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Updated September 9, 2016 - 8:07 PM EDT
US, Russia Reach Deal on Syria Ceasefire
House Unanimously OKs Saudi 9/11 Lawsuit Bill
North Korea Conducts Underground Nuclear Test
US Sends More Ground Troops to Iraq
  Turkey Announces 'Largest in History' Operation Against Kurds
Turkish Troops Trade Fire With Syrian Kurds
  73 Syrian Aid Agencies Suspend Cooperation With UN
  Turkey: Kurds Mustn't Play Major Role in Invading Raqqa
Iran Still Sticking to Nuclear Deal, IAEA Confirms
  Iranian Faction Among Kurds Trained by US Against Militants
Taliban Storms Afghan Provincial Capital, Overruns Prison
US Military Expands Reach of Special Operations Programs
Saudis Kill Nine Civilians in Yemen, Including Four Children
New Israeli Settlement Land Mostly Owned by Palestinians
Broken Promises That Still Shape the World  by Ted Snider
What the Response to Johnson's Slip-Up Says About US Politics  by Cory Massimino
The World Is Apparently Awash in Terror 'Masterminds'  by Andrew Mitrovica
A 9/11 Retrospective: Washington's 15-Year Air War  by Tom Engelhardt
America's True Role in Syria  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
My Top 5 Foreign-Policy Unicorns – and Why I Want to Kill Them  by Stephen M. Walt

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Clinton Tells Israel She'll Safeguard Its 'Military Edge'
Post-9/11, TSA May Not Make Airport Security Safer
US Airlines Becoming a No-Fly Zone for Muslims
Guard Soldiers Activated Amid Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
45 Killed in Iraq; More US Troops Arrive
US General: Urban Fight to Retake Mosul Will Be Difficult
Top Commander of Former Nusra Group Killed in Syria: Rebels
Israel Strikes Syrian Govt Targets After Errant Mortar Fire Hits Golan Heights
Syrian Kurds, Allies to Approve Federal Plan Despite Turkey
Erdogan, Putin Agree on Extra Efforts for Aleppo Ceasefire in Eid
At Least Five Killed in Explosion in Syria's Jarablus
Turkish Military Says Takes Control of Four Settlements in Syria Operation
Syrians Begin Returning Home, Two Weeks Into Turkish Offensive
Syria Ready to Cooperate With UN Watchdog on Gas Attack Accusations
Turkish Businessmen, Academics Arrested, Army Officers to Be Detained in Coup Crackdown
Turkey-PKK Conflict: Thousands of Teachers Suspended
Germany Has Fulfilled Conditions for Incirlik Base Visit, Turkish Minister Says
Turkish Nationalist Party Expels Leadership Challenger
Israel Building Underground Barrier Along Gaza Border: Sources
Russia: Netanyahu and Abbas Agree to Meet, but No Date Set
How Israeli-Made Spyware Made It to the Arab World
Top Palestinian Court Postpones Oct. 8 Municipal Elections
Court Rejects Police Attempt to Blame Cop Killing of Palestinian on Victim's Cousin
UN Calls Yemen Fighters to Abide by Ceasefire
South Sudan
Britain to Deploy Up to 100 More Troops to South Sudan: Minister
UN South Sudan Mission Worried That Rights Groups Harassed
In Wake of Haaretz Report, Israeli Lawmakers Demand Debate on Efforts to Bolster Bashir's Sudan
Mali: A Skinny Boy With a Kalashnikov
Two Car Bombs Explode in Tripoli, No Casualties: Security Official
Father of Former Nigeria Militant Dies Following Military Incursion
Gabon Opposition Leader Challenges Vote as Mediation Mission Postponed
The War at Home
Kansas Man to Be Sentenced for Aiding Plot to Bomb Army Post
Hillary Clinton Says of Libya, 'We Did Not Lose a Single American in That Action'
Veterans Back on Patrol, This Time to Protect Marijuana
Up to 20 Marines Could Face Disciplinary Action Over Muslim Recruit's Death
White House Names Retired Air Force General as First Cyber Security Chief
US Attempted to Rescue Two Hostages in Afghanistan: Pentagon
Small Blast in Afghan Capital During Commemoration March
India May Promise More Arms to Afghanistan During Ghani's Visit
China/Hong Kong
China 'Democracy' Village Protests Three-Year Graft Sentence for Former Leader
Hong Kong Politician Says Pressed by Beijing to Quit City Election
Attacks Have Killed 44 Pakistanis Working on China Corridor Since 2014
US Agrees to Help Enhance Ukrainian Forces, Dispatches Adviser
Much Work Needed to Improve Ukraine Ceasefire, Says Germany
Germany to Pour Cash Into Mass Surveillance
Germany's Merkel Says More EU Centralization 'Not the Answer'
UK Police: 'Significant' ISIS Inspired Terror Plot to Attack Britain Smashed
Three Suspected Female Militants Seized in France, Policeman Stabbed
German Minister, in Lithuania, Backs European 'Defense Union'
Serbia Appeals for Border Aid as Region Awaits Migrant Flows
Asylum Seekers Protest in Helsinki Against Finland's Tightened Policy
Venezuela Opposition Leader Says Blocked at Airport by Armed Gang
US Agent Portrays Venezuelan Government as Lax on Drug Trade
US Ambassador: Ties With Mexico Will Survive 'Rough Times'
Ex-Head of Argentina Air Force Convicted in 'Dirty War' Case
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