... which is why it may happen again

Thirteen days in October of 1962 – the world held its breath as the two superpowers faced off. We came within a hair's breadth of destroying all life on earth in a nuclear holocaust. Could it happen again?

The horrific answer is: yes.

The new cold war is upon us: Russia is again the Enemy. In Europe and the Middle East, we are facing off with them once again. It's only a matter of time before the threat of World War III looms large.

We're fighting to stop the new cold war – before it turns hot. But we need your help. Stand up against the madness: make your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated August 15, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
Fighting Rages in Aleppo: 180 Civilians Killed
  Syrian Kurds Accused of Changing Demography in Manbij
  Suicide Bomber Kills 15 Syria Rebels on Bus at Turkish Border
  Iraqi Kurdish Forces Seize Several Villages in Attack Near Mosul
Saudis Bomb Yemen School, Killing 10 Children
  Pro-Saudi Forces Kill 40 al-Qaeda Suspects in South Yemen
Officials: ISIS Establishing Presence in Afghan Province
Official From Christian Charity Tortured by Israel: Lawyer
Inciting Wars the American Way  by Todd E. Pierce
Magical Thinking in US Foreign Policy  by James W. Carden
Details Abound in Drone 'Playbook' – Except for the Ones That Really Matter Most  by Brett Max Kaufman
Evan McMullin: Raising the Neocon Flag  by Justin Raimondo
Election 2016: Liberty Loses No Matter Who Wins  by Ron Paul
Syria: The Unravelling Continues  by Tim Black

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Feds Debate Releasing Clinton's FBI Interview
Don't Demonize Refugees, UN Says, as Poll Reveals Negative Attitudes
NY Police Hunt for Gunman in Muslim Cleric's Killing
Bergdahl's Lawyers Say General Burned Letters, Ask Judge to Cancel Trial
How the US Navy Tried to Turn Sharks Into Torpedos
Peshmerga Launch Major Operation Near Mosul; 195 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Fighters Are Deploying Mustard Gas in Iraq as Kurdish Soldiers Suffer Burns
Victories Against ISIS Leave Iraq's Sunni Heartland Shattered
Kurdish Journalist Killed in Northern Iraq Fighting
Iraq Governor's Nephew Gunned Down in North
US Drones Record ISIS Fighters Fleeing Manbij in Northern Syria
Iranian Official Says at Least 400 Fighters Killed in Syria
Syrian White Helmet Who Saved 'Miracle Baby' Dies in Airstrike in Aleppo
Thousands Return to Manbij After ISIS Militants Flee City
Biden to Visit Turkey Amid Coup Attempt Dispute
Kurds May Abandon Turkey After Coup Against Erdogan
Turkish Prosecutors Formally Ask US for Gulen's Arrest
Turkey Summons Austria Charge D'Affaires Over Indecent Report
Kurdish Militants Kill AK Party Official in Turkey's Southeast, Sources Say
Turkey Criticizes UN Rights Boss for Comments on Failed Coup
Evangelical Lutherans to US: End Israel Aid if Settlements Stay
US to Israel: Relocating Amona Outpost Deviates From Netanyahu Commitment to Obama
Palestinian Seeks Freedom in 3rd Month of Hunger Strike
Troops Detain Palestinian Woman in West Bank Stabbing Attempt, Israeli Army Says
Israel's Shelved Plan to Demolish Muslims' Homes and Extend the Western Wall Plaza
With Photos of Women Banned, Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Newspaper Gets Creative to Show Clinton
'No Indication' of Terrorism in Swiss Train Attack
Woman and Suspect Die After Swiss Train Attack, Two Girls in Serious Condition
Berlin Mayor Accuses Turkey of Waging War on Gulen Supporters in Germany
Autobahn Near Hannover Closed After WWII Bombs Found
Brexit Could Be Pushed Back Until 2019: Report
Another French Riviera Resort Bans Burkinis
'Sexual Assaults on Children' at Greek Refugee Camps
Petrol Bombs Thrown in Northern Ireland
Mexico Gang Drops Heads in Iceboxes Near Government Building
Nicaragua Seeking Copters, Coastal Vessels From US, Russia
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Senators Consider Vote to Block US Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia: Report
Defiant Yemeni Rebels Convene 'Illegal' Parliament
Saudis Say Suspect in Police Killing Linked to ISIS
Saudi King Returns Home, Gives Bonus to Personnel Fighting in Yemen
Middle East
Obama Told Engel He Supports Iran Sanctions Act Renewal
Jordanian Writer Faces Arrest Over Offensive Cartoon
Bomb Blast Destroys School in Southern Afghanistan
ISIS Faces Uphill 'Branding War' in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Afghan Taliban Free Six Crew of Pakistani Helicopter Captured After Crash
Thai Junta Accused of Exploiting Bombings for Political Ends
Thaksin's Party Denies Role in Thai Blasts as Police Hunt Suspects
Thai Police Find Unexploded Devices in Search for Bombers
Thai Army Searches for Missing Military Helicopter, Five on Board
Anti-India Protests Persist Despite Strict Curfew in Kashmir
Malaysia Arrests Nine Suspected ISIS Members
Bangladesh Extends Detention of Toronto Student as Photos of Him Holding Gun During Attack Appear
Egypt Christians Stage Rare Cairo Protest, Demanding Rights
Egyptian Lawyer, Journalist Released After Prison Sentence
Boko Haram Says New Video Shows Chibok Girls
Boko Haram: Some Abducted Chibok Girls Killed in Air Strikes
64 'Hacked to Death' in Machete Attack in DR Congo
South Sudan Government to Review UN Decision on Extra Troops
Libyans Fighting ISIS in Sirte Report Advances Along Coast
Zimbabwe's Opposition Leaders Rally Against Mugabe
Canada's Counter-Terror Efforts Face Scrutiny After US Helps Stop Suspect
'Threat of Terrorism' Sparks Call to Reopen Canada Bomb Center
Canadian Man Killed During Police Raid Had Built Online Life Around Supporting ISIS
The War at Home
Iraqi Refugees Fared Worse Than Others, Federal Study Shows
Marines Turn to Girls High School Sports Teams for Recruits
Female Marine Can't Complete Infantry Officer Course; No More Women Now Enrolled
More Problems Ahead for Long-Delayed KC-46 Refueler
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