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Updated August 14, 2016 - 9:04 PM EDT
Biden: Ukraine Must Avoid Tensions With Russia
  Russia Deploys S-400 Air Defense System to Crimea
Iran, Turkey Agree to Closer Cooperation on Syria
  US-Backed Rebels Claim Full Control Over North Syria's Manbij
Turkey Seeks 32 Diplomats Who Fled Abroad
  Turkey Seeks to Arrest Soccer Legend as Purge Grows
Imam, Associate Killed After Leaving NYC Mosque
UN: Support for Libya 'Unity Govt' Crumbling
ISIS Retweet Arrest Raises Free Speech Issues
House Democrats Hacked, Cell Phone Numbers Published
Lawmakers Worry Who Saudis Would Kill With US Arms
Cost of Short-Sighted Missionary Zeal in Sudan  by Stephen Kinzer
Of Hajah Zainab – Is Palestine Still the Central Issue for Arabs?  by Ramzy Baroud
The Military Base Dole  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Mike Morell's Kill-Russians Advice  by Ray McGovern
The Nuclear Breakfast Menu  by Robert Koehler
Trump Aide, Saudi Prince Tried to Arm al-Qaeda in Syria  by Brad Hoff

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Seymour Hersh: What Really Led to Killing of bin Laden?
Four Years in Confinement: How Has Assange Done It?
Trump 'Fine With Sending US Citizens Accused of Terrorism to Guantanamo
Parole Board Clears Gitmo Captive Who Wants to Open Pizza Parlor
99 Killed in Iraq, Including Journalist and Governor's Nephew
Another Russian Soldier Killed in Syria by ISIS Militants
Saudi Arabia Says Stops Three Women, Seven Children From Joining Syria War
Turkey Prosecutors Seek Five Years in Jail for Pro-Kurdish Party Leader
Cleric Sought by Turkey Says Will Return Only if Independent Body Finds Him Guilty
Turkey to Announce Tourism-Boosting Steps in Coming Days
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
57 al-Qaeda Militants Surrender in Yemen Following Amnesty Offer
Air Strikes Near Yemen's Capital Wound Six: Residents
Saudis Link Yemeni Expatriate Who Killed Policeman to ISIS
US-Backed Saudi Forces in Yemen Have Created Almost 180,000 Refugees
Russia Threatens to Sever Ties With Ukraine Amid Rising Tensions in Crimea
Russia's Putin Sacks Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov
US General Calls on Russia to Allow Observers at Military Drills
Ukraine Sees No Significant Uptick in Donbass Fighting as of Now
French Riviera Burkini Ban 'Illegal' and 'Gift for ISIS Recruiters' Say Critics
Austria Turns Away More Migrants at Italian Border
Northern Ireland Activist Launches Legal Challenge Against Brexit
Dutch Army to Help Police as Security at Amsterdam Airport Extended Again
Italy Frees Iranian Activist After Son of Late Shah Appeals
German Military Worked With Berlin Theater on 'Terror' Play
Foiled Attack Puts Spotlight on Canada PM's Security Revamp
Weekend Reviews
America's War for the Greater Middle East
A Veteran Novel That Finds No Redemption in War
'War Porn' Widens the Field of Vision About the Costs in Iraq
In Today's Complex World, 'We Have No Idea What War Is'
The War at Home
Mississippi Woman Gets 12 Years for Trying to Aid ISIS
Muslim Woman Mistaken for Terrorist Sues Chicago Officers
Pentagon: No 'Ban' on Pokemon Go
Russians Suspected of Hacking Democrats Also Went After Republicans, Researchers Say
Congressional Leaders Were Briefed a Year Ago on Hacking of Democrats: Sources
Thailand Bomb Blasts Target Phuket and Hua Hin Tourist Spots
Fresh Blasts Hit Resort Towns in Southern Thailand; 4 Killed
Thai Leader Links Attacks on Tourist Sites to Constitution Change
Thai Police Say Tourist Resort Blasts Were Local Sabotage
Thai Authorities Had Intelligence of Pending Attacks: Police Chief
Vibrant Thai Tourist Sector Braces for Impact of Deadly Mother's Day
US Drone Kills ISIS Leader for Afghanistan, Pakistan: Official
In Ominous Sign, Afghan Govt Partner Berates President Ghani
Police: Insurgents Kill 2, Wound 7 in India's Northeast
Philippines Seeks Formal Talks With China Amid South China Sea Tension: Ramos
Bangladesh Police Arrest Five Planning Suicide Attacks in Dhaka
One of Two Rival Chairmen of Libya Sovereign Fund Quits
Canadian Company Shipped Arms to Libya Despite UN Embargo
South Sudan
UN Approves 4,000 More Troops to Secure Peace in South Sudan Capital
South Sudan Rejects Extra UN Troops for Juba, Says Will Not Cooperate
'A Generation Is Protesting' in Ethiopia, Long a US Ally
Zambia Presidential Challenger Alleges Election Fraud
Torture, Sexual Violence on Rise in Burundi: UN Experts
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Urges United Regional Front Against Maduro
Venezuelan Court Upholds Sentence of Opposition Leader
Americans Still Dying
USAF Lt.Col., Lansing (MI) Native, Dies in Southwest Asia
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