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Updated September 20, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
Syria Ceasefire Collapses in Wake of US Airstrikes
  UN Suspends Aid Convoys to Syria After Airstrikes
  US-Russian Ceasefire in Syria Has Broken Down, Who Is at Fault?
  CIA-Armed 'Moderates' in Syria Included Al-Qaeda's Nusra Front
  Airstrikes Around Syria's Aleppo Kill at Least 32, Destroy Aid Trucks
Thieves Foiled Much of NY/NJ Bombing Plot
  NYC Bomber's Father Told Police His Son Was a Terrorist in 2014
  Clinton Won't Reject Idea Bombings Were Russian Plot for Trump
  Trump Blames Freedom of the Press for Bombings
US Airstrike Kills Eight Afghan Policeman
US Admits Supplying Saudis With White Phosphorus Arms
Voice the Broken Policy Promises of GW Bush, Clinton, and Obama  by Stephen M. Walt
The FBI Accused Him of Terrorism. He Couldn't Tie His Shoes.  by Jessica Pishko
Why Obama Should Pardon Edward Snowden  by Anthony Romero
81% of Americans Oppose $38 Billion Pledge to Israel  by Grant Smith
Why Are We Sending $38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel?  by Ron Paul
A Costly Mistake in Syria  by Daniel Larison

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Big Bang

by Eric Margolis
How New York City Crowdsourced a Manhunt
Iran Trims Airbus Deal Amid US Regulatory Delays
Bitcoin Is Money, US Judge Says in Case Tied to JPMorgan Hack
Self-Styled 'Jihadist' Arrested After Standoff at Utah Elementary School
NY/NJ Terror
5 People Taken Into Custody in Connection With Chelsea Bombing
1 of 5 Devices Near Train Station Explodes; No Injuries
Thieves Helped Crack the Chelsea Bombing Case, Sources Say
New York Bomb Suspect's Family Clashed With New Jersey City Over Restaurant
Ahmad Khan Rahami's Father Was a Mujahideen in Afghanistan, Neighbor Says
The Candidates Bloviate
Clinton Stresses US 'Resolve' in Terrorism Fight; Warns Trump Policies Aid Militant Recruitment
Trump Bemoans Bombing Suspect Getting Hospital Care, Lawyer
Reporter Asks Clinton Whether Terror Attacks Were Secret Russian Plot to Get Trump Elected
The War at Home
The CIA's Operation 'Midnight Climax' Was Exactly What It Sounded Like
Weapons Makers Hold Lavish Lovefest for Pentagon Official Who Manages Arms Sales
UC Berkeley Reinstates Class on Palestine Following Outcry Over Its Suspension
US, China Agree to Step Up Cooperation at UN on North Korea
China Says Japan Trying to 'Confuse' South China Sea Situation
China Pledges Additional $100 Million Humanitarian Aid for Refugees
India Mulls Response After Deadly Kashmir Attack It Blames on Pakistan
North Korea Says Successfully Ground Tests New Rocket Engine
Cambodia Sentences Four Rights Activists to Six Months in Prison
Putin Set to Win Fourth Term in Office
Thousands Flee Blaze at Greek Migrant Camp on Lesbos
State Police Chief Found Stabbed to Death in Acapulco Home
2 Priests Found Dead After Being Kidnapped in Mexico
Uruguay Rejects Demand by Hunger-Striking Ex-Gitmo Detainee
Turkey-Backed Rebels Could Push Further South in Syria, Erdogan Says
US-Led Strike on Syrian Army Included British, Danish, Australian Jets
Syrian Opposition Figure Says Ceasefire Never Took Hold
Iran 'Determined' to Help Syria Fight Terrorism
Battered by War, Syria's Wheat Crop Halved This Year to New Low
Syrian Crisis Lifts Asylum Seekers to Post-War High: OECD
UN Seeks Access to Syrian Refugees to Probe War Crimes
Operation Launched in Shirqat; 50 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi PM Announces Operation to Retake Shirqat, South of Mosul
Iraq Says Presence of Turkish Troops Hampers Mosul Liberation
ISIS Leaves Troubled Legacy in Iraq
Turkey Dismisses Almost 28,000 Teachers Over Terrorism Links: Deputy PM
Turkey's Post-Coup Purge Leaves Children Short of Teachers
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Forces Intercept Ballistic Missile Fired by Yemen's Houthis
Renewed Calls for Inquiry Into Human Rights Violations in Yemen
Saudi Authorities Uncover ISIS-Linked Terrorist Network
US Resident Gets 10-Year Iran Prison Sentence
Kerry Tells Abbas: US Concerned by Surge in Violence, Settlement Activity
In Gaza and West Bank, Palestinian Journalists Fear Squeeze on Free Press
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill Six in Northern Nigeria Ambush: Army
Militants Claim Attack on NPDC Oil Pipeline in Nigeria
DR Congo
Congo Anti-Government March Turns Violent in Capital, 17 Dead
Kinshasa, Congo, Is Locked Down as Protests Erupt Against Joseph Kabila
Protesters Burn Body of Policeman During Congo Riots: Witness
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