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Updated August 31, 2016 - 11:17 PM EDT
Obama Extends Libya War, Sends Warships
Rumor Drives Accusations Russia Rigging US Vote
US Lauds Pause in Fighting Between Turks, Kurds
  Bombs Hit Vegetable Market in Northern Syria City of Idlib
  Islamist Rebels Capture Key Christian Town in Western Syria
  The US Is Pissing Off Everyone in Northern Syria
UN Coordinator: 10,000 Killed in Yemen War
  60 Members of Congress Call for Delay of Saudi Arms Sale
Commander: US Will Protect Itself From Iran in 'Arabian Gulf'
Israel Legalizes Boom in Illegal West Bank Settlements
More Woes for US Navy's Overpriced Littoral Combat Ship
The Real US Syria Scandal: Supporting Sectarian War  by Gareth Porter
Obama’s Imperial Mideast Policy Unravels  by Daniel Lazare
The Cuban Embargo Continues  by Joy Gordon
The Campaign to Blame Putin for Everything  by Justin Raimondo
The Interventionist's Lament  by Daniel Larison
Biden in Turkey, Turkey in Syria  by Mohammed Ayoob

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Hillary Clinton Did Not Turn Over Email From a Foundation Donor
White House Blames US Cyber Woes on GOP
Iraq War Map: Who Controls What
US Offers $3 Million Reward for Tajik Colonel It Gave Anti-Terror Training
The War at Home
FBI Recovers 30 Deleted Clinton Emails Involving Benghazi Attack
The Political Ties of the Trump Campaign Team in Israel
Pentagon Officials Allowed Government Spending at Strip Clubs and Casinos
Refugee Crisis
Libya Navy Thought Migrant Rescuers Were Smugglers, Fired Warning Shots: Spokesman
Italy Rescues 3,000 Migrants From Mediterranean as Arrivals Surge
Tensions Mount as Record Numbers Crowd French Migrant Camp
Merkel Admits Mistakes Made in Germany, EU With Refugee Crisis
Senior European Lawmaker Urges Dialogue With Turkey on Migration as Talks Restart
Denmark, Sweden Toughen Up Asylum Rules Despite Falling Numbers
Serbian Border Patrol Arrests Three for Smuggling 64 Afghans
Philippines to Add 2,500 Troops to Insurgency-Plagued Southern Island
15 Philippine Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Abu Sayyaf Militants
Death Toll in Philippines' Drug War Hits 2,000
Philippines Says China Must Recognize South China Sea Ruling
Four Haqqani Commanders Killed in East Afghanistan: Officials
US Aware of Afghan Hostage Video, Assessing It: State Dept.
Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Hit by Suspected Suicide Car Bomb
Kyrgyz President Orders Government to Strengthen Anti-Terrorism Measures
Reuters: North Korea Makes Progress on Missiles, but No Evidence of Nuclear Weapons Yet
Denied Work, Rohingya Trapped in Limbo in Malaysia
Pakistan Needs to Join Others in Fighting Terrorism, Kerry Says
Singapore Jails Two Bangladeshis for 'Financing Terrorism'
Two Killed, 30 Wounded in Clashes in Eastern India as Anger Over Land Use Rises
Families of People Missing in Sri Lanka's Civil War March in Silence
Venezuela Arrests Opposition Activists Ahead of Anti-Government Rally
Venezuela to Expel Al-Jazeera Detained News Crew
Colombia's Santos Calls Peace Plebiscite in October
Sexual Offense Complaints in Canada Military Up 22 Percent
Civilians Beheaded; 27 Killed in Iraq
AP Documents 72 Mass Graves in Territory Freed of ISIS
Iraq on Track to Retake Mosul This Year, US General Says
Prime Minister Says Iraq Supports a Freeze on OPEC Oil Production
Turkish Tank Hit Near Syria's Jarablus, Three Soldiers Wounded
ISIS Says Its Number 2 Was Killed in Aleppo
Diplomats Disagree Over Syria Chemical Sanctions
Turkish Judge Seeks Asylum in Greece: News Agency
Turkey Rounds Up Journalists, Governors in Post-Coup Crackdown
Turkey's Post-Coup Purges Shake Higher Education
Fethullah Gulen 'Very Confident' Turkey Extradition Will Fail
Some 200,000 Turkish Students in Academic Limbo Amid Post-Coup Purge
Israel: Eviction Plan Violates Palestinian Land Rights
Rights Group Accuses PA, Hamas of Abusing Journalists
Israel 'At Risk of Civil War,' Says Ex-Mossad Chief
Israel Extends Gag Order on Footage of Palestinian Siblings' Death for Fourth Time
Israel Razes Home of Palestinian Accused of Murder Involvement
Proposed Bill Aims to Limit Number of Civil Service Volunteers at Israeli Left-Wing NGOs
Saudi Arabia
Urgent Saudi Talks After Cyber Attacks: Media
Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Destroys New Boko Haram Camp
Militants Attack Pipeline in Nigeria's Delta as Others Pursue Talks
Nigerian Govt Lists Conditions for Talks With Boko Haram
Car Bomb Outside Somali President's Palace Kills at Least 10
Last Chemical Weapons Shipped Out of Libya: Officials
Egyptian Parliament Approves Long-Awaited Church Building Law
Zimbabwe Rights Body Criticizes 'Violent' Police Crackdown
Gabon Condemns Ping, Warns French Officials Against 'Interference'
French Police Officer Injured in Knife Attack in Toulouse
Mob in Ukraine Drives Dozens of Roma From Their Homes
Albania Passes a Judicial Reform Law, Key to EU Efforts
UK Man Identifies 12-Year-Old Son as ISIS Murderer
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