With the Democrats pushing their Trump-is-a-Russian-agent conspiracy theory, and the Ukrainian government escalating their war on their rebellious eastern provinces, chances are we'll see a standoff between the US and Russia over Ukraine in the near future.

Yes, it's all about American politics – nothing to do with national security or American interests.

Who cares if we're in danger of starting World War III – as long as Hillary Clinton gets elected!

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Updated August 11, 2016 - 11:22 PM EDT
Ukraine Masses Troops on Crimea Border
  Russia: Ukrainian Terror Plot Foiled in Crimea
Turkish Admiral Seeks Asylum in US
  Bomb Attacks, Cross-Border Fire Kill 13 in Southeast Turkey
ISIS Video Shows US Training Rebels in Syria
  Recent Nusra Gains Complicate Syria's Aleppo Strategy
  Russia Announces 3-Hour Daily Ceasefire in Aleppo for Aid
Lawsuit Contests US Aid to Clandestine Nuclear Power Israel
  US Warns Israel Against Demolishing Palestinian Village
Iraqi Insurgents Stymied the NSA and Other New Leaks
US: 300 ISIS Killed an Afghanistan in Two Week Operation
New Questions About Clinton Foundation and State Dept
Saudi Losses in Yemen War Exposed by US Tank Deal
Media's Mix-Up of ISIS Branches Fuels ISIS's Terrorism  by Anhvinh Doanvo
Hillary Clinton's Turn to McCarthyism  by Robert Parry
Divide and Rule: How Factionalism in Palestine Is Killing Prospects for Freedom  by Ramzy Baroud
Hillary Clinton Short-Circuited?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Myths About Wars, Presidents, the Constitution  by Bruce Fein
South Korea Must Learn to Defend Itself – Without America  by Doug Bandow

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Assange Implies Murdered DNC Staffer Was WikiLeaks' Source
Daniel Ellsberg: Manning Should Not Face Charges Related to Suicide Attempt
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Twitter Over ISIS Rhetoric
German Burka Ban Proposed in Security Clampdown
Civilians Set on Fire; 78 Killed in Iraq
Militants Blow Up Oil Well in Iraq's Northern Kirkuk Province
Iraq's Yazidis Confront the Reality of Life Under the Kurds
Colorado Family Says Son Died Fighting for Kurdish Militia
UN Rights Boss Decries Purge in Turkey
Turkey Detains 20 Alleged ISIS Members: Media
EU Making 'Serious Mistakes' in Response to Failed Coup, Turkish Foreign Minister Says
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Kingdom Intercepts Two Missiles Fired From Yemen
Saudi Policeman Killed by Yemeni Expatriate: State News Agency
Hamas Official: Prisoner Exchange Talks With Israel Underway
Google Maps Does Not Include Palestine on Its Middle East Map, Only Labeling Land as Israel
Middle East
Lebanon Army Chopper Strikes Militant Site on Northeast Border
12 Held for Bahrain Demonstrations Near Shiite Cleric's Home
Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Held by Venezuela's Intelligence Agency: Lawyer
Venezuelans Flood Brazil Border in 36-Hour Grocery Run
Brazil's Senate Indicts Rousseff, Opens Impeachment Trial
Britain Asks Argentina to Talk Falklands Flights, Oil
US Deports Former Guatemalan Soldier Wanted in 1982 Massacre
3 Lawyers Killed in 1 Day as Post-Coup Honduras Crisis Continues
Refugee Crisis
Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Europe's Migrant Crisis Still Simmers
As Migrants Pile Up at Swiss-Italian Border, Amnesty Warns Children at Risk
Refugees Head to the EU Through Belarus
How a Chinese Man Hoping to Tour Europe Fell Into Germany's Refugee System
Libyan Forces Capture Sirte Convention Center From ISIS
Libya's Misrata Pays Price in Fight Against ISIS
Somalia: Fighter Jets Target Al Shabaab Bases
Somalia to Move to Party Politics in Bid to Cut Clan Rivalry
South Sudan Says No to Proposal for UN-Commanded Troops in Juba
Five Malian Soldiers Found Drowned After Ansar Dine Attack
US Urges Congo to Allow Rights Activist to Resume Work
Ethiopia Must Allow in Observers After Killings: UN Rights Boss
'None Is Left': Pakistani Legal Community Decimated by Bombing
Security Forces Arrest 98 Suspects During Raids in Karachi
'They Will Kill Us': Afghan Translators Plead for Delayed US Visas
US Says It's Aware of Reports Vietnam Fortified South China Sea Islands
China Says New Satellite Will Help Safeguard Interests at Sea
Philippines' Duterte Tells Army Destroy Militants or Risk ISIS 'Disease'
'They Will Kill Us': Afghan Translators Plead for Delayed US Visas
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