US-backed Islamist "rebels" are coming under fire from Russian war planes in Syria – and American fighter jets are being mobilized to defend them.

How close are we to World War III?

The answer is too close for comfort.

We've been bringing you the facts about US meddling in the Syrian civil war like no one else has. The mainstream media is siding with the "rebels" – who are beheading their opponents, killing Christians, and imposing Sharia law on a war-torn nation. Now they are pushing for US military intervention.

Help us bring the facts to the American people. Keep us out of Syria. We've raised $32,000 in matching funds, so you can double the impact of your contribution at this crucial time. Support with your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated August 29, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
ISIS Bombs Yemen Army Recruiter, Killing 71
Turkey Attacks Syrian Villages, Kills 35 Civilians
  Pentagon: Fighting Between Turkey, Syrian Kurds 'Unacceptable'
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 24 Mourners at Aleppo Funeral
Mosul Fight Is Redrawing the Map of Northern Iraq
34 Libyan Troops Killed in Battle With ISIS
Taliban Seizes Key Eastern Afghanistan District
Saudi Officials: Rocket Fire From Yemen Killed Two Children
The Dumbed-Down New York Times  by Robert Parry
What Trump Gets Right About Alliances  by Doug Bandow
The High Costs and Limited Benefits of America's Alliances  by Barry R. Posen
Clinton's Crazy Conspiracy Theory  by Justin Raimondo
Such a Long Silence on Yemen  by Stanly Johny
Palestinian Lives Matter  by Andrew Mitrovica

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Auditors Rap US Air Force for A-10 Boneyard Plan
Congressman to FCC: Fix Phone Network Flaw That Allows Eavesdropping
Army General Fired for Having Extramarital Affair and Carrying Out 'Swinger Lifestyle'
Nigeria President Says Boko Haram Leader Has Been Wounded
Niger Delta Avengers Spawn Copycats in Nigeria's Oil Heartland
Nigeria Would Let Boko Haram Pick NGO Intermediary in Talks to Free Chibok Girls
South Sudan
One Year After Peace Deal, South Sudan 'Worse Off'
Top Diplomat Backs New South Sudan Vice President
Zimbabwe Police Arrest 67 Over Anti-Government Protest
'No One Is Safe': Zimbabwe Threatens to Seize Farms of Party Defectors
Boko Haram Landmine Kills Four Chadian Soldiers
Egypt Frees Renowned Rights Lawyer
Tunisia's New Government Wins Parliamentary Approval
Gabon Leader and Top Rival Both Claim Presidential Victory, Allege Fraud
As Obama Heads to Laos, Signs of a Tilt Away From China
China Names New Chief for Tibet in Party Reshuffle
Vatican Says It Has High Hopes of Better Ties With China
North Korea Threatens to Fire at US Military Troops' Lighting Equipment
Islamist Militants Bust Comrades Out of Filipino Jail
An Afghan Feud Reignites, Putting Police Families at Odds
Pakistan Says Four Militants Behind 2009 Cricket Attack Killed
Indonesia Church Attack: Would-Be 'ISIS' Suicide Bomber Attacks Priest With Axe
Pellet Guns Used in Kashmir Protests Cause 'Dead Eyes' Epidemic
Bangladeshi Police Kill Alleged 'Mastermind' of Cafe Attack That Left 22 Dead
Colombia FARC Rebels Announce Definitive Ceasefire
Colombia Readies for Conflict-Ending Ceasefire
Last Days of the Colombia's FARC
Paraguay Attack Kills Seven Soldiers
El Salvador Frees Three Ex-Military Officials Linked to 1989 Murders
ISIS Execute Their Own for Desertion; 57 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Asks Saudi Arabia to Replace Envoy Who Riled Shi'ite Militias
Envoy Says Saudi Policies on Iraq Will Not Change: TV
Iraq Plans to Sell Oil Through Iran if Talks With Kurds Fail
Syrian Planes Bomb City of Homs, Kill 2 Children
ISIS Video Appears to Show Children Killing Captives
Turkish Soldier Killed as Troops Face Off Against Kurds in Syria
Turkish Planes Destroy Ammunition Store in Syria
UN Syria Envoy Presses for Speedy Aleppo Aid Delivery
Turkish Army Kills Seven Kurdish Militants in Southeast Turkey
Turkey's Pursuit of Militants Will Be Unrelenting: President
Turkey Arrests 3 Former Diplomats Over Attempted Coup
Turkey Allows Policewomen to Wear Headscarves
Houthis Say Ready for Fresh Yemen Talks if Attacks Stop
Yemen's Exiled Govt Welcomes US Plan for Restart of Peace Talks
Iran Deploys Long-Range Missiles to Fordo Nuclear Site
French Environment Minister Announces Partnerships in Iran
Israeli Arms Dealer to Be Extradited to US for Violating Embargo on Iran
In Hebron, Fatah Faces a Civil War at the Polls
A Ramshackle Village at the Center of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Two Palestinian Youths Shot by Occupation Troops in East Gaza
Hebron Security Officer at Azaria Trial: as Long as Terrorist Is Alive He's Still Dangerous
Anti-Burkini Law in France Would Worsen Tension: Interior Minister
France Expels Two Moroccans Considered Serious Security Threat
Merkel Urges Turks Not to Bring Conflicts to Germany
German Army Wants Security Checks for Recruits After Admitting More Than 60 ISIS Suspects in Its Ranks
UK: Five Men Arrested by West Midlands Anti-Terror Police
Ghost Migrants Eke Out Life on Greek-Macedonia Border
Venezuela Sends Opposition Leader Back to Jail, Expels Ecuadoran Lawmakers
Venezuela to Return Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner to Uruguay
Australians Rally Against Refugee Detention Centers
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