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Updated September 8, 2016 - 10:27 PM EDT
UN: Iran Sticks to Agreed Nuclear Deal Limits
US SecDef Slams Russia for 'Eroding Int'l Order'
  Russia Defends Intercepting US Spy Plane Approaching Its Border
Turkey May Go Deeper into Syria, Citing Kurds
  People in Damascus Desperately Try to Cope With Dangers of War
  Fakes Flood Out of Syria as Smugglers Fail to Steal Masterpieces
Iraqi Shi'ites Head to Syria's Aleppo to Fight Nusra
  American-Trained Sniper Becomes ISIS's New Minister of War
  CIA Chief Doubts Syria and Iraq 'Can Be Put Back Together Again'
Obama Offered Saudis $115 Billion in Arms Deals
  House Expects Friday Vote on 9/11 Lawsuit Bill Opposed by Saudis
N. Korea Nuke Test Likely After 'Artificial' Quake
Trump Vows Huge Military Spending Increase
Taliban Offensive Nears Central Afghan Provincial Capital
Israel Military Censor Hid First Settlements From Public
Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?  by Ramzy Baroud
Why Does Washington Agree on Foreign Policy?  by Justin Logan
Does Australia Need to Choose Between America and China?  by Doug Bandow
Hillary Clinton and the FBI  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The United States of Innocence  Philip Weiss interviews Todd Pierce
Fred Branfman and US Bombs Littering Laos  by John Cavanaugh

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After Edward Snowden Fled US, Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong Took Him In
Clinton and Trump Clash Over America's Role in the Mideast
UNICEF: 28 Million Children Uprooted by Global Conflict
Obama, Acknowledging US Misdeeds Abroad, Quietly Reframes American Power
20 Killed in Iraq; Burqa Ban in Mosul
7 Killed as Scene of Alleged Aleppo Chlorine Attack Targeted Again
Erdogan Says Turkey Would Join US to Fight ISIS in Raqqa, an ISIS Bastion in Syria
Syrian Kurdish Fighters Still Not Pulled Back in North Syria: Turkey's Canikli
Fighting in Syria's Hama Province Displaces 100,000: UN
Turkey Says Civilians Return to Syrian Town
Russia: Turkey's Actions Can Further Worsen Situation in Syria
Syrian Opposition Presents Post-Assad Plan
Britain Says Post-Assad Transition Plan Could Help Syrian Peace Talks
Turkey Detains Journalists, Politician, Pollster as Post-Coup Purge Deepens
Turkey Must Separate Coup Plotters From Gulen Employees: Rights Watchdog
Turkey Foreign Minister Promises Fair Trials for Coup Conspirators
Germany Tells Turkey 'Press Freedom Is Non-Negotiable' Amid Media Row
Top Abbas Aide: There Were 'No Preconditions' for Netanyahu Meeting
IMF: 2 Decades of Restrictions Stalled Palestinian Growth
Israel Police Shot Palestinian in East Jerusalem When Not Threatened, Video Purportedly Shows
Israeli Cops Shoot Palestinian Man in East Jerusalem, but Blame His Cousin for His Death
Likud: 'Lapid Would Endanger Israel's Security'
Israeli Media Says Palestinian President Abbas Reportedly Was KGB Agent; Ramallah Dismisses Report as 'Slander'
Netanyahu Adviser Was Paid for by US Nonprofit � but AG Halted Probe
Middle East
Security Forces Kill 8 Kurdish Rebels in Iran
British MPs to Call for End to Saudi Arms Sales: Leaked Report
Yemen Foreign Minister Urges More Support for Fight Against Militia Foes
Kremlin: New US Sanctions Not Consistent With Talks Over Cooperation
Isolated Russian Outpost Withers Under Confrontation With West
Russia Frees Crimean Dissident From Psychiatric Clinic
Poland Requests US Patriot Missile Defense System
Pilot Nadiya Savchenko's Assault on Ukraine's Elite
Paris Terror Arrest After Gas Tanks Found in Notre Dame Car
Two Police Officers Stabbed in Brussels, Unhurt: Police
Serbia Jails 'Spy' Amid Tit-For-Tat Ahead of Croatian Elections
Fresh Protests Against Venezuela's Maduro Draw Lower Turnout
US Lawmakers Want Moratorium on Commercial Flights to Cuba
Colombia Launches Committee to Oversee Peace Process
Mexico President Replaces Finance Minister After Damaging Trump Visit
The War at Home
Inspector Gen. Report: Pentagon Misreporting Trillions of Dollars
Ferguson, Missouri, Protest Leader Found Shot Dead in Burning Car
Trump Says Israel Will Be Destroyed Unless He Is Elected President
Clinton Touts 95 Major Military Endorsements
Assange Says Clinton Leaks Might Come as Early as Next Week
Facing Pilot Shortfall, US Air Force Challenged to Train Foreign Aviators
Refugee Crisis
UK Immigration Minister: Work to Start on £1.9m Calais Wall
Smuggling Gangs Hire Ukrainian Sailors for 'Luxury' Migrant Crossings
Hungary Charges Camerawoman Accused of Tripping Fleeing Migrants
Austria Says May Sue Hungary Over Migrants, Plans New Border Restrictions
Duterte, Obama Shake Hands and Chat After Rift Over Insult
US Gives Military Planes to Philippines for Sea Patrols
Philippines Says 'Gravely Concerned' by Chinese Ships at Disputed Shoal
Rodrigo Duterte's Obama Insult Costs Philippines Stock Market Hundreds of Millions
Tensions Over South China Sea Belie Summit Cordiality
China Confident Can Improve Relationship With Philippines: Deputy FM
Maoists Push Back Against Modernizing China
Japan Announces $596.8 Million Aid to Counter Terrorism
Japan to Provide Patrol Ships to Vietnam Amid Maritime Row With China
Obama Acknowledges CIA 'Secret War' in Laos but No Apology
Kabul Increasingly a Target as Taliban Launches Shocking Attacks
India: Street Kids Publish Newspaper to Raise Awareness
Maldives Newspaper Raided After Corruption Claims Against President
Indonesia Anti-Drugs Chief Calls for Tougher Philippine-Style War Against Dealers
Nigerian Army Says Arrests Avengers Leader, Other Militants
Nigerian Army Faces New Dangers in Boko Haram Campaign
Gabon's Bongo Shrugs Off Calls for Vote Recount
Crisis Engulfs Gabon Hospital Founded to Atone for Colonial Crimes
US Military Says Conducted Strikes Against Somalia's Al Shabaab Early This Week
US Says Libya Close to Eliminating ISIS From Sirte
Egypt Names Six Provincial Governors, Mostly Ex-Generals
Rebels Say Kill 12 Angolan Soldiers in Oil Region Clash
Zimbabwe Court Strikes Down Police Ban on Protests
UN: Fears of Conflict in Western Sahara Rise
Ethiopia's Political Protests Are Escalating With a Fire at a Major Prison
Sudan's Bashir Claims Peace Returning to Darfur
Hundreds of South Sudan Fighters Transferred for Medical Care by UN Congo Mission
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