US-backed Islamist "rebels" are coming under fire from Russian war planes in Syria – and American fighter jets are being mobilized to defend them.

How close are we to World War III?

The answer is too close for comfort.

We've been bringing you the facts about US meddling in the Syrian civil war like no one else has. The mainstream media is siding with the "rebels" – who are beheading their opponents, killing Christians, and imposing Sharia law on a war-torn nation. Now they are pushing for US military intervention.

Help us bring the facts to the American people. Keep us out of Syria. We've raised $32,000 in matching funds, so you can double the impact of your contribution at this crucial time. Support with your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated August 24, 2016 - 11:28 PM EDT
Turkish Forces Join Rebels to Invade N. Syria
  Syrian Kurds Seize Most of NE City of Hasakeh From Govt
US Efforts Fail to Rein in Iraqi Shi'ite Militias
  Fighting Continues in Khalidiya; 189 Killed in Iraq
US Marine Helicopters Attack ISIS in Libya
  Former CIA Asset Seeks to Militarize East Libya
Biden: US Committed to Baltic States Permanently
  FBI Investigates Possible Hack on Reporters, May Blame Russia
American University in Kabul Under Attack
Lieberman Orders 50 Raids on Gaza in 2 Hours
Turkey Requests US Extradite Gulen, but Not for Coup
Abu Zubaydah, Tortured by CIA, Seeks Gitmo Release
Tomas Young's War Is the Cost of Empire  by Jared Labell
Evidence Points to Another Snowden at the NSA  by James Bamford
A Clinton Family Value: 'Humanitarian' War  by James Carden
The Foreign Invasion of American Politics  by Justin Raimondo
Are the Clintons Israeli Agents?  by Philip Giraldi
Let the Peace Games Begin  by Christine Ahn

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The War at Home
More Than Half of Those Outside Govt Who Met With Hillary as Secretary of State Gave Money to Foundation
A Rare Glimpse of Abu Zubaydah 14 Years After First CIA Torture Session
Guccifer 2.0 Hacked Memos Expand on Pennsylvania House Races
The Hidden Base That Could Have Ended the World
US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan's Helmand Province
Afghans Push India for More Arms, Despite Pakistan's Wary Eye
North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile From Submarine
North Korea Seeks UN Meeting on US-South Korea Exercises
Hindu Shrine Bombing Trial Opens in Thailand
Indonesia Steps Up Security in Bali After Arrest of Suspected Militant
As Kerry Visits Nigeria, Air Force Says Top Boko Haram Fighters Killed
Nigerian Army Says Arrests Militants Behind Killing of Four Soldiers
South Sudan
Sudan Says It Has South Sudan's Former Rebel Leader Who Fled
UN to Report Next Month on Reaction to South Sudan Hotel Attack
Inside the Brutal but Bizarrely Bureaucratic World of ISIS in Libya
Congo Opposition Strikes to Call for Kabila to Step Down
Grenade Strike Hits Kosovo TV Courtyard in Border Deal Protest
UK Soldier Killed in Nighttime Training Exercise in England
Germany to Accept Hundreds of Migrants to Boost EU Program: Italy
Fighting Continues in Khalidiya; 189 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Forces Launch Push to Retake Town South of Mosul
Iraq Executions Carried Out Without Proper Trial, Fueled by Vengeance: UN
UN Braces for Refugee Exodus From Iraq's Mosul
UN Desperate to Find Land for New Camps in Iraq Ahead of Mosul Assault
Turkey's Erdogan, Iraqi Kurdish Leader Barzani Discuss Fight Against Militants
Two Soldiers Killed in Blast in Turkey's Southeast
Turkey Evacuates Town Amid Anti-ISIS Syria Campaign
Turkey Hunts Alleged Coup Plotter Who Was Clinton Donor
Turkey Cuts Length of Military Officers' Service: Defense Ministry
Turkish Foreign Minister: Turkey and Israel to Appoint Ambassadors in Coming Days
Water Shortages Hit West Bank Palestinians, Provoking War of Words
Israeli Museum Transfer Sets 'Dangerous Precedent'
Crusader-Era Hand Grenade Among Archaeological Treasures a Dad Found in the Sea
Middle East
Thousands of Yemenis Stranded After Saudis Close Airport
US, Russia Make 'Headway' in Syria Talks, but No Deal Yet: State Dept
Mexico: Half of 117 Bodies Buried in Common Grave Not Linked to Case Files
Mexican Govt Takes Over Train Line Long Used by Migrants
Venezuela President Orders Public Worker Sackings Over Referendum Call
Central America Leaders Agree on Joint Force to Fight Gangs
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