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Updated September 5, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Probes Claims Russia Trying to 'Disrupt' Vote
Clinton Emails Wiped Clean After NYT Story
  Clinton Told FBI She Didn't Think Drone Strike Plans Were Classified
Obama: US Will Help Find Turkey Coup Plotters
  Turkish Forces Clash With PKK, Report Over 100 'Neutralized'
US, Russia Again Fail to Reach Syria Deal
  ISIS Expelled From Border, Turkey-Backed Rebels Seize 20 Villages
  Syrian Military Recovers Aleppo Academy, Resumes E. Aleppo Siege
  In Turkey, a Chechen Commander Makes Plans for War in Syria
Libya Unity Govt Claims 'Final Push' in Sirte
  Libyan Naval Attack on Msf Ship Complicates Refugee Rescue Efforts
US Drone Strike Kills Six in Central Yemen
  11 Troops Killed in Houthi Offensive Against Yemen Port
Row on Tarmac an Awkward G20 Start for US, China
Syrian Kurds to Fight to Death to Stop Turkey 'Invading Their Land'  by Patrick Cockburn
Would America Really Go to War Over the South China Sea?  by Hugh White
Belated Pushback on Saudis' War on Yemen  by Jonathan Marshall
The Libertarianism Antithesis: War  by Wendy McElroy
Israeli Civil War Approaching?  by Uri Avnery
How Govt Created the Three Worst Terror Groups in the World  by TJ Brown

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New Air Links Raise Hopes in Washington and Cuba
US Approves Fighter Jet Deal to Qatar and Kuwait
Australian Teen Jailed Over ISIS-Inspired Plot
Turkish Aid Sent to Gaza After Israel Deal Approved
Kaepernick Jersey Sales Soar to #1 After Anthem Controversy
Militia Loots Sunni Village; 46 Killed in Iraq
Kurdistan Receives $22.2m From US for Peshmerga Salaries
Sadr Loyalists Stage Strike in Iraq for New Govt
This Oil Fire in Iraq Has Been Burning for 3 Months
Christian Militia in Northern Iraq Says It Liberated ISIS-Held Village for First Time
Turkish Tanks Roll Into Syria, Opening New Line of Attack
Reporter Shot in Syria Claims Gunman Now US-Backed Rebel
Israel Targets Syrian Army After Errant Fire Hits Golan
A Year After Refugee Boy's Drowning Death, Another Syrian Child Fights for Survival
Turkish Warplanes Pound 10 PKK Targets Overnight
Turkey, US 'On Same Page' Against Terrorism
Turkey to Invest $3.4b in Rebuilding Southeast, PM Quoted as Saying
Thousands of Kurds in Germany Rally Against Turkey
3 Soldiers Dead as 'Dismantled' Bomb Explodes in Yemen Market
Yemen's Aden Oil Refinery Resumes Operations
Israel: Supreme Court Orders Outpost Demolished, Justice Minister Tries to Bypass It
Israel Outpost Residents Call on Government to Bypass Supreme Court
Israel Clears Soldiers Involved in Checkpoint Killing of US Teen
Israel Seeking Police Recruits: Eager, and Arab
Palestinians to Receive Direct Mail for the First Time
Heads of Israel's Space Industry Called for Emergency Meeting Following Satellite Explosion
Despite Gloom in Israel, PA Officials Insist Fatah Will Sweep Local Elections – Even in Gaza
Kuwait Tells Citizens to Check Phones for Islamist Materials Before Traveling to US
Mali Regains Control of Central Town From Jihadists, Official Kidnapped
Mali President Fires Defense Minister After Gunmen Seize Village
South Sudan
South Sudan Agrees to More UN Troops in Bid to Avoid Arms Embargo
Displaced South Sudanese Appeal to UN to Urgently Send More Troops
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Rejects Ill Health Talk but Faces Rising Public Anger
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Says Judges Reckless for Allowing Protests
Nigerian Gunmen Kidnap 14 Local Oil Workers and Driver in Southern Rivers State
Five Dead in First East Niger Boko Haram Attack in Three Months
Ethiopia Protests: Opposition Wants Prisoners Freed
Zambia to Prep Lungu Inauguration as Court Missed Deadline
The War at Home
F/A-18 Crashes Rise Rapidly as Budget Constraints Have Led to Overused Planes, Undertrained Pilots
Enlisted Airmen to Fly Half the Global Hawk Fleet
Investigators to US Army: Consider Canceling Troubled Airburst Weapon
75 Years Later, Lynching of a Black Army Private at Fort Benning Remains Unsolved
22 Migrant Women Held in Pennsylvania Start a Hunger Strike to Protest Detention
Militants Who Stormed Peshawar's Christian Colony Were Foreigners
Three Soldiers Wounded in Khyber Attacks
US Loses Partner in Terror War With Death of Uzbekistan's Leader
Five to Watch in Uzbekistan Succession
Uzbek President's Death Puts New Spotlight on the Strange Story of the Country's 'Jailed Princess'
Bangladesh Executes Last Prominent Jamaat Leader
Bangladesh Police Arrest Second Militant Suspected of Killing Publisher
China/Hong Kong
US Spy Agency Tweets China 'Classy as Always,' Apologizes
China Wary as Hong Kong Election Exposes Underlying Strains
Xi Tells South Korea That China Opposes THAAD Anti-Missile Defense
Xi Reaffirms China's Commitment to Denuclearizing Korean Peninsula
Philippines Worried, Says More Chinese Boats Spotted at Disputed Shoal
One Killed as Bomb Explodes on Train in Southern Thailand
Sri Lanka Seeks More Time for Ethnic Reconciliation
India Offers $500 Million Defense Credit as Vietnam Seeks Arms Boost
India Shelves Plan to Expand French Submarine Order After Data Breach
Russian, Japanese Leaders Express New Resolve to Settle Island Row
Putin: World Needs to Avoid Steps That Would Heighten Tensions With North Korea
UK, Russia Bid to Improve Relations
Number of Europe-Bound Migrants Falls, but Death Toll Rises
Fire at Ukrainian TV Headquarters Amid Protest; No Injuries
German Anti-Immigrant Party Beats Merkel in Her Home District
Lithuania Says It Supplies Ammunition to Ukraine for First Time in Two Years
Venezuelan President Is Chased by Angry Protesters
Anti-Maduro Protesters Freed After Venezuela Demo
Brazilian Police Clash With Protesters Rejecting New Leader
Shootouts in Mexico Border City Kill 11
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