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Updated September 7, 2016 - 11:20 PM EDT
Obama Won't Promise No First Use of Nukes
  Pentagon's New ICBM Nuke to Cost at Least $85 Billion
  Obama: US to Maintain Military Presence in South China Sea
Turkey Deputy PM: US Not Involved in July Coup
  Turkey Still Struggles to Sell Syria 'Safe Zone' Scheme
Pentagon Plans to Play 'Hardball' Against House Speaker
US Says 13 'al-Qaeda' Killed in Recent Yemen Drone Strikes
US Claims 'Harassment' in Latest Iran Naval Incident
US Denies Entry to Ex-UK Ambassador Who Is Critical of US Foreign Policy  by Peter Van Buren
Will Hillary Lead US Deeper Into a Quagmire in Syria?  by Ivan Eland
5 Explosive Secret Intel Memos on Syria Everyone Must Read  by Brad Hoff
The Cold War Is Over
 by Peter Hitchens
Mission Impossible: Keeping Track of US Special Ops in Africa  by Nick Turse
Partitioning Syria Would Be Folly  by Daniel Larison

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It's All
About Russia

by Philip Giraldi
Hillary Clinton: 'I Take Classification Seriously'
'We Wired It': Emails Suggest Clinton Aide Stage-Managed Benghazi Hearing
Trump Earns Endorsed by 88 Retired Generals, Admirals
Trump Would Eliminate the Sequester on DoD Spending
Top Saudi Cleric Calls Iranians 'Not Muslims'
Mass Graves Found in Tikrit; 133 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Car Bomb Kills at Least 12
Saudi Ambassador to Iraq Kicked Out of Country
France Deploys Artillery, Readies Carrier Ahead of Mosul Offensive
Iraq Puts Out More Oil Fires at Northern Field, Some Still Burning
Syrian Army Presses Aleppo Campaign as Rebels Retrench
Turkish Army Says Two Soldiers Killed in ISIS Attack on Tanks in Northern Syria
Saudi Says Syria Ceasefire Deal Could Be Agreed Within 24 Hours
Video Footage Confiscated by Turkish Officials Following Interview With Minister Kilic
Turkey's Government Says Under Popular Pressure to Drop EU Talks
Turkey Downplays Risks From Gulen-Linked Companies as New Firm Seized
Turkey Working With Council of Europe on Post-Coup Prosecutions
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
UK Must Keep Supporting Yemen Campaign to Prevent Terror in West, Says Saudi Foreign Minister
Egypt to Host Yemen Aid Conference in March: Minister
Iran Cracks Down on 'Inappropriate' Clothes
Netanyahu Rejected Putin's Offer for Moscow Meeting This Week, Abbas Says
UN: Palestinian Economy Could Double Without 'Occupation'
Israel Using 'Black Ops' Against BDS, Says Veteran Analyst
Jordanian Journalist Denied Entry Into Israel
World War One Shells Found in Drought-Hit Sea of Galilee
Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid Surpasses Netanyahu's Likud in Latest Poll
Israeli Deputy Defense Minister: Razing of Illegally-Built Settlement Structures Needs My Approval
Scotland's Sturgeon Says to Prepare Independence Legislation
Anjem Choudary Jailed for Five-and-a-Half Years for Urging Support of ISIS
France Sees Sharp Fall in Number of Citizens Joining ISIS
France Burkini: Corsica Court Upholds Local Ban
Paris to Open First Migrant Camp by October
Germans Test Air Defenses in Latvia as NATO Expands in Baltics
German Police End Search of Leipzig Hotel After Terror Warning
Ukraine's Poroshenko Says Tougher to Secure Western Support Against Russia
Ukrainians Besiege 'Pro-Russian' Inter TV Building
80 Million Unexploded Bombs: Obama Pledges US Help for Laos
Laos: Obama Regrets 'Biggest Bombing in History'
Obama Acknowledges Scars of America's Shadow War in Laos
Laos and the US: Blood and Secrets
Decades After Vietnam War, Laos Grapples With Unexploded Bombs
Afghan Forces End Siege After Suicide Attacks in Kabul
US Army to Deploy 101st Airborne Soldiers to Afghanistan
As the Taliban Advances in Helmand, Afghan Soldiers Pay the Price
Kabul: Who Cleans Up After a Suicide Blast?
Duterte Regrets Obama Comments Came Across as Personal Attack

Philippines Scrambles to Soothe Tensions After Obama Slur

Carter Says Defense Relationship With Philippines Is Strong
Philippine President Duterte Vows to Eat Militants
Japan to Provide Planes, Ships for Philippines Amid Sea Dispute With China
Uzbekistan Seeks Stability in Relations, Says US Diplomat
Uzbekistan Says Keen to Develop Strategic Partnership With Russia
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea's Latest Missile Launches
Tajikistan Investigates Threats by ISIS
Chinese Coast Guard Involved in Most South China Sea Clashes: Research
Kyrgyzstan Blames Uighur Militants for Attack on Chinese Embassy
Hundreds Protest in Myanmar Over Suu Kyi's Panel on Rohingya Muslims
Bomb Kills Father and Daughter at School in Thailand's Troubled South
EU Election Mission in Gabon Says Finds Anomalies in Results
Gabon Leader Under Scrutiny as EU Questions Election Win
Military Man Named Supply Minister for Top Wheat Importer Egypt
Ethiopian Activists Demand News of Jailed Leaders After Fire Guts Prison
ANC's Combative Response to Election Losses Startles South Africa
Ghana Opposition Woos Voters With Billon-Dollar Spending Promise
Colombia's Santos Says Peace Deal Will Pass, More War a Disaster
Suspected Gang Members Shoot Down Police Helicopter in Mexico
Uraguay: Hunger-Striking Ex-Gitmo Detainee Hospitalized, Released
Former El Salvador President Granted Asylum in Nicaragua, Government Says
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