agent Egged on 'Draw Muhammad' Shooter
NBC Exec: 'Negative Stories Good for Ad Sales'
More Than 1,000 US Spies Protecting Rio Olympics
John McCain's 1969 'Tokyo Rose' Propaganda Recording Released
51 Killed in Iraq; Thousands Used as Human Shields
Security Trench Around Fallujah Leaves Residents Feeling Trapped
Danish Warplanes Drop First Bombs Against ISIS in Syria
Russia Tells US Fight Against Syrian Militants Must Be Intensified
Turkish Military Overhaul Will Be in Line With NATO Framework: Defense Minister
Turkey: Dollar Bills Seen as Evidence of Coup-Plotter Links
Turkey Submits Documents to US Seeking Gulen Extradition
Turkey's Ruling AKP Orders Purge of Members Linked to 'Gulenist Terror Group'
Turkey Dismisses 167 Staff From Scientific Research Council
Hungary Weighs Turkish Request to Shut 'Coup-Linked Institutions'
Gulen: Turkish Arrest Warrant Shows Erdogan's Authoritarianism
Lawyers for US-Based Turkish Cleric Say They Fear Potential Attacks Against His Life
Kazakhstan to Expel Teachers Linked With Gulen Movement: Nazarbayev
German Woman Arrested in Turkey's Post-Coup Crackdown
Middle East
UN Report: All Sides Violate Humanitarian Law in Yemen
Israel: Lower Galilee Council Head: I Don't Want Arabs in Our Pools
Refugee Crisis
8,000 Syrian Refugees Resettled in US
Report Shows Rise in Turkish Asylum-Seekers in Germany
UK Government Says Members and Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood Are Eligible for Asylum
A Young Syrian Torchbearer Highlights Brazil's Embrace of Refugees
More Than 100 Migrants Break Through Barriers From Italy to France
BBC to Deploy Detection Vans to Snoop on Internet Users
Black Lives Matter Protests Stop Cars and Trams Across England
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Police Find Cache of Weapons, Explosives
Man Arrested in Northern Ireland Over 1976 Minibus Killings
Thaw Could Release Cold War-Era US Military Toxic Waste Buried Under Greenland's Ice
Thousands Denounce Turkey Coup in Cyprus' Breakaway North
Mayors in Terror-Hit France Call Off Events Over Security Fears
The War at Home
Two Muslim Women (US Govt Employees) Thrown Off a Flight
US Navy Deep-Sixing 'Dumbest Uniform Ever,' Aquaflage
Americans Still Dying
Marine From Arcadia (CA) Killed in Plane Crash During Training in Twentynine Palms
Fort Carson IDs Hollywood (FL) Soldier Who Died After Fitness Training
West Point Graduate, Walnut Creek (CA) Native, Dies at Ft Benning Ranger School
Ft. Jackson Soldier (NY) Died of Heat Stroke After Fitness Run
Hiroshima Anniversary
The Day Humanity Went Up in a Mushroom Cloud at Hiroshima
1945 Domei Photos of Hiroshima A-Bombing Devastation Restored as Panorama
After 71 Years, Hiroshima's Message of Peace Faces New Challenge
Japan Marks 71st Anniversary of Hiroshima Atomic Bombing
Hiroshima Prepares for A-Bomb Anniversary; Peace Activists Meet
Activists to March in Los Alamos on Hiroshima Anniversary
Memorial Service for Korean Atomic Bomb Victims Held in Hiroshima
This Is What $150 Million in Taxpayers' Cash Buys You in Afghanistan
Afghan Official: Taliban Holds Crashed Pakistan Chopper Crew
Afghan Tourism Bring Reward as Well as Risk; Govt Urges Caution
Gunmen Kill 13 in Market in India's Northeast Assam State
Indian PM Modi Condemns Assam's Deadly Rebel Attack
India's Modi Picks New Leader to Stabilize Home State
Indian Forces Kill Three in Kashmir as Fresh Protests Erupt
Kashmiri Faces Sedition Charges Over Facebook Activity
Lockheed Martin May Shift F-16 Production to India
Japan Protests After Chinese Ships Sail Near Disputed Islets
'Yes' Vote on New Thai Constitution Will Entrench Junta
China Sentences Fourth Dissident in a Week for Subversion
Senior Egypt Pro-Government Cleric Escapes Assassination
Amnesty Decries Torture, Confinement of an Egyptian Detainee
South Sudan Agrees to Regional Force Deployment
Great, Now There Are Two Competing Libyan Air Forces
Two Dead as Land Protest Hits Ancient Ethiopian City: Activists
Zimbabwe's Army Chief Threatens to Deal With Anti-Mugabe Protesters
South Africa's Ruling Party Suffering Biggest Electoral Blow
Colombian Government and Rebels Agree on Demobilization Plan
Mayor, Secretary Slain in Remote Town on Brazil Border
Protesters Halt Arrest of 87-Year-Old Argentine Human Rights Leader
Paraguay Recalls Ambassador in Diplomatic Dispute With Venezuela
Weekend Reviews
Allen Dulles: Architect of America's Secret Government
The Arab Spring Five Years On
Matthew Harwood: Welcome to Base Nation
Empire's Chain Reaction
America's Misadventures in the Greater Middle East
The War That Won't Go Away
Finks Explores the Blurred Line Between Propaganda and Literature
Excitement, Hatred and Belonging: Why Terrorists Do It
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